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welcome to the second video in our series demonstrating how to make a wordpress site I'm Mick and I'm showing you how to make this exact website click by click so what's the first step we need to install WordPress on our hosting server this is kind of like installing an app on your computer but instead of a program we're installing WordPress and instead of your home computer we're installing it on the servers here at our data center so let's get started by logging into your hosting account in the home screen of your accounts control panel scroll down to the software services section find the icon labeled quick install and click it once inside the quick install screen locate and select WordPress on the left hand menu now click the continue button if you have multiple domain names configured with your hosting account be sure to select the correct one from this pulldown menu provide your email address and give your website a name create a username first and last name when you're ready to install WordPress click install now be sure to note your new login information if you click on the cite link you'll be taken to the actual website you just made so let's try it great it opened up a window and there's my blog just another WordPress site this is a template that WordPress uses as a default kind of as a placeholder while that waits for you to go in and start making your changes we know that's working so let's close the window underneath the site URL is the admin area URL and underneath that you'll see your username and password some of this info will be sent to you in an email following your install so you'll always have it password is highly secure and auto-generated for you but you can always change it once you've logged in so if you click the admin area URL it's going to open up another window where it prompts you for a username and password this is the username and password just provided to you on the previous page remember this is not the same as your hosting login this is what we use to log into the WordPress website itself to make changes just to this site so let's put that information in really quick username and password then click login perfect we're in this is your dashboard this is where you'll go to actually make your website what you want it to be so it looks like we're good to go in the next video we're going to go through more of the tools involved with actually creating your website but for now you have completed the first step installing WordPress well done congratulations .

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HostGator.com proudly presents "Your first WordPress website: A Step by Step guide", a series that takes you on a step by step journey on how to build your first WordPress website.

In this second installment, our host Mick shows us how to install a new instance of WordPress using QuickInstall, located inside of the cPanel. Once the WordPress has been installed, Mick also shows how to log in to your WordPress website by accessing "wp-admin".

Follow along the video series for step by step instructions on how to build a WordPress website!

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