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WordPress Tutorial Videos | How To Setup DNS Godaddy to Hostgator Set NameServers WordPress Tutorial Video. Learn how to setup your DNS nameservers from your Godaddy account to your Hostgator account. When you purchase a domain name from Godaddy and want to host (or set) your domain name on Hostgator you have to tell Godaddy where to set the servers. In other words; Hostgator has to know where it can get the DNS information. So you have to transfer your domain name from Godaddy to Hostgator.

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What is DNS and what are domains?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. A domain name is just a website name, such as A server is simply a computer, usually in a large rack with other (servers) located in the basement or large room at your hosting companies site. When you decide to build a website you have to buy a domain name; and that domain name has to “sit” somewhere. It has to be “hosted” on a server just like a piece of software.

There are many places to purchase domain names and there are many places to house, or host domains as well. In order to build a WordPress website you have to choose a domain name and then decide where you want your domain to live. Picking a domain name should only be done after carefully doing your keyword research to determine what name is best suited for your goals and objectives.

Godaddy is a very popular place to buy domain names, but it’s not necessarily the best place to host your site. I personally prefer Godaddy for hosting my domains and in this tutorial I show you how to transfer your domain name from Godaddy to Hostgator.

The first thing you have to do is log into your Hostgator account and get your nameservers information. Its located on the left sidebar and will say something this There are two nameservers and you need to copy down both of those numbers. Now go to Godaddy.

To transfer your DNS information from Godaddy you have to first login to your account and go to Domains. Click the domains manager and you will see your new domain listed there. Click the check box on your domain and then click on the Nameservers, and set then nameservers option. Select the option “I have specific nameservers” and put in the namserver information you got from your Hostgator account. You are now telling Godaddy which servers you want to ‘host’ your domain.

It may take a few minutes for the nameservers to propagate but once thats done you then add the domain name to Hostgator. Once you add the domain it will become visible and you can then setup WordPress.

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