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WIX Website Tutorial : How To Add A Namecheap Domain To WIX

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A complete step by step WIX Website Tutorial on How to add a Namecheap Domain to your WIX Website.

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hey everyone Rebecca here again and in this video I will show you step-by-step how to connect your own domain two weeks for this tutorial I’ve purchased a domain name in Namecheap if you don’t know what that is it’s a domain name register which provides a domain name registration and web hosting you can purchase your domain from GoDaddy you can purchase it from or you can purchase it from any domain name register and web hosting
provider it doesn’t really matter I’ve been using Namecheap to purchase my domain because it’s cheap and very easy to use and does not have upsell tactics to purchase domain from Namecheap first go to I’ll put a link in the description after that you can search for the domain that you want for your website if the domain that you want to purchase is available then you could proceed to payment and you’ll be good to go but if the
domain is not available then you have to look for another domain name cheat runs at about eight dollars and 88 cents per year for calm in $12.98 for dotnet you do have to renew your domain every year okay the domain I’ve purchased from Namecheap to connect with my Wix website it’s the keto diet procom now I’ll jump on over two weeks and show you how you can connect your domain to your Wix website okay so now this is the simple blog site now what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click on settings and click on connect domain once you’ve done that you’ll be sent to the Wix dashboard as you can see domain is selected here in the menu bar now we have two options here we can buy a new domain in Wix or we can connect the domain that we already own we’re going to click on this to connect a domain to connect the domain we have to upgrade our website meaning we have to pay a monthly subscription
we’ll get into that pricing in a moment but for now go ahead and click on select the plan now here you can see all the pricing for the Wix we’re just going to need a basic plan for our landing page which is $13 a month if you decided to pay for a whole year but if you pay monthly it’s $17 per month okay now click on select if you pay for three years two years or for a year then you will get a discount but for now I’m gonna choose monthly and
click on select now go ahead and fill up your billing information and after that go ahead and click on submit purchase button right here once you purchase a plan in Wix here you can search for the domain that you want to purchase for your website but if you want to connect the existing domain here you can see an option which says I already have a domain connected go ahead and click on connect it here quickly type in the domain it’s the keto diet
procom and click on next after that Wix will automatically find our domain is from Namecheap go ahead and click on yes it’s from Nanji now in here you can see the instructions to connect the domain to Wix website you can either go through the instructions or you can simply follow me now once again click on domains on the menu bar here you can see that Wix is still verifying our domain now click on evidence scroll to the bottom and click on name
servers these are our two name servers that we need to copy to Namecheap now we’re going to go to Namecheap if you haven’t signed in go ahead and click on sign in here at the top okay we have a domain here now go ahead and click on manage we’re going to make some changes in here where it says name service now click on Namecheap basics DNS and choose custom DNS here now what we’re going to do is we’re going to enter name service for this weeks so
go back two weeks and we’re going to copy this to Namecheap we’re going to do the same for the second one as well copy it and paste it to name G now save it by clicking on this check mark once we save the custom DNS name servers it may take up to 48 hours to take effect as they say but it usually doesn’t take that long to check whether is verified or not go to click on settings choose domain in the menu here you can see your domain was
successfully connected to your site now I’m going to check on website by clicking on check out your site so here’s our website working perfectly fine so that is how you can connect your own domain to your Wix website if you have any questions you can drop them in the comments if you find value in this video please like the video and if you want more content like this consider subscribing to my channel with the bail notification on and as always
thank you for watching