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in this video I'm gonna show you how to create this WordPress website that I've created and it's ideal for people who want to just simply have a business website for their company or business that they might be co-founding especially if you're an entrepreneur watching this and I'm going to show you how I was able to create an amazing website without any coding whatsoever for my business for free from scratch and launching it live onto the world wide web in just a few hours by using my WordPress blueprint that got me to the point where I can now focus my main attention on getting new clients and using my website as a tool of attracting and converting Internet traffic into newly prospects and paying clients but most importantly I'm going to be showing you how I achieve that by explaining to you the entire process I went through and is simple and easy to understand full breakdown step by step walkthrough with no steps skip I can't tell you how many times I've seen qualified freelance web developers or popular website publishing platforms get the website creation process wrong but I finally figured out how to do it right and I figured out how to get people just like you to actually complete their website without forking out thousands of dollars when we simply want to get started first and on the lowest budget possible I'm also here to tell you that we won't be starting with that terrifying blank page on the screen that's just sitting there blank in front of you leaving you not knowing where to start what to do or what to say and that's just awful when all we're simply trying to achieve here is getting your business website live and ticked off so you have reached the point now where you can move straight on to bigger and better things like the next phase of your business such as attracting new paying clients and starting new business relationships with your clients and grow your business client base from their goal of this video is to teach you how to confidently create your own website using WordPress so you can tick it off and get on with finding clients for your business because essentially that's what you're trying to achieve here and I think one of the biggest problems we had when we start out as entrepreneurs is there we waste so much time trying to get the logo or the website right when really we just want to get something up and start chasing down clients so follow me step by step I'm gonna show you the way and I'm going to give you optional templates that you can download which you can then use to create your own website but essentially if you follow me step by step you would have acquired enough value to create your own website using WordPress and you won't have to spend a semester at college all you're going to need is either a desktop or a PC and everything else we need is done online and the only thing you're gonna need is a domain name and we're posting and I'm gonna show you how to get that because I know reliable source that works with WordPress in order to get the best out of your money's worth so if you want to learn my exact WordPress blueprint then let's get into it the first thing we're gonna do is step one and step two and luckily we can do them together at the same place at Bluehost start by opening up your favorite web browser I'm gonna use Firefox and go to Bluehost if you're watching this blueprint webinar on my website then you can enter your domain name down here and that'll take you to Bluehost where you can check out your new domain name if you're watching this webinar on YouTube the link is in the description down below if you guys choose to buy a domain name through me I will receive a small commission from Bluehost so thank you very much in advance and I'll be able to create more awesome WordPress videos for you guys in the near future Thank You host is one of the biggest and well-known hosting companies in the world over two million websites are currently using Bluehost and wordpress.org is the biggest content management system in the world powering about 30 percent of all web sites worldwide and they're telling us to use Bluehost so we're gonna use Bluehost as our web hosting company for this tutorial on that note Bluehost provides 1-click installs so we can install WordPress in just one click which makes it very easy for beginners to get started especially if you're just starting out trying to build a blog or a website or a WooCommerce store we can get started within minutes I'd like to point out that a lot of web hosting companies have customer support but they don't have it like Bluehost does the customer support is 24/7 and the good thing about Blue Hose is they'll get you in front of the right person that you need to talk to who specializes in whatever query it is you have with your website one last important thing I like to mention is that Bluehost is now providing free SSL certificates and it's extremely important for new websites because google recently released a new search algorithm where HTTPS sites are now more favored than HTTP sites on a Google search so it's very important that we get an SSD our certificate which Bluehost provides for free and to know that you've got an SSL you'll see the little green padlock in front of your URL whereas other hosting companies are charging you hundred dollars or more just to get an SSL certificate and so Bluehost is providing free SSL certificates with Google's recent let's encrypt update on the web browser because Bluehost has partnered with Google so once you're ready go ahead and click on the get started now green button so once we do that there are now three different plans to choose from the basic plan the plus plan and the prime plan and what I recommend is the basic land because you can always upgrade to the other plans at any time you want so you can upgrade from the basic plan to the Plus plan and then later you can go from the plus plan to the prime plan and vice-versa but what I recommend is the prime plan has way too much stuff for you guys right now so I just recommend go ahead and get the basic plan and you can always upgrade later so the key difference between the basic plan and the Plus plan is that you can get one domain name for your website whereas for the bus plan you can get multiple domain names you can have your website calm your portfolio net your mom's website calm your uncle's website or you know you can have your best friend's website calm most people start off with one website so we're just going to go with the basic plan for now and of course it is the least expensive option of the three and there's just what we need right now all right so all we need to do now is click select and now we have two options here so we can choose a new domain or you might already have a domain name so if you've already purchased a domain name from another place such as GoDaddy then you're going to want to fill it out right here and I have a domain name and click Next but if you're purchasing a new website name or domain name then you're going to want to enter it right here and here we can choose the extension type I usually go with dot-com and you can see the different other extension options here so V can't get calm and you can try the your website name with a different extension it does give you a few options I'm gonna go with dot-com book on the field new domain and enter in our new website name or your new website name too and click the next button next you'll be prompted out your payment options I'm just gonna speak the video up here while I fill out my options so with the package information plan it's really up to you if you choose to commit upfront longer you get a massive discount which means you're paid less per month but you do have to pay more upfront whereas if you commit less you don't have to pay as much up front but it's gonna cost a lot more per month I'm just gonna go with the first option but it's really up to you what you want to go with package extras is always ticked automatically because they want to make a little more money but with domain privacy protection it's really up to you all it's doing is you're just making your credentials anonymous your domain is anonymous so people will only find out that you're worth in this case Bluehost but since we're just starting out chances are that doesn't matter I'm just gonna uncheck all of these but you can always change your mind and include these options later on especially when your website starts to get a lot bigger but to reduce the cost upfront as we're trying to get started I'm gonna uncheck all of these and I'll show you later in the video where you can go if you want to get these options ticks later in the future especially when your website starts getting bigger next just fill out your credit card options once you're happy with that make sure you click I agree with Bluehost terms of services and cancellation policy and that you've acknowledged their private policy and finally click the green button submit once you're in will be asked to create a new password there's got to be a capital lowercase numbers in a character and when that's done click I accept the terms and conditions and click Next congratulations we've got a new password now click login and Bluehost might load for a little while the next thing we're gonna do is install your theme a theme is the design of your website so what your website looks like in themes is one of the reasons why I love WordPress so much because hundreds and thousands of people are making hundreds of thousands of themes for WordPress meaning we have thousands of unlimited designs to choose from and so when you pick one of these things you can actually see what your thing looks like just by visiting your website and you can always change your theme later on but I do have a favorite thing that I recommend you install because we're going to be using this theme for the entire tutorial so if you install a different theme then you won't be able to follow all the steps in this tutorial because it'll be different so the theme that I love is ocean WP and you can see it's the fairest option on the menu here and the reason why I love ocean WP is because it's free and it's one of these three things that you can do just about anything you want on your website even if you want to do e-commerce you can do e-commerce so let's go with ocean WP click on ocean WP if you find it's taking forever to load then alternatively what you could do is just jump into your email so I'm going to log into my gmail account that I use to sign up with Bluehost and you should have received at least two or three emails from Bluehost one of the emails is just for you to verify that your email is real the second email will provide you all the details on how to log into your portal and if you click on that as seen here this will take you to the portal so if it's still loading then just log in to your email and jump into your portal through your email and that should do the trick so you might recall earlier in the video that we didn't check domain privacy and Bluehost has decided to give it to us for free as a trial for 31 days so go ahead and accept that 31 day trial that's good alright so if we check our website we will see that it's not gonna work yet Bluehost puts a default coming soon page in its place and that's because the internet just needs a little bit of time to realize that hey you've got this new domain name so it will take some time to spread throughout the entire world on the world wide web and telling the Internet there hey this website now exists so we all need to wait it can take anywhere between two to 24 hours or up to 48 hours for our web site to work but the cool thing with Bluehost is is that I'll give us a temporary URL where we can just jump into the WordPress dashboard and get straight into building our website while that's doing its thing in the background okay so now you'll want to click on login to WordPress and that'll take us to our dashboard within WordPress and this is where it begins we can actually start building our website alright the first thing that I like to do and I'd recommend you guys do once you've logged into your WordPress dashboard is to change our password first because WordPress will generate a long funky password that's really hard to remember because it's completely random so the first thing you want to do is navigate to the Left bar and hover over users click on users once user shows up the default is admin which is you click on admin now scroll down and click on create password and as you can see if you show it this is the funky long random password I was talking about earlier so change it to whatever you want and then click on update profile and it's done so the next thing we're going to do now is delete plugins and what plugins are is they add functionality to your website and that's one of the things that makes WordPress really great so say you want to have like a PayPal button and link up your PayPal account so someone can buy something on your website say for an e-commerce website well by default WordPress doesn't come with such features so there's a plugin for that that you can install an ad to your WordPress site so that you can have that ability to create a PayPal plugin and there's plug-ins for everything there's plug-ins for forms plug-ins for page builders plug-ins for social media it's pretty much a plugin for everything now and there's new plugins being added to WordPress all the time but what hosting companies do is they install all these extra plugins on your website because well they get paid to do it and understandably they're in the business of providing a service and that's how they make money which is okay but that being said we don't want these plugins on our websites so navigate to the Left menu and click on plugins and as you can see here here are some of the default plugins that have been installed by Bluehost all that came with your Bluehost package and what we're gonna do is click on the top option here then click on the drop down menu here and click on deactivate and now click on apply and that's deactivated all the plugins so they're inactive now but we still want to get rid of these plugins so click on the top button again click on the drop menu again this time click on delete and apply and there you go now that we've got rid of these plugins from our website we can start again all clean and fresh and we'll start adding in new plugins ok the next thing we need to do now is see if WordPress needs any updates we want to make sure our website is fully up to date first before we actually start building anything as sometimes updates can cause some unexpected changes to our website especially if there's an update and a plugin hasn't been updated to suit that new update on WordPress then it might cause temporary glitches but usually developers update their plugins and you're good to go most of the time but it's better to make sure the website is fully up-to-date first before actually creating anything to avoid headaches down the road so what you want to do is hover over our website name and click on dashboard and at the top of the left bar just click on updates and as you can see here we don't have any updates but if there were any updates it will tell you and all you have to do is click on the update and WordPress will automatically make the updates and you'd be good to go right the next thing we're gonna do is delete some pages and post that WordPress installs automatically ultimately we just want to start off clean and fresh right from the beginning so navigate to your left on the bar and click pages and we'll see the sample page click on that or click on View and yep just looks like a regular ocean WP web page on WordPress so go back and we can click on trash all right so once we've done that that will go into the trash can if we click on the trash can and we click delete permanently that will get rid of it and that gets rid of it entirely and that's how we delete pages on WordPress next we're going to delete our posts so if you go to the menu on the left and hover over hello world and click on trash and again we can click on trash and delete permanently the differences between pages and posts is that pages are like website pages so homepage about page contact page store services page and posts for a blog so if you wanted to write a blog you click on posts and you'd rights it and create it there so you click on blog and you create your blogs and post them there all right so we're now done deleting our pages and posts and that was pretty easy nothing too complicated ok the next thing we're going to learn now is how to change your website's title and tagline so to do that we need to hover over welcome and click on visit our website so we can see our total right here which is welcome and I'll tag on here which is just another WordPress site by default but our website's going to be a lot better than just another WordPress website so if you click up here on customize and then navigate down and click on site identity and here you can see site title I'm gonna change that real quick and here's our tagline here so we can change that right here I'm gonna change mine right now and here you can see the site title and tagline I'm just gonna go ahead and change mine right now so I recommend putting your business name here in the site title and then what your business does in the tagline so it can give users more information about what your website is alright once you're done with that you can click on publish and exit outta there and we can see our title up here and our tagline down here but not to worry our website isn't going to look like that we're going to remove this later on and make our website look a thousand times better then the default but for now that's how you add your title and tagline but our website is blank so what we're going to do now is add pages to our website to do that hover over your title name and click on dashboard navigate down the Left menu and click on pages then navigate to the top right and click add new and we can start by adding in our page title I'm going to call this page home because we need a home page and I'm gonna leave a blank for now so navigate further to the right and click on publish okay so once we've done that we're going to add a new page and I'm going to name this page about and click on publish and now I'm going to add a new page again I'm going to name this page services and click on publish and finally we'll add one more page add new I'm going to name this one contact and click on publish now if you go back to the Left menu and click on pages now we can see all our pages here that we just created of course you can add as many pages as you like or what your website requires I mean you can add features pages frequently asked question pages you can add an e-commerce store page so if people want to buy from your website you can do that but for simplicity sake we're gonna stick to these four pages because pretty much every website uses these pages and because this is a tutorial I want to try and keep it as short and sweet as possible but remember the options of adding pages is limitless and we have now learned how to add pages okay moving on so the next thing we're going to do is edit our menu to do that hover over your name at the top and click on visit site and we're gonna start adding links to this part over here and for simplicity sake anesthetic we're gonna remove this top part here as well so to begin click on customize at the top and then click on top bar then click on general and uncheck enable top bar and as you can see to the right the top bar is now gone now we're just left with the menu space okay so now we can go back and now it's time to add all our menu items so click on menu and click on create new menu then we'll start by naming our new menu I'm just gonna call it main because it's our main menu but you can name your menus whatever you want it doesn't really matter so I'm just gonna go with my and after that check it off as the main menu now click on next and now click on add item so first I'll click on home is our first item and I'm just gonna check that it's our website name double check that be a website name or domain name that you bought and once you've confirmed that click on add items again and add the others so about contact services and now we can go back and if you looked at the top right you will now see our home about services contacts has now been added to our menu all right now we can go back to edit more settings now navigate down to header and click on general and here we've got some control on how we like to stylize our main menu so for example we could choose screen and if you look to the right it will give us the universal hamburger and if someone clicks on it or give us a full screen menu or we could click on medium and that will Center our menu or we could use transparent and this is the one we're going to use in the tutorial cuz transparence very popular and if you choose transparent it's going to make the menu transparent so whatever you build will go underneath it the menu will basically be layered on top which creates a really nice effect alright and by default there's a border at the bottom of our menu but since we're going for the transparent effect we don't really want a line so just go ahead and uncheck that and over here we can choose to make our menu really big or small by default I usually stick around between 72 and 80 for this tutorial I'm gonna leave it at 80 you guys can make it as big as you want or as small as you want now starting out I'm gonna make the background color black and normally if you don't use a transparent menu this would normally be the background color so if you want a white menu black menu blue menu green menu this is the place to do it now if we move down to transparent and hitter settings again click on it I'm gonna make this all black and we'll take this one step further we're going to mess with the transparency settings so if we drag the slider all the way to the left it will be completely transparent and you'll be able to see everything that's underneath again and if we slider back to the right then it wouldn't be transparent at all but we don't want that we want to have a bit of a transparency effect so I'm gonna slide it to about 25 so it's still transparent but we can see a bit of the menu and it will create a nice effect later on in the tutorial okay and everything looks pretty good this is the way we want it for now and we can always come back and change it later so let's head back and now let's change what the menu colors look like cause black on black isn't gonna be very legible for users we want to make this stand out and easy to read for our viewers so contrast is key here so where it says home about services in contact these are the colors we want to change so if you click on menu and scroll down a bit and for link color we're gonna make this completely white and this will stand out really nice especially when we put content underneath our menu later on so make that one of the hover color so I'm gonna make this green for my website you can make it any color you want so what it basically is as soon as someone moves their mouse over your menu that color is going to change to indicate that they're currently hovering over their link you can choose whatever you want I'm gonna go for green for now and with the link color menu item I'm gonna make this white basically what this is is that when someone's clicked on a menu item and they're on your page but it will be the color it means it's activated but I don't want it to be a different color I just want to keep this designed nice and clean so I'm gonna go with white but again you guys can choose whatever you need will want for your website it's really up to you there's no right or wrong here and next we have a search box by default but to be honest our website isn't big enough yet that's worthy of having a search so I'm just gonna scroll down here and tick that off and disable the search but you can always come back later and re-enable the search box later in the future if you need it but it's really up to you again no right or wrong here guys okay everything's looking pretty good I've pretty much covered everything I want to do for this menu and if we change our mind we can always go back later so if we go back and back and scroll down to typography and the typography section is basically all the fonts and text on your website and here we've got full control where we can change the size style font legibility you name it we can change it so you can change any of the fonts you want here but for now I just want to show you how to change the font for the logo so click on the logo and as you can see here we can change the font size we can make the logo bigger or smaller there's about 600 font families to choose from so you can change the font for your logo and you can get a better look at these fonts if you go to google.com slash fonts where you can check box in greater detail there if you're still looking for a particular font that you want to use for your logo and so for someone like me I'm really into my modern sans-serif fonts so I'm just gonna go with this font right here and I can always come back and change it later you might have a particular font or style for your logo it's really up to you I'm just gonna go for this one for the tutorial purposes okay so that looks good now let's go back now let's click on menu and we're gonna do a basic text transform we're going to make this all uppercase so scroll down and click on uppercase and as you can see all our text and the logo on the main menu is now uppercase and with these settings here you can drag the slider back and forth to make the text bigger and you can increase the space which is the space between the characters per word so again it's really up to your personal preference of what you're trying to achieve I'm just gonna set it to like that because that's pretty standard and it looks great and I'm pretty satisfied with that so now I'm gonna go back and now we're just gonna change the color of our text logo here so we're gonna click on header and click on logo and I'm gonna show you how to upload your own logo later in the tutorial but for now if you want to keep your logo as a text I'm gonna show you how to change the color now so if you go down here and again just click on select color and we're gonna make this white and that's good so now the glow go is white but if we hover over the logo it's by default it's gonna turn blue so we're just gonna change this color and I'm just going to change it to the same green that I used for the menu for now anyway but we can always come back and change this any time we want so the next thing we're gonna do is set our homepage to be an actual homepage because by default WordPress is viewing this as a blog and we don't want that so if we come back here into the main menu and click on homepage settings and as you can see here there's two options we're just going to click on static page so that route press is now reading this as an actual web page not a blog post page so click on that and with the drop-down menu is just click on the first one and choose home you can make a static page any page you want like the about page or service page etc but when we want people to come on our website we most likely want them to land on our home page first before they do anything else so go ahead and click home and this is the first page people are gonna see when they come onto your website alright and that's everything so we can go ahead to the top and click on publish and it will press update all those settings and once that's done we can exit out of here so just click on the X here and now as we can see right here this page is now set to the home page and it's pretty simple and it was easy enough that it looks pretty cool and as we just do a little test here you can see that the navigation is working as I click on these it's displaying the correct titles for each page so if I click on services and contact as you can see it's all working and that's how we set up our navigation the next thing I want to do is show you how to add content to your WordPress site the old fashioned way aka their not-so-fun way but it is still essential that you know so hover to the top over your website name and click on dashboard then scroll down the left menu and click on pages and find your home page click on homepage and then we can add any content we want right here and we can pretty much start typing right now and add images add links and format the text you know that like Microsoft Word and this is how we used to create websites back in the day and I'm gonna show you anyway so after you're finished click on update and now click on View page at the top and that'll take us to our home page and as you can see here here's the content that we just added just now and you go that's the old-fashioned way of making a wordpress site not the most inspiring or charismatic way to build a website but it is still pretty interesting ok let's look at the new and 2018 way of creating a new website but and to do that we need to get a plugin again a plugin is something we use to extend the features on our WordPress site and remember that thousands of people are creating new plugins and features that can be added onto WordPress and that's really the beauty or differentiating factor of WordPress is that people can just jump in and create new plugins they can add more features or capabilities to WordPress so what we're gonna do now is get an install a page building plugin so let's hover over our website and click on dashboard now navigate down the menu and click on plugins add new plugins and we're going to search for a plug-in called elemental elee2000 and it should come up as the first result and as you can see here it's nearly got 2000 ratings with over a million active installations it's compatible with our latest version of WordPress it was updated a week ago it's pretty active and Elementor is still getting new updates as time goes by so this will only continue to get better and better as time goes on and you can click on more details here and learn more about it click on screenshots just to get a quick overview but we're gonna exit out of it all right so now we've got elemental installed on our WordPress website let's go back to pages and click on home and you'll see this blue button here edit with elements or so you want to click on that and when we click on that it will activate the elemental page builder and just give it a moment to load and here we are this is Elementor alright guys so now that I've given you a quick overview glance off what's possible we press an element's or I've actually gone ahead and created some of the pages that I'm going to be showing you how to create in this tutorial but first I'll show you what you can expect so as you can see here I've already created what the home page will look like services clients work worked worth testimonials and a CTA call to action ready to talk here's the about page so it's great to put your vision your goals your mission statement my case redirecting you on the right path to the right path the best at redirecting entrepreneurs from scratch to the destination of success and I'm going to show you how to put this little cool little arrow to scroll people down then essentially on the about page you want to talk about your company's history story and maybe have a video I embedded this video from my youtube channel for copyright reasons but you might have videos of your own and then I'm going to show you how to create the meet your team section these obviously are all just am I gonna say actors but they're just models so they're just demonstration purposes and it's just nice to couple up people you've worked with as well as testimonials and a CTA because really as guys not everyone's gonna click on every page they land on they might have landed on your page from a Google search so I'll show you the services page so helping entrepreneurs achieve online presence that's what I'm all about we've figured out a way of teaching everybody held to build websites to attract paying quirements so essentially you want to put your pitch here and then you want to follow that pitch up with your claim which is down here what we do so I put an example here for you guys to make it easier it's give just simply putting down here your qualifier of what it as you do it so in my case we help entrepreneurs get more paying clients by teaching them how to build an attractive online presence using WordPress and elemental so those are my qualifiers there and to prove that I qualify I'm actually teaching you it right now if using design strategy plus niche marketing strategy to generate new paying clients your doorstep is your thing then we're pretty much your guide so as it says again here these are my other qualifiers so justifying why after design in this case this website the way it is and who it's for and it's ultimately for you guys guys that are watching this right now and I'll just refresh this page again to show you the animations that I'm going to show you with animations we can control the flow information as well as make the website a bit more static but here you will list out up the sides again with three services I don't actually provide these services as of today it's something I could provide in the future but again these are just examples of what you as an entrepreneur or a consultant might supply and then we're gonna build the simple section that you just take your services and you just lay them out in a more in-depth sort of structure so people who are viewing your website can get the full story and then of course we'll just follow it with the same template people you work with brands you work with client testimonials and a CTA ready to talk so it's that simple guys about feverel let's get into it okay so as you know in the beginning of this tutorial we've already created the about home contact service page obviously you won't be seeing the advanced and simple because I went ahead and created those in my own time so if you go to your home page and you click on edit with elemental so the first thing we need is the background image and what that is there's all the images that you saw I got them off pixabay pixabay is for free so again you could type in Northern Lights there's the image right there so I clicked on it and I clicked free download nineteen twenty by twelve eighty s all you need so you click download eventually this little message will come up click OK I'm not going to download it because I've already got it but then it'll most likely go to your downloads folder so if we go back to the home page we'll start by creating a new section we've already done it so what we can do you need to put hitting see internet for the moment what else have we got got it hitting another hitting and a button so come on we'll put two headings in and Center that and we'll put button so it's just as simple as dragging and dropping guys we'll seen to the button okay great so that's what we're starting with now to make a little bit more easier what we're going to do is go to style and if you look at the background section here we'll click on the classic and that will drop down and give us the option to put an image so in this case I want to use that northern light image which I've got here in my library somewhere there it is I'll insert that and as you can see it's already in there but we need to make the section bigger so if we click on layout on the top left and we click on where it sees height and click fit to screen there we go it will automatically fit to the entire screen so what I did in our example is I chose center center and then i chosed fixed and what fix does is as we scroll down the image will stay put in the background it does create a nice cool effect if you choose scroll then it's going to scroll with it which is fine it's personal preference I'm gonna go with fixed I don't want this image to repeat and I want it to go few options here we can either make it auto which i think is the same as default we can force it to cover so no matter what its gonna show the whole image and we can either contain it I don't recommend contained because if people are viewing your website on really large screens it might create white edges which we don't want so I'm just gonna go with default for now and that's fine now I believe I put a background overlay a background overlay is when you can splash some color or another image on top of an image and then it sounds weird but I'll show you how handy that is and the different scenario later on if I put say the color black and black the very popular color when it comes to overlay if got say white text or something in front of the image putting an overlay on top will make it a lot easier for reading readability per visit will turn off color because we don't need it at the moment we'll go to the layout and we'll go to min height and we'll make that 900 here we go okay so let's now sit the background for the hero image for our homepage and if we click on this little blue pencil icon here we're now select first title and again elemental just brings up the settings so my case I called it websites done right finally just gonna copy and paste that get it to paste it in here it says and I believe I make the sizing the tip should be white because white has the nicest contrast at 57 hooks they get the pics there we go 57 pics the font we're going to use is Helvetica just by default because how vertically universally is it's pretty much the best font in the world really its stand the test of time but it is overly used I get there but you guys can use whatever you want in for the next one build your online appearance to attract millions so I'll just bring that in you guys can type whatever it is you want to make it might there we go and again we'll just make that size 19 it's important that we make the font 19 pixels big on desktop because when you're actually reading it it's quite a far away whereas on the mobile phone which we'll do later it's recommended to not go below 16 the desktop will do 19 and will bring the point size down to 400 a good practice of typography is to either skipper wait and double the size will triple the size of the original size so in this case 19 times 3 is 57 that's why websites done right a size 57 there's some great typography practices that I've learnt picked up over the years specially when I'm studying graphic design you can always break the rules there's no right or wrong here but if you don't know what to do or you're stuck to what to do just follow the guides and that'll get you going because ultimately we just want to get a website done and it's good enough to attract paying clients and you can advance your business in your career just what we want to do it is a little hard to read so again if I go back to I click on the section for the background go to Stahl click on background overlay choose blank now it's a lot easier to read and we can always lower the opacity a bit so I might actually bring it down but I like the green Vista hugely I don't want to lose too much of it so I'll bring the transparency down to 3 really up to you guys you might be using a different image for your own business now with the button we want to create this nice ghost button effect and it's really easy so by default the button has a green background it says click it so watch now blue print well you guys are watching the blueprint right now lucky you we won't link it at the moment in a tick icon see you can add icons to your head icons of all sorts to your buttons I'm gonna go with this one and by default it places it at the front you can actually place it afterwards but I'm gonna leave it at the front for now so the next thing we want to do is go to the style we want the text color to stay white because otherwise you wouldn't be able to read it at the moment the background color is green by default but if we click any of these colors the button is now blue it's gray white now we can't see the tick so what we're gonna do is clear that and bring the opacity down to zero so as you can see we've still got a button there but at the moment it just looks like ticked so if we come to the border type here it's currently set to none what we want to do is hit solid and we'll bring up a few options and typically I like to bring it to about 2/3 is a bit too thick for my taste so I'll bring it down to about 2 we want the color of the border to be white to match up all the white we've got going on here so that creates that nice ghost effect and you're using the elegance of the background to enhance that effect that being said we'll bring the radius which is the corners I usually go for 15 no in this case I'll go for 5 yep five looks like so we've got these nice smooth round corner edges there that again it's just part of the aesthetic it looks modern that's clean go to our widgets tab and we'll choose spacer put that between these two and we'll bring that down to 25 update that we can do now is preview the website and there it is so there's the the menu we created earlier that's the here's our first home page with the with the right with the banner that we've been creating which is good man to Elementor we want to bring some life to this so what we want to do we'll go to the advanced so I've clicked on the blue pencil I've clicked on advanced and here you've got what's called entrance animation and there's quite a few animations to pick from eventually guys this is just something you get a feel for and you get used to over time but from my experience I like to use the fader and we'll go for the fade and left final one here we'll set that Faden up and there's no right or wrong here guys you can choose whatever you want you might not even want any animation and with the button I'm gonna go with the bouncing that I like to make the button to bounce it just adds a bit of character if you know what I mean and you can also delay when an animation starts so this way we can control the flow of information so what I'm thinking is put 500 milliseconds for the second animation and we want the button to come in a little bit after that put 1000 milliseconds click update preview so at the moment the button doesn't link to anywhere and that's okay because we'll typically we won't link anything at the stage but we will link everything once our pages are being created because at the moment we haven't created the other pages for this button to go to but we can still do the hover animation and what I typically would do you could change the color hang sort of gives it a floating kind of motion so you can go over that or alternatively what you can do is we could change the background color to green for instance so when someone hovers it changes color and you can do the same for the water color in the text color I'm just going to leave it as blank and yet that's fine so update that we've got a next weed proof design consultancy okay so this section here is sort of your Vout I like to think of it as your value proposition so I clicked on the plus button just one column so what you want to do here is we'll drag the title or the heading to that and we'll do it again and just go right click duplicate so now we've got two we'll stretch that out stretching that out make sure ensures that if you put color in the background it will reach the edge of the screen or the monitor regardless of the size of the screen believe I made it a minimum height of 550 just go back and copy and paste my text to just paste it in here cool little trick is you can actually click on the little pencil here right click and click copy and you can go right click on this pencil and go pay style and that will copy all the formatting and effects and the color that you did in this case on that but because this is a white text on a white background we don't want that so we'll just go and change the text to black and there you go it's saved just the hair so and the time of having to go in and reformat everything and this is why elemental is great because it really speeds up the workflow once you've got the hang of it so underneath that we had help we helped grow launch products and build enduring relationships with their communities yep businesses and that's what it's all about in my case no I want you guys to succeed that's my purpose that's why I'm doing this is to help you guys succeed I want to succeed to essentially I'd love to succeed by helping you guys succeed and you guys succeed by helping your own clients or customers succeed so it's a win win win if you think about it and we will copy again we'll go right click copy the style and we'll paste that style into here just come into the style and change the text color to black and there you go that was pretty easy it wasn't that pepper my going too fast for you guys so we'll check back on the review refresh the page and there it is see straight forward so now the next thing is services ok this is a fun section to make so with the services if we come back to our home page and I believe I worked from a template for this so if we go to blocks the drop down menu here we've got services here we go now let me until it does give you an array of options which is great and it was this one here so we're gonna insert that so a lot of the works being done for us already which is great and now we can just come in and modify it to whatever we want we can change the text so in this case this should be event occur 57 and we've got to change the images so with the image guys I found all these images on pixabay I typed in coaching for that one I typed in strategy or chess and I got that image and I typed in luxury lifestyle I ended up choosing this thinking like the live way but now would be hosted from there but essentially guys if you haven't got your own images you can just use three stock photography from royalty-free until you've got your own images ultimately you want to phase out any stock photography with your own videos and images as your business progresses but if you haven't got anything at the moment that's okay just use the stock photography that's copyright free and just go from there and start creating your own images as time goes by that's the general idea so if we go back to home I'll click on image I've already got the images here in my library if you need to you'll have to click on upload file select file typically your images are going to be in the Downloads folder but I'm gonna go back and I've already organized them into a pixabay folder so in this case the first image I used was this one Skype that's how you upload an image I've actually got it in here somewhere there it is so insert that come to this image here and I'll do the same scroll down and inserts chess piece one with the crown they'll come along and insert this watch as the I spoke flash mention so as you can see it's pretty straightforward I just swapped some images around the background image right so for that one I click on the layout a stretch the whole section come to the style click on in the background section normal classic and we'll just turn off that color we don't want any color on this and will click on the image film this nice fantasy landscape one that was also on pixiv oh and I like this idea of the coach of the mentor and the student the apprentice and with the settings I just choose position center Center I want to focus I have that nice scroll effect so I want I do not want this image to repeat it's most time guys you're probably not going to have ever just repeating unless you've got like a little graphic and you want it to repeat like a checkerboard or something choose cover for the moment now I believe I put a backgrounds overlay on this one yes I did because I wanted to make the text easier to read so if we go to gradients so I'm just going to paste the hex code into the section here if you're not if you don't know if you don't know anything about hex codes don't worry about it you can always just move the slide around and find a color that you like and all generate a hex code for you but if you're a bit more advanced like me you might have your own hex codes that you want to use I'm gonna use the default black for that and now we just want to change the text to white because again white is the thing we're going for it's got a nice contrast do the same for us and what you can do is just go right click copy and go right click paste I'll paste I'll do the same for this right click copy paste are the hast style and I'll just go ahead and copy and paste the text I used ok so that's all been done now the next thing is I added some cool animations so if we click on the blue pencil for this image here and go down to entrance animation in the Advanced tab it was a zoomin from the left so that zooms in from the left this one zoom in from the right and it actually kind of looks cool on the so much because it looks like it's coming out from my underneath a cave sort of formation there do the same for this one this one is zooming up yep like so with the text I use the fade and up again we don't want to go over the top we just want to keep it nice and simple and a decent and a good flow of information we wanna get too fancy so don't get too hung up with animations fade up is pretty much pretty good on most cases especially when people are viewing your content your website on their phone they don't have time they probably want to scroll past by the time the animations already happens but if you're on desktop you can add to the experience so we just checked the refresh page and there you go see it's that easy guys that wasn't hard was it so next up we've got okay so clients we've worked with in testimonials right so again this was worked from a template and I believe I took it from if you go to pages type in services it was this one here and don't be afraid guys to look at the services look all the page templates because they might be a premade template that you can find there you you don't actually need to have everything here there it is there so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get rid of that get rid of that and get rid of that and this is what we came for so we'll first stretch the section and we'll change the background color hashtag 6e good so companies weave works well so what we've got here is clients we've worked with and I'm gonna paste that and then you guys might have brands we worked with for people we've worked with etc so if you click on the section here it gives you an array of option close out all of the default logos they've got there I've already gone ahead and compiled a folder of logos I took about 20 logos from the top 100 brands I don't know if this is still a date but I just did a google search then I took the top 10 brands here and I'll show you how to do in a second so you might have worked with several clients you can ask for their permission to use their logo on your website and they're usually flattered because it's also social proof for them it's social proof for you can see it was that some so again I'll show you what I did if you go to Google com – top 100 logo brands images and yet I think I got it from here yep so in which case I just typed in say Apple logo and there it is you want to go for the PNG dot PNG all you need to know about PNG is it gives you the transparent background so if you see here PNG image com I just went up and we do a mode if it's got this gray background there's a good chance that the transparent save image as and you just save them into your folder and I actually ordered them alphabetical order can do it however you want and so what you do now coming back to our homepage as you go right click duplicate and what we want to do is just clear off all of these here I'm just gonna add the other team logos that I compiled here it would be nice to have a portfolio of all these brands wouldn't it be really something if you've been working with me every one of these companies for her you never know you could you guys could actually end up working for some of these companies and they could be some of your clients you never know possibilities are there so what insert that I believe I animation additional options so made the direction go from the rights so have one of them going left and the other one going right just to add a bit of an effect and you can control the options here I wanted to autoplay yes it can pause on hover and I actually played around with the auto speed here I made this 1000 different options will make that 3500 and that way it just sort of creates a nice visual effect but there's no right or wrong here guys and you can do it with it any way you like I'm gonna leave it at that for now we go back to our preview we want to put our client testimonials and so again this is a feature from the template go to blocks testimonials there it is I think it was this one it was so I'll show you how to change it so it looks like the one on our preview yet client reviews so client testimonials so by default this template gave us these cool block effects in you might want that on your website it's entirely up to you just put a capital t testimonials so I'm going for the uppercase there we go capitalized too thick but if you don't want those boxes and you just want it to blend in what you can do is click on the section click on style and click on that little gray column button there and we click on the style click on the border tab we can revert this back to the default which is nothing and there we go we're turning off that drop shadow effect so they click on the border in Revere it alternatively you can just go copy right click paste style and there you go now couldn't help but notice that when you hover it it brings back that effect so on the border section where it says hover click that revert back to default copy paste style here we go it's not doing that hover effect anymore paste are there we go now it's just blank so in the case of my website I wanted to combine these two together so I'm going to change the background color to that nice creamy white gray effect so if we go to background to hash tag eee will automatically generate succeeds that's what we want check the pain structures it's all coming together guys and listen he took us about in 15 minutes not sure how long it's been maybe it's been longer but you can see that it's possible to get a really good website in just a couple of hours of investing of time to get a professional appearance online and actually start conducting business with your clients so you guys might already have testimonials if you can get the photos that's more ideal you'll have to ask for permission people usually have a good photo on LinkedIn if you can't use photos you can always delete the photo and just have their name there and their job title I'm gonna keep these photos as default and the other thing I want to do is want to change the color of the job I'll just turn that green and I'm just gonna use the default green you guys might have your own brand style color palette that you follow if you don't a good rule of thumb is to use I say no more than three to four colors tops unless you're like really advanced and you know exactly what you're doing but if you're lost for color themes I would recommend you start with black-and-white and you introduce one or two colors so in my case I'm using black and white worth Green is my main color palette for this website it doesn't mean the images have to follow the same color palette images or images but I've used the black and green gradient swatch over my images this one didn't need it because it's already gotten a nice screen but you just as a general rule of thumb I would recommend black and white and then either one primary color and then maybe a second secondary color and I'd leave it at that but in some cases guys rules can be broken you can it you can essentially do whatever you want but if you want to look really professional I would recommend no more than three or four colors and start with black and white and you can use you can chuck and gray and the black and white like I've done here because it still comes across as minimalist and that's what we want okay I'm just gonna leave the placeholder text the way it is the last thing we need to do is put our call to action so ultimately if a client or a viewer has visited our website and they like what they see then we want to be able to give them an action to get in touch with us and the team should become our paying client if they're not convinced and hopefully some of the content on this page will refer them to another section of our page but service page with the about page and maybe later on they'll convert to a paying client then but in the meantime let's just assume that they know you or they've heard good things about you and they want to take action now we need to add at the end of our pages a call to action so what we're going to do is we'll add a single column in we'll stretch that and we'll put a heading here I'll change that to ready to talk just put full stop Center it and again we'll just copy this right click copy and we'll paste that style they're saved at the time and what we can do is go back to the widgets tab and we'll grab a button drag that button and place it underneath there ready to talk well Center it or make it medium you guys might have booked an appointment or take action now start a project I'm just going to go with starter projects and then you want to put your color theme into it I found green greens bean it's thought that green was the best color for a call to action button because green seems to come across as safe from an emotional psychological being you guys at think they can use whatever color you want blue is another good color red sometimes seen as aggressive or dangerous is but then again readers also seen as passion and love so so yeah some change the style and make that takes color to be white and I want the background color of the button to be green there we go if we give it a hover effect we can make it pulse grow yep I'll go with that and we just want to give this call to action of a space so what we'll do is we'll make it a minimum Heights we'll make it 550 another thing I like to add will actually we will add the background first so again quadruple 6e let's give us that nice gray we'll go back to the advanced we will no sorry the widget and we will add the divider we can put here as a matter of fact I put a lot I would much prefer it separating these two sections so we're never section and we'll just make it a single and we'll just drag the separator into this new section we're gonna color that separator green and we'll just make that background stretch style background and we'll just make it the same gray color so mergers is in so it looks like it's all part of one section which is what we want and we'll add a little animation here and we'll give it bouncing up so we want just add a bit of character to it if we update that refresh page scroll down so you can see we've got a bit of a page going on here we didn't animate the button there you go so you can come back and you can I'm gonna change that too they turn up and we'll do the same with the button I like to use the bouncing up just add a bit of character these should be fading in so what we'll do is we'll give their two fader an up and a cool little trick here is you can either make all if you cook on the blue section here and choose fade and up all of all three of these testimonials will fade enough together or if you want them to come up as individual ones you can click on the column here go to the advanced click on fader up so now it's just that one's gonna fade and up do the same for this one choose fade on up and delay it by 250 milliseconds and again the same for this choose fade up and make that 500 milliseconds and all do this dun dun dun effect same for this I want this to just fade and up you know I guess we can make these fade in from the left so we'll get this to fade in from left and this can fail him from the right yep that's good so we'll refresh to that and we'll have a look at how that ends out okay scrolling down I like that that's pretty cool and there you go guys that's our homepage pretty much complete we just need to add the links to our call to actions and our buttons but we'll do that later on after we've made the other pages and another cool thing with the theme ocean WP is it comes with us back to the top feature that it works on the mobile phone too so people can click on that and go straight back to the top now that our homepage is done for now we'll work on the about page now alright guys so we're gonna create the about page so if we go on to the hamburger menu on the top layer click on exit the dashboard and it brings us back to the dashboard so click on pages and we're gonna click on the bell page so in this case click on edit with elements alright and as you can see it's a bank page again so I've already gone ahead and credit the about page so let's have a lot we click on what I've already done they're gonna create this we're gonna create this I'm gonna show you how to import that as well as bring all of us across so what we need to do first is go back like the red plus button choose the single column this example we're gonna make the section stretched cuz you want to cover the whole full screen and if we go to the widgets we can bring in a hitter or need to bring in two of these which we can just duplicate here and three of them duplicate and we're gonna use a button to get that nice arrow effects so we go here and drag button there we go now we've got everything we need I'll start by centering everything and what we want to do for the about page is it's a great page to put your mission statement or your company's goals or business so for example I've put here redirecting you the right path and I choose that because I essentially want to be able to put people send people on the right path to their destination River does they want to go that's what I'm all about so my case for our vision I've decided to go with the best at redirecting entrepreneurs from scratch to the destination of success and it pretty much sums it up in a nutshell less-is-more guys try not to right things if you find yourself writing excessively then try to edit it down and what I mean edit it down I mean bring it right back there shorten it as short and sweet as possible I know it took me a few guys that trying to get this nice and short so the text is white what we'll do is we'll put the background image and if we click on style then at the background section click on classic click on the bank image here again I'm gonna use an image that I got from pixabay and that would be that fantasy image and here at her soul and said that's and we'll make a minimum height then the minimum height was set to 750 in the column position was set in middle and no gap so come back to layout and we'll go for gap at motion ensures there's no white space anywhere it fills it right to the edges we want to go for minimum height and that was 750 on the desktop mode and if we go to column position we want everything in the center by default it should be in the sense of regardless and if we go back to style they want this to be since it Center we want us to be fixed Amy what was to no repeat we'll just go with what oh that's good I think yes I did use a gradient for this one so if we check here so if we check at the background overlay I'm using black in one of my green gradient and I'm gonna copy and paste this code you guys might already have your codes so if we go back to our page I noticed that I had this at the bottom Center and it's on cover so I'll come to the background overlay click on gradient and put the green in here and we'll change that red to black there we go that creates that nice contrast effect so if we come back to our text here now first thing I'm gonna do is change it to white and I believe I have it on 57 pics end of my website and i've got it on how that occur and if you go to our vision presets on whites change that to 19 perks I believe I brought the font size down to about 300 crease the line spacing line spacing is the face between the individual leaders I'll bring that to about two point seven means I have that is upper case so if we want to make that all caps we just go to the typography again in transform it to uppercase and there you go and for the caption go to the typography make that nineteen it to white and as you can see bring that down and there we go and last but not least we've got to change the button so again the trick here is to find the icon angle there we go so angle double down and that puts the icon there we're going to make this large and we want to get rid of the text we will come to the typography section and we'll make that nineteen that will double that we'll make it thirty eight and that's what we want we'll go at that we will make the text but I kind of still consider this text in this case so we'll make that white and we'll just take the background color nothing and there you go and that's how you create it's a little trick of how you can create that effect and if we go to hover I'll use the hang animation so when people hover over it does that nice little down thing which is pretty good that's all once and we'll give it and the ability to click down in a moment so what update that all right so that's what we wanted and if we go back to the about we now wants to include a section that talks about our story so we go back here and we click new and just go single section we want to stretch it and we'll make this minimum height fits a screen so the first thing we're going to need is hitting second thing we're going to need there's a video and the third thing we had there was some text all right so again we can just come along here and go right click on the blue pencil copy and just go right click paste Isle and again we'll change the tech spec to black so this is a great place to talk about story of your company the history of it a video is great to talk about that if you've got videos so and by default Elementor just gives you their video from YouTube so if we click on the video section what you can do is you can upload your videos to YouTube Vimeo or you can get videos from your self host or any motion what you can do is copy the URL and what I'll do is I open up this on YouTube say you go to youtube and you go to a YouTube channel what you can do is come on to the URL right click copy come back to your elemental and just delete the existing URL and put your own URL in there in there you go YouTube has now been embedded onto your website see it's that easy guys I just want to add our story I just put together text that you guys might have your own text written up or you'll get to write it up whatever it is just chuck it into here and we'll just copy the style and there you go that's simple tools will live justify that and click update there we go we now have a section that talks about our story here's a video and we've got some text to go with us the next thing we want to create is meet the team now this is actually pretty easy because this was a premade template so if we come down here we click on the template icon and we go to blocks go to team and as you can see this is where I got it from so I chose this one first we'll click on insert and we'll go back to the templates and we'll click on and we'll go for this one here and depending how many people you've got you can just go right click duplicate you can add as many people as you want so if you come in here you can change the photo if you've got photos of people I say that's one of our employees what about teammates and you can come in change their name CEO and then have a little description you can replace here by oh and if they've got access to social media there's a good chance there might be bare hands but a good one would be linked in elemental pretty much has every social media that you could possibly imagine that you might most likely are using so if we just search up to LinkedIn there it is so you can customize this for all of them and go through it if you don't have people's photos and you can simply delete it for now and we'll just show their name it's just like with the testimonials and it's pretty good so I'll do here and stretch that and change the background that's that gray thing that I've got going on do the same here and there you go I don't actually have a roster team in my case but you guys might already have it seen otherwise if you're just the co-founder then you can just put one a picture of yourself and a bio and just say you're the founder and the story about you and that's fine so it's going to be different for you guys and if we come back here you'll see that we've got the section here that we already have made previously so what we can do I'll show you a little trick that elemental heads is if we go right click save as template will call this friends and then we'll add to our library and if we do the same here if we go right click and go save as template and call this testimonials save close out of that and we can go right click save as template CTA ready to talk save that and this is pretty / cool and if we go back to the bout that we're trying to create we can go click on the template in my templates you will see that it's not B it's what we need to do is just refresh the page so after refreshing we'll scroll down we'll click on the template icon and if we click on my templates here they all are so the first thing we want to insert it is brands just click yes and there you go all your hard work done an instant you don't have to go back and do it all over again the beauty of Elementor is once you've created sections you can just go ahead and save them as templates and the very important back into elements or so we'll do the same thing again we'll import our testimonials and go yes there we go and we'll just import our CTA and do that and there we go and I noticed that when I import templates Elementor defaults back to it's default settings right here so we just want to click on that and change that to elemental canvas and that should resort it back to being elemental only that we don't have any settings from the WordPress itself interfering with our page layout and so if we save that and click on preview changes you will now see that we have completed about like so the only thing left to do now is just add those animations at the top so if we go back here go to the advanced and if we go fade in from the left it's pretty up to you guys I'm gonna go fade on up and with this we'll just go Faden up and for the button we will go fade in down and we'll also delay this by 500 milliseconds now the other cool thing is is that if we go to the section here and go to the advanced we can give it what's called a CSS ID so if I call this story I've now given this section a name an ID and it's called story so if we come back to the butter now and click on the blue pencil icon and if we click on the URL link here by default it's got a hash so if we go hash and put our story there and click update and we'll go back to the preview you know we can actually click on this button and it'll take us to our story in this case but you can give each section an ID name and you can use buttons to take people down so where they want to be what we'll do is we'll optimize this for mobile so if we go into mobile view and as you can see this is what it looks like in mobile a few simple changes we can do we just bring the size of this text down and we go to typography and we'll bring that down to 19 and I might make a little bit bigger than that we'll go for 32 that's better then we'll bring this down 16 picks is always good on mobile you do the same for this 16 it's all good and change our story to 32 the videos fine we'll bring our text back down to 16 some of these templates have already been pre-made to work on mobile as you can see so we'll bring that down to 32 because 16 times 2 is 32 client testimonials either talk and we'll also bring that down to 32 we can bring that down to small and there we go if we go to the tablet view a lot of us has already been optimized for tablet and it's much you can't go wrong there I guess we'll just bring this down to 38 and we'll go for 48 for this one and it's good we'll just bring this down to 16 much better will be the same for that so that's how you optimize for the mobile the desktop and tablet so make sure that when you update that you go and test it on your device and if it's not working and just come back and tweak things and refresh on your device until it's rendering properly elementals pretty good I found it to be pretty reliable when it comes to that okay so now we'll go and work on our services page so we'll go to the dashboard and we'll exit out and we'll go to pages all right guys so the next thing we need to do is to create our services page and in contacts page but instead of creating it all from scratch I'm going to show you a little trick in elemental with the templates feature because we're really doing the same step-by-step process we did in the home page and the about page what I'll get you to do is to click on suit your services page and click on the blue edit with elemental and this will bring up the element or again it will stay up blank and fresh and as you can see we've just got the standard blank elemental page so what I've already done for you guys is if you go to my website wwhen calm and go over to the resources section I've already gone ahead and created templates for every page here as you can see here you can just download them and we'll be able to install them onto our WordPress site so even if you've had some trouble with the home and about page you can download all the templates from here for free so what we're going to do is we're going to download the services page template save that and we'll download the contacts page template while we're here so you might be on a Windows or a PC I'm on a PC so go to your little download icon or navigate to your download folder and as you can see or open these up in my case I've already downloaded them and I put them in the subtle download folder your downloads might be by default in the Downloads folder so make sure you find those zip files and what we'll do is we'll first open up the services page templates up and if you're on Windows you just need to unzip it and once you're finished unzipping those zip files you'll get this service – Paige – template JSON file so we'll go ahead and do the same for the contact page while we're at it and just go and click on unzip if it's on a Mac just click on uncompressed so you can double click it and it should automatically unpress it for you Windows just makes it slightly more complicated so we'll close out of that so what you want to do is click on the will click on this white field here and we'll select all the text here and go right click copy or hit back to elemental and what we want to do now is click on this add template button here and this will bring up a the template library so we want to go to import template this little arrow icon here click on that click on the green select file and in this case I'm just going to right click paste that URL and now Explorer and click on the screen button and if we click on the white field and just go control V or right click paste and that will take us to this my case where I've unzipped my JSON files so what you want to do is click on the service pay template Jason click open and it will import into the elemental library which might take you a few minutes and as you can see it's already in our library so service page template click on the green insert button click yes boom and there it is there's no having to muck around it's just instant so as you can see I've set it up so you can just come in change the images change the text and I'll show you how to do that at the moment so if we go back to the top in for example we click on this section and we go to the style and as you can see it's just a blank there's no image in there yet and if I go to my library you'll just pick an image that you want to upload I believe I used this image here so we'll go with this image and there we go it's already been done for you then you can come in here and change the text do the same for that change the text and it's pretty self-explanatory see just come in choose the image you want to use and there you go so you can come in and just change the text and you can just repeat the process all the way through like so and of course if you have more to talk about you can go right-click duplicate and that will just make a copy of that template so you've got full control as to how much content you want to publish or not publish so if we click on update and preview that there you go and of course it's all optimized for mobile as you can see so don't need to worry too much about optimization I've already gone ahead and optimized it for you guys so if we click on the WordPress dashboard so once the dashboard is loaded up just click on pages and now you'll want to go to your contact page and we'll just make sure our contact page has the same settings so make sure it's got content layer does 100% for work and we wanted to Sable the margins go to the header disable top bar keep the header as are those we'll make the Menu minimal and if we go down to the title we will just disable the title breadcrumbs disable footer disable all of these click update and if we go to iLET with elements we'll click on the blue button that says edit with elemental and as you can see we're back at square one with a blank canvas to work with but we'll click on the template icon again and that will load up our library and we'll just click on the arrow import templates select File and it should bring us back to where we exported our zip files this time we're going to choose contact page template JSON so click OK and it's been imported now into our elemental library and if we go to contact template we click the green insert button click yes and Elementor is now imported our contact page so it's pretty straightforward guys so what I did for this one is again I use this image as the stock photography I've already on the settings for you and with the Google Maps you can just type in type in where your business is located if you have a physical address and it'll update that automatically for you and you've got control of the zoom and the Heights I'm gonna undo those and then of course you can just come in here and add your change the text edge or schedule your hours your number your email and of course social media you can come in you can put your Facebook page in here your Twitter URL Instagram you can delete social media icons if you don't have one yet or you can add a new one by clicking the add item and elemental has got quite a few if not all of the social media platforms that most people use especially for business so you can come in there and customize it and when you're happy with that you can just click update so if we click on the preview changes we can now see that our contacts page is already good to go so all that's left to do now is make sure that we've got our menu and I menu is linked up at the stage the menu is currently white on white but we'll get that fixed so to fix the menu what we need to do is go to well first go to preview and what we can do is go right click edit page and go open a new tab and we'll navigate to the new tab and if we scroll down we'll just take a look at the settings here and let's see we want a hundred percent yep disable the margins go to the header and as you can see this is our problem here we forgot to change the menu to transparent so go ahead and click transparent click update and if we come back here and refresh the page there you go we'll fix down menu and I think the same is true for the services page so we'll have a look at the services page yes so there we go so once again if your menu is not displaying the way it should just go to the Edit Page and go right click open a new tab I like to open a new tab because then I can jump back and forth without having to reopen the browser each time and just navigate to our header and the ocean WP settings and there you go it says minimal so we'll switch that back to transparent click on update WordPress is updating those settings now and if we go back to the services page and click the refresh there you go it's been fixed all right so now we've got our whole website made and so we'll click on home and now we can say that we've got our main website created but we still have to link some of these buttons here like this button here if we click on that it takes us to nowhere so in this case watch our blueprint this website doesn't actually have a blueprint that what we can do I'm gonna show you let's just say that the blueprint was on our services page so what we'll do is we'll click on edit with elemental and while elements what was loading we'll go to the services page and we'll just grab the URL so it's your website slash services we'll go back to the elements or home and if we just click on the button here you will see that there's the section here in the button tab called link just get rid of the hash and paste the URL in there and there you go now if someone clicks on that button it will take them to the services page so just for demonstration purposes I'll open up another tab and if we click on what shell blueprint there you go it's that simple guys and of course you can click on scrub at the top the user can always navigate back to the home page and I believe we've got a starter project so again if we come back to and actually before we go back we'll click on contacts and we'll get the URL here if we go back to the elements or home make sure we're working on the home page again if we click on the blue pencil for the button and there it is just paste the link in there and it's done and we'll just preview that again scroll down to the bottom click on start a project and it should take us to the contacts page where someone can get in touch with us and there we go it works and there you go that's how you put links onto buttons they can take a user to another section of your website or another page of your website well in this case as I've shown you in the About section you can assign an ID to a section on a page and then you can put that in the button with the hash and it will take the user to that specific section of the website so now you know all right guys so the next thing you want to do is I'm going to show you how to put your own logo this is especially true if you guys are on a tight budget right now and can't afford to pay a professional designer on getting a professional logo and chances are that if you're just starting your business out you probably don't need to worry too much about that at the moment because from my experience starting a business is an evolutionary process and it's better to just start and as time goes on you form a culture and you adjust your mission statement your vision and redefine your purpose and your goals and the existence as to why your business exists in the first place that woods then the best time to approach a professional agency they can design a logo they can intertwine incorporate all those ideas as a representative face of the business as I like to think of it so don't try to confuse a logo as a brand's a brand as what people think when they hear your name it's like when I say Apple you're immediately thinking of probably Steve Jobs or the iPhones if you think of face a McDonald's you're probably thinking of your favorite Big Mac or your McChicken or whatever that's essentially a brain right there but not the logo itself the logo is the face of the company or the face of the organization and it represents the brain so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you a way to get a logo for free to get started especially if you haven't got a budget to spin right now and if we open up a new tab and go to WB dart logo maker com that's W B dot L OG o ma ke r dot C om and this website has unlimited amount of designs we're gonna skip the tutorial just click Next so if we were to type in triangle as you can see there's so many different designs that you can choose from here they are pretty generic but for someone who's starting out it's fine you might want something a bit more abstract and as you can see there's some interesting designs here some are actually quite generic but I'll let you guys play around with keywords to find something suitable for your business in my case I'm gonna go with enterprise I'll let you guys have a look around and see what you can find but in my case I'm about helping you guys especially business owners get from A to B essentially so I'm gonna try the tomb enterprise and there's a good chance that a lot of you have a vision of starting a business and growing it to the point where you're envisioning that maybe you own a multiple of skyscrapers as your business grows and grows over time so I thought I might find something that sort of reflects around my mission statement of the business so without overthinking it because this is just tutorial demonstration purposes we're just going to try and see we can find something that's geared around enterprise in the key to a good logo guys is simplicity and what I mean by simplicity is to think of something like Apple's logo just a nice simple abstract some of these designs are a bit too illustrative remember guys less is more and so already this is starting just sort of this is what I'm sort of thinking something along these lines again these are still a bit too illustrative for my taste we want to find something that is as minimalist as possible and it is quite unique and actually here we go I think one of these I'm gonna go with us I like this things I'm assuming this is just a graphical abstract of skyscrapers sort of in an isometric and dimension so we'll go with that and what you can do guys is you can actually once you've chosen something you can type in the name of your company my case wordpress tutorials company name and you can drag that across here and of course you can change the font and all that and you can change the color and change the font we can even change the color here but you might just want to be like apple where apple just shows their logo they don't actually have the name and numbness you're gonna go with that so I'm gonna change mine to white and once you're happy with your design guys it's actually there you just can't see it because it's white on white when you're happy with your design guys you can click on this little icon over here save logo and just ignore all that and make sure that if you're gonna use a logo from this website that you give credit where credit is due so click on download and you know here we go it's gonna save it as a PNG file the same file format we use when we made the logo carousel earlier in the tutorial I've already downloaded this logo so what I'm going to do is I'm going to hit back to WordPress typically it will save in your downloads folder and if we come back to our home page and click customize it'll bring up our little customize settings here so if we come down and click on header and click on logo as you can see we can upload our logo at the moment it's just how text with the color settings attached so if we click on select logo and we click on upload files select files we now want to navigate to where our logos being downloaded so here it is in this case so I'm gonna put this one up and that's just uploading our logo to our WordPress library click Sulli and we can skip the cropping we're not gonna crop this image just get cropping and WordPress is now just kind of update that for us and by default it's made our logo a little too booked so you can come down here and adjust the size I will go of 60 here we'll go with 60 for now but you can always come back and change this guys and of course ocean WP gives you the ability to adjust the sizes of need beef for the different mobile screen sizes I guess 60 is going to make the cut fall of us so we'll go with that and I'll hit publish and that's essentially how you put your own little icon logo in WordPress so if I click on the about page ocean WP has automatically put it on every single page of your website we'll go services contact and if you click on the logo itself it should just take you back to the home page like so and there you go so if you'll type for a budget and you don't know how to create a logo this is a great alternative right now obviously make sure you give credit to logo maker com they've got instructions on how to do that so the next thing we need is a footer before we complete our website so if you scroll down you'll see that we've currently got no footer because we still have to make our foot and luckily we can do that now with elemental so if we go back to our dashboard and scroll down the sidebar and click on thing panel and click on my library we're gonna create our footer here and doing it this way means that the footer will show up on every page that we've created otherwise we'd have to manually import a photo for each page individually and we don't really want to do that because that's just time consuming in it's annoying so what you want to do first is click on add new and we'll just call it footer and if we come down to the settings here we'll go for 100% for work and we'll just disable the header we don't need the hitter and we'll just get rid of all of these disable that we're gonna use the foot obviously so we'll leave the footer answers and we'll come back to the main here and we'll disable the margins click publish and will click on edit with elemental ok and as you can see that's the default WordPress ocean WP theme menu and we're going to turn that off soon and what we'll do first is will create a new first so we'll make the footer typically three columns in what we can do first is we'll stretch that so it covers the whole screen size from left to right in what you can do is we'll start by putting our logo on the left so if we go to our widgets and drag an image in there we can now insert our logo on the left's of what we'll do is we'll insert our logo and we'll bring that image size down so about we'll make it 15 for the moment but we can always change that back and what we can do is just change the background color so we can see what's going on here so we'll go with the black for the moment and there we go okay so what we can do is we can make the footer a little bit bigger than that so if we go to men height and we'll bring it up to about I'll leave it at 400 for now and if we come into this column here what we can do the problem with elements will free is there aren't too many options but we could put our Google Maps in this section here and you can adjust the settings right there or if your location is and if we come back to the widget stairs really it's entirely up to you guys what you want to put here so what we could do is we could add social media icons under our logo and as you can see you can come in here and just put your Facebook links and everything in here if you want to adjust the style you can custom color in this case I'll make them white and we'll make that black and you might want to put your copyright information in here just so no one come along and take it so if we go to text color and make that white and we'll make that 16 so it doesn't need to be dominant we'll change the font to Helvetica then we'll come back here and just put copyrights Tom Hillen toriel's comm 2018 it's almost 2019 but you can pretty much write whatever disclaimer you want and we can censor that then we'll make the social media icons a little bit smaller so that's but not least will do for now is we'll just drag these into the center here then we'll make that you can position it in the center you can position it in the bottom I'm gonna put it in the middle and same for the logo I'm gonna put the logo in the middle as well and just like with the logo I'm also gonna put the logo in the middle as well like so if we stretch that out like that there you go we've got a bit of a footer going on there or update that and if we come back to our website here and click on customize customize will once again bring up this menu on the side so if we click on footer widget then once you've clicked on footer widgets come down here and click on the footer that we just made and WordPress will update it and if we scroll down here it won't actually be visible because we did actually turn it off earlier so what we can do is we'll publish that for the moment then once WordPress is published there just close out of that any once we're out of that just navigate to the top and go right click edit page open a new tab and what we need to do is just turn the footer back on and scroll down here and where it says footer at the bottom we'll just enable the defaults and we'll select footer as our template and publish that and we'll go back to our web page it would press refresh it scroll down and as you can see our footer is now visible you will have to go through each page to turn the footer back on for this to work on every page but if you just click on the minimize button and here's what it looks like a mobile view everything centers and stacks up and if we go back here if you're wondering what these grey things are you can simply open up customize again and if we click on footer widgets you can come down here and just change these to zero make sure it's double zero otherwise we press won't recognize it and of course you can change the background color but as you can see that elementals override it so what we can do is publish that and we can come back to the footer and if you want to change the background color you can change it to say blue and go update close out of that as you can see that any changes we make now on the elemental it will automatically update on the WordPress website and there you go of course this isn't limited to just that unfortunately the problem with the templates and elemental is there if you want a more professional footer from the templates unfortunately they are all currently pro you'll need to upgrade to the elemental pro to get some of these but ideally if you're a little creative you can look at some of these examples and you might be able to take the widgets and copy what you can see here and create a much more aesthetic footer but there's no right or wrong here guys it's really a case of what you what your business needs in this case I've just put the logo some social media context a copyright disclaimer in a Google map of where we are and I'm sure as time goes on you will most likely change your footer and your footer will have more information and yeah but just for starting out at least you've got a footer and you can already navigate people to your social media platforms and there you go just remember guys that in order to have the footer showing on every page you just need to go to each page and turn the footer on I'm gonna actually do it now I'm going to speed the video up while I do it you and now that I look at the menu I've decided that I'm gonna go back and make one tweak to the menu so if I click on customize and if I never get down to the header and click on general and scroll down I'm gonna come back to the background color here and you might remember that we started with a black background and we brought the transparency down to about 25 I've decided that for this website I'm gonna take it off all together and that's just my personal taste but for you guys you might want to keep that little transparency bar there but for my case I've decided that I'm gonna take it off and since we're in the customize menu I'm going to show you how we can add a favicon which is the little icon that goes up here so if we click on back in back and we go to the site identity you will see here that we've got this what's called site icon if we select image right we can click on our logo right here and click select and if we skip cropping you will see that our little logo is now up here if you guys are using the default light browser theme I'm using the dark thing mode for Firefox then what you would have to do is simply go back to logo maker com where you can download your logo again but change the color to black or grey save that as a PNG and then just upload it here again and WordPress will give you yeah you can see it right here at the moment it might be wise if I go back and do that but in fact you know it let's do it now we'll go to a new tab WB arts logo maker com I probably should have done this from the start but you know it is what it is so I typed in enterprise and we'll scroll down and I'll find that logo again it was a couple Scrolls down if I remember correctly and there it and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna give it my green color that I've been using consistently throughout my websites so I'll go with that and I'll click Save logo and remember to credit the website if you're going to use it for free so we'll save that and we'll come back to change image and we'll go to upload file and there it is so upload my green logo and as you can see it's gonna work now because it can work on both a dark background any white background or gray background so that's just something to consider guys so if we go published we've now got a little logo favicon up on the top left at the table when people bookmark will open it on their smartphones it's there alright and we'll close out of that alright guys and that's pretty much our website complete and it's just a matter of as time goes on you can come back now and start adding on to it you can upgrade to the elemental pro and you can get more out of it but right now everything we have is enough to get you guys going and like I said this is just an evolutionary process so congratulations if you've made it this far hope you achieve trading your own website the last thing we need to do is simply log out of elementals so if you navigate to the top right here and click log out we press will now log out and it will take you to the wordpress theme so if we go to our website we can now have a look at the website from a public point of view and as you can see we don't have that black bar anymore and now that we've got our new WordPress website we can now focus our time and energy chasing down clients and now clients have a place to go to or to land on if they want to see our website and that's pretty much it guys I hope this tutorial has helped you build your own website and like I said you now have the ability to use WordPress elemental and chip away at your website in what should grow and it's only a matter of time before you've got your own professional website and it's generating business or traffic okay guys I've got a bonus section here for you this is totally optional but I'm gonna give you a list of my top ten recommended plug-ins for WordPress and they are all free and I believe that they'll add a tremendous amount of value to your website I guarantee you you'll use at least two or three of them after we've gone through this list so we'll start with the first one and plug-in number one I'm going to recommend is one signal have you ever been to someone's website and you've been asked to accept and receive push notifications yeah and then you get those little notifications on your web browser at the bottom probably on the bottom right corner of your screen well this plug-in allows you to gather people's information and then you can see in these people notifications as push notifications it's similar to email marketing but it's about it's a lot more modern and it's probably weird things are going in the future do email marketing I still highly recommend email marketing but reviews show that this is sort of where it's going now and it's ten times more likely to convert if you've got traffic on your website or when people open up their browsers and they receive a push notification to your website for say a campaign then I highly recommend this for all your websites especially if you're trying to attract clients or sales so let's say you have a new product and your website and news service or a campaign or announcement or something maybe an ecommerce store a new product well let's say you've got 10,000 people that have accepted your push notifications via browser then when you launch that push notification out then 10,000 people will be notified about your new campaign or product and that's potentially 10,000 buyers or customers you see what I'm saying so I highly recommend this there's plenty of tutorials on YouTube and I may make a tutorial on all of these plugins in the near future but for now if you haven't got this plugin highly recommend you get on it now the next free plugin I want to recommend is ice cream and this is a great plugin if you want to put lots of pop-ups or email pop-ups that kind of thing on your website this plugin also does notification pop-ups say you're having a massive sale on your website or if you're an e-commerce business you might have people love it when they don't have to pay shipping costs internationally if they spend a certain amount of money on your website so that sort of thing and alternatively you can use another plugin for el-amin so it's also a pop-up box but ice cream pretty much is like a ten in one kind of packaged plugin if you know what I mean so I highly recommend it it's got lots of positive reviews the next free plugin I want to recommend and this is a security plugin is the all-in-one WP migration what this plugin does is it takes a whole copy of your website WordPress website and download it to your desktop so if anything happened to your website or you got hacked or whatever the case might be at least you've got a backup copy that you can just put back up immediately and not have to go through the hassle of reconstructing your website and losing business nearly has a million installations so when it comes to security and backup you can't go wrong with backup and say sometimes I like to think that no file exists and lizards in two places at the same time or no website exists unless it's got a backup in another place if you know what I mean definitely get this one guys highly recommended it's free right now for free plugin that I'm going to recommend in highly recommend if I was to pick one of the top team plugins this is probably and that is really simple is yourself so as I mentioned in the beginning of this video Google did an update and if you haven't got a HTTP it says how certificate on your website now then there's a good chance that you're gonna miss out on Internet traffic because Google will either discourage users from entering your website from the Google search results or it might not even let people go to your website at all to begin with because Google might think of it as a virus website or whatever the case might be so what this plugin does is so long as you've got an SSL certificate on your website this basically forces the SSL certificate to work and if you're having any problems troubleshooting your secr certificate for your website say you contacted WordPress support well then there's a good chance that they'll probably refer you to this plug-in anyway so that will save you heaps of time if you just install it now so obviously it doesn't work if you don't have an SSL so make sure you've got an SSL certificate first and then have the plugin and then it's pretty simple guys it's free get this plugin out of all the plugins I'm recommending get this plugin please the next free plugin I'm gonna recommend is WP fasters cache and so this is a caching plugin and I highly recommend this because have you ever been to a website before and the first time you dude it it took a while to load and then later on you went back to visit their website again and it loaded a lot faster essentially that's sort of what this plugin is all about it enables people or your visitors coming to your website to get a quicker more responsive load time yeah you can't beat a website that loads really fast if anything of a website takes too long to load there's a risk that people are going to just click off your website and go to someone else's website aka a competitor of your website so make sure you download this one guys it's really important next up is WPS hide logon okay so for those who are new to WordPress you might remember at the start of the tutorial when we logged into a WordPress if you take your domain name right and you type and slash WP dash admin that's the standard default to login to any WordPress website so if you know someone else who's using WordPress you could copy and paste the URL and put the slash WordPress – admin and it will take you to their login page now that's a bit weird you don't really want people landing on your login page kind of creepy if you're not I mean so what the spigen does is once you've installed it you can simply go into your WordPress dashboard go into the settings and then you can just change that domain extension to something else it could be your URL comm slash Lamborghini okay the next free plug-in I'm gonna recommend to you guys and WP smush now what the spigen does is that it compresses all your images on your website and again like one of our earlier recommended plugins this adds up to loading faster websites rendering quicker and reduce the chances of people clicking off your website because they were a little impatient because we remember guys we live in an instant gratification era at the moment so very important there you've got some really big high quality pictures on your website like wallpapers this plugin will do its best to compress the file size of those images as small as possible without losing the quality so highly recommended guys and as you can see it has well over 1 million active installs and plenty of positive reviews so if you want your website to load faster this is the plugin for you okay and the next plugin I'm gonna recommend for you guys is to do chat and today our chat is a live chat feature built into your website so if you've you have been to like say web sites like an internet or mobile phone provider web site they usually have like a little pop-up chat box where people from the customer support team can chat to you directly through text messaging similar to Facebook messenger in a way but if you're looking to build a large customer base or you simply want people to be able to contact you on the go while they're visiting your website then this plugin is for you especially if someone is on say a landing page in their thinking about buying something this plugin actually allows you to track where users are on your website and if they're on the landing page for instance where they're just deciding if they're gonna buy the product or not you can actually send them a message and start chatting with them and then they'll be like hey what the hell how did you know is he and then you can have a little conversation and increase your chances of selling them the product if they've got any objections or uncertainty so it's a great plugin guys it's free honey recommends it alright the next free plugin i'm gonna recommend to you guys is Yoast and this is an SEO plugin so what this plugin does is it basically indexes your website for search engines like Google Yahoo Bing and it basically helps to tell people what your website is all about especially when you'll rank on the Google search page so you know when you do like a Google search right and you see the name of the website and the little description underneath it and then some other metadata well basically Yoast lets you have full control of that so you can actually go in and optimize all your pages so if people search certain phrases and then one of your pages on the website comes up on the first page of Google you've got maximum control as to what you're saying if your website's ranked next to other peoples websites that aren't using this plugin then you're probably going to stand out more and want more likely to land that click because your search results going to make a lot more sense in ideally answer the problem or the question that the user was looking for in the search engine versus someone who's just got random text taken from the website that's all over the place hey guys so definitely use Yoast it's really easy to use and last but not least the last top 10 plugin that i'm gonna recommend that is free it's the facebook messenger live chat so this plugin actually does a lot more than the name suggests but essentially what it does is you can connect your Facebook fan page to your website and then you've got your facebook Messenger chat so for people who use Facebook messenger on a day-to-day basis this will be ideal if you're targeting say the Millennial Generation on your website where people can chat away back and forth using their Facebook messenger this plugin also adds nice social icons on your website if you know those 3d pop-up social icons that you might have seen on websites on the side of the screen on the left of the right this plugin also adds a store map using the Google Maps so if you've got a store and you've got branches or locations you can add that into this plugin allows you to show that as well so people can find you I'm just gonna recommend to more honorable plugins that I would say essential rather than being at the top 10 we're already using elemental so I want to show you woo commerce and this plugin basically allows you to have an e-commerce store or sell products online on your website through WordPress so if that's your kind of thing or that's something you're looking to get into in the future definitely get WooCommerce and if you upgrade to the elemental Pro you can take advantage of the WooCommerce plugin by using Elementor to design a beautiful ecommerce store in it of course very easy to do so if that's your thing definitely look into getting to this plugin finally if you've made it this far the last great essential plugin that I recommend for any WordPress website is wordfence again this is another great security plugin that you can get for free and what this security plugin does it's continuously looking in your website and it's looking for any malware or malware injections Trojans all that kind of thing so you can't go wrong when your website has consistently been scanned and monitored not much different to your Norton AntiVirus on your computer or whatever they enter virus system you're using and as we can see here it has over two million active installs in plenty of positive reviews so there you go guys this is more than enough to get you guys started I wish I knew all this when I first started they didn't teach any of us to me at university ironically but hopefully in just a few hours you've got enough value that's far superior than just doing a whole semester trying to code a website there potentially learn and forget about anyway after the semester is over so the power is yours guys so go forth and I wish you the best of luck if you've got any comments suggestions hit me up in the comments section or an email this is only the first of many we post videos to come and obviously as time goes on elements will gets more features WordPress is updated more plugins will come out so I'll say every several months I'll refresh the blueprint and I'll release a more up-to-date version of it as well as anything that I can add more value to you guys if there's any more value I can bring to you guys I will certainly incorporate it into the next blueprint call it blueprint 2.0 yeah so if you're interested in keeping up to date with everything and have all the hard work leverage for you so you can just come to one place to get as much value as possible in the shortest amount of time and hit the subscribe button or sign up to my email subscription you'll get a free cheat sheet on some of the tips and tricks that I wish I knew when I first started the cheat sheet does feature the top 10 plugins as well as a few other goodies that have links to the places you can go to so essentially I've gone out to the far wide corners of the web and brought back all the best bits of information and packaged it all into this one cheat sheet just to save you guys years and years of time that you're going to learn in just a few hours so yeah thank you very much I hope you enjoyed this blueprint I hope you guys end up making some amazing websites and I hope it gets you from A to B so good luck and we'll see you next time take care peace .

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6.) Email Verification & Login Details – 00:09:10
7.) Login Bluehost Portal & Free Domain Privacy 31 Day Trial – 00:09:32
8.) Login To WordPress Dashboard – 00:10:26
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10.) Delete Plugins – 00:11:08
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12.) Delete Pages & Posts – 00:13:22
13.) Change Title & Tagline – 00:14:32
14.) Add Pages To Website – 00:15:36
15.) Edit Navigation Menu – 00:17:06
16.) Set Homepage To Home – 00:23:10
17.) Add Content The Old Way – 00:24:22
18.) Install Elementor Plugin – 00:25:37
19.) Create Your Home Page – 00:30:18
20.) Create Your About Page – 00:58:32
21.) Create Your Services Page Templates – 01:12:11
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