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Wix vs. Weebly

Today I’m going to be going over two different free web builders Wix and Weebly. There are some pros and cons to both, and there are things to consider for which one is going to work best for you. Weebly is a really good option if you’re building a portfolio or a website. It’s free, it’s really user friendly, and once you figure it out it’s very easy to use. It comes with a lot of themes that you can pick right off the top. You can change your
theme later on which is nice, and you can just start editing them. So Weebly works off a drag-and-drop type system, and it’s really great, it kind of puts those items there for you so it gives you some directions – you can see that blue lines showing me where it’s gonna go. You can delete things, so it does give you some direction. That can also be kind of a con because you don’t have complete control over where things are gonna go, so it kind of
depends how much time you want to put into a project and how customizable you want things to be. So you can edit things you just have to you know you can bold things, you can italicize them, but like I said earlier you can’t just put things wherever you want to go – so if I want to move this you can see I can’t just put it in the middle I have to follow that blue line and see where I have the ability to put it, but I can drag in images I can drag
in videos all that sort of thing I can do with Weebly. So you can get all that good stuff in there. I can add pages, I can delete pages – all that is done up here. I can change the font, so you can still make it your own. You can customize it but only to a certain extent. So Weebly is really good if you want to customize it you want to make it your own but you might not want to spend a whole lot of time on your portfolio. Weebly is a great option
for that, and it saves automatically which is a really great bonus to Weebly, as well. Wix is another really great option when building a portfolio or website. It’s also free, it’s also really user friendly. This one might be more ideal if you want to get more into the design aspect of your portfolio because you have a lot more options when it comes to customizing it. So similar to Weebly you have lots of themes you can choose from or with Wix
you can start with a completely blank template – really up to you. So you can see up here you’ve got all your pages so you can manage those, add new ones, delete whatever you want. Then over here you can add elements – so you can see that you do have a lot more options than Weebly – you might find that overwhelming, you might not it’s really what you’re looking for in a web builder. So if I want to add something it’s drag and drop similar to
Weebly, but the difference is I can place it wherever I want. Those lines are just showing me where it’s going. So I’ll just place it there, and then I can move it around. I can delete things by pressing delete on my keyboard, and I can just type and then I can edit things over here – so make things bigger, things smaller I can bold. But if I add, if I add a button to my page I have this little paintbrush and you can see here if I customize the
design – here’s where it really gets into the nitty-gritty because I can change everything. I can change the fill color, I can change the text. This is where you’ll spend a lot of your time when it comes to Wix. Wix also has a nice feature called Preview, so if I Preview my site, I can see what it would be like if it was live and published. So for instance this button – I can see if the link works so I linked it to Digicomm’s home page, and the
link does indeed work. So that’s a nice feature it has. Wix you do have to save manually though and then just like Weebly you would publish it when you’re ready. If you need more help picking a web builder or you’ve picked one and you need more help figuring out how to use it if you go ahead and go to and go ahead click on that Resources tab and down to Professional Portfolios – you can go ahead and scroll on down, and there is
some more Wix vs Weebly quizzes, comparison charts and some portfolio guides and web builder help.