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Creating a client dashboard is actually much more simple than you thought. Through the use of JotForm, lightboxes, HTML and password protected pages, you can create a flawless backend client dashboard. Client Dashboards could be very exciting and beneficial to clients, but also to you! Client dashboards will help you stay organized and keep your clients on track. I love that you have the ability to do this in Wix.
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what’s going on guys computer i’m da gilbert here and in today’s video i’m gonna show you how to create a client dashboard in your Wix website so this is effective if you have clients and you want them to have access to a special dashboard I’m actually the process of still building mine out for my personal clients so this is pretty cool you kind of get to see that back in view of what everything looks like and how it’ll be how it’ll work it’s
a chilly day here in st. Charles Missouri here at Lindenwood University but I’m getting through it my Arizona skin isn’t quite useless yet there’s not a blood I should say but anyway let’s hop into today’s video but before we do I just wanted to let you guys know don’t forget to check out Wix my website calm as I completely redesigned it and there’s another huge thing I want you to know first off my products are not my products my services are
now listed on my website so I do offer as I mentioned this before full build web design partial web design a professional website review and I had a lot of people asked me if they could just schedule consulting calls with me so now you have the ability to book consulting calls with me as well you can go check out that services page but then one thing I really wanted to be known to you guys is that I am now announcing my free Wix workshop for this
upcoming Monday November 13th at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time so you guys can come to my website here I wish my website calm go to workshops it’s about Wix code it’s a free workshop guys so if you don’t register I’m not sure what you’re doing it’s completely free you have an opportunity to learn about the new Wix code I’m really really insisting on people showing up to the zoom meeting because it’ll be held over zoom however if for some reason I
know there’s people in other countries that you cannot get on the meeting for a legitimate reason I will send you the copy of the recording afterwards but other than that guys go sign up for that free Wix workshop absolutely free I’m offering it to you guys and then I also want you to know I have a very very exciting announcement coming up and I will let you guys know more about that probably on Thursday it’s really exciting guys but let’s get
into today’s video so first things first to create a client login for a client dashboard this is what you have to do you have to first start with creating a little client login button from this button you guys know how to add a button here in Wix you then need to either add a lightbox or pop up of something I did a lightbox so to add a lightbox you can simply go to light boxes over here in the page manager and click Add lightbox I will now pull
up mine that I’m working on so once you get your lightbox you’ve got it all set up you design it how you want and then this right here is using job form so we are actually using job form to make this all possible so what happens is the client puts in their email and then the logic from job form matches the conditions and if the conditions meet that value of the email they will be sent to the client dashboard page where I would recommend putting a
password on it and then they have to enter a personalized password either you create or that they give you based off of you know however you talk and communicate with them once that happens they can then log in to their dashboard but to do that you need to go into job form once you get into a job form account they have free account you can press create create a form I already created mine I’ll show you guys how I did it so we just go to edit form
you’re simply going to come into JA form and you’ll go add form element and in this case you’ll just add email because they’re logging in with their email you can see I already added but the important part of this is you would then go to settings and then you go over here to conditions when you get into that you will then add a change Thank You page condition so what happens is you’ll press that and then it says if here so this is logic so this
is where you have to you know focus in and make sure you get this correct so if email states in this case is equal to target you want the target to be value this is your value so if that email that they enter equal to and then you need to put your clients email in right here so in this case you would need to put whatever your clients email that they provided you so then that way when they type it into that login it says if this email is equal to
this email same email you do this and then you’re gonna click redirect URL after submission and then you put in the URL of your clients dashboard now that’s the logic for the form you would then go to publish and then you could actually click platforms and then you could type right in here Wix and it’ll actually provide you the HTML code to actually put onto that page now let me go back to the editor here when you’re in here you can see I added
the HTML widget which can be found by going to add more down here more and then HTML code and then you would simply paste that code right in here and you can see a population just like this you can change the design of your form in ja form by going to build and clicking this form designer right there once you have your form built out and you have your logic built out you obviously need a client dashboard for your client to go to so you need to
make sure you create a page you can see I started my client dashboard and it has your client dashboard so after they log in you would simply they would simply be redirected to this dashboard in here I’m gonna add things like uploading files because I do web design so that way you could upload your files to me so that way I have them I’m gonna make sure everything that I need as a web designer is right here in this dashboard so that way we can use
this dashboard to communicate it makes it easier on me makes it easier on the client you can see I’m making payments do I just made up an amount right here and then I will be doing that right here now here’s the thing guys you designed this dashboard page exactly how you want I can’t tell you how to design this you need to tailor it to your clients whatever you need you just create a page that looks good that you want your client dashboard to be
individual for each client what you would have to do is you would then have to I would recommend just simply clicking these three little buttons and pressing duplicate every time you add a new client and then making sure you add that condition because you need to add a condition for each client so you would do that again change thank you page add that clients email in here so that way it’s met for that client as well so every time you got a new
client you chant you add a condition and then you would come in here and do that and then I would recommend duplicating each of your clients pages the reason being is when you duplicate a client page you would then skip a bunch of work of redesigning so then you would just simply obviously change the information for that client change the URL for that client but it just makes it easier for you to password protect the page when they’re redirected
you would simply go here click this three little buttons go to page info and then you would go to permissions and then you’d simply click password protection and then you would enter here whatever password you and your client agreed upon and then once that password is entered they can then enter their dashboard straight through that form just like that so guys that’s as easy as it is to create a client dashboard here in Wix I hope this video
helped you guys out if it did drop me a like down below comment if you have any questions at all and subscribe to me here on computer mdf Gilbert in addition guys do not forget to go check out which my website comm get signed up on these weekly Wix tips and also get signed up in RSVP for this free Wix code Wix workshop you’re not gonna want to miss it it’s absolutely free it’s an hour long 7 to 8 p.m. next Monday it’s it’s gonna be awesome we
have a lot of great people on there and then I signed up I should say and don’t forget I also have a big announcement coming out for you guys that you’re gonna love to hear other than that guys thank you very much check out which my website com sign up for that workshop and I will catch you on the next video have a great rest of your day