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all right I'm going to show you how to install wordpress on bluehost hosting Bluehost is one of the more popular web hosts for WordPress and they also offer hosting or easy install installation for Drupal and Joomla which are content management systems that are similar to WordPress here's how to here's how to do this and you can be engaged by the length of this video how long this takes okay I'm going to put in my password here login homepage I see a control panel the Blue Hose admin panel okay it's got all my details here these these panels can be expanded and contracted or closed you can also drag them around if you're just opening this you got to scroll quite a ways down and then be able to see software services if you click on the WordPress I really like the fact that there's a WordPress logo for you know a lot of posts don't have that for some reason so it's hard to see okay so click on WordPress get a little interface here and you can just click on install and then it says you know where do you want to put WordPress try this thousand media subdirectory okay so I'm going to put that subdirectory in there and it should just take care of it create the subdirectory Advanced Options a good idea to do this the title of your blog not too up important right now cuz you can change that later but this is important rather than generate random administrator username because it's going to use admin if you do that use it use a different ok username I'm just making that up but it's good to have a relatively obscure username don't use something that you're going to use is something I've started doing recently okay and then a password yeah well let's do that for now I'm just going to make it the same as the username and then I'll change it and then automatically create a new database okay we'll go ahead and select that I've read the Terms and Conditions right and complete hey watch this done okay here's my info and I can just you know take that and copy it put that somewhere safe where I can get it when I need it and then I should be able to just click on here let's see if I can there it is there's the login page and then if I click there I can see the installation pretty cool takes whatever three four minutes and you're all set to go .

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Installing WordPress on BlueHost hosting is quick and easy. Watch this tutorial, and you can do it in under four minutes!

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