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Wix vs. Squarespace | The Ultimate Website Builder?

Choosing the right website builder is so incredibly important if this is your first website. Wix and Squarespace are arguably two of the most popular website builders. I put these two options head to head to determine the best website builder!


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hey guys what’s up my name is Cristian welcome back to kraler made where I like to talk about building a brand building websites and getting yourself online so today we have a battle between wicks and Squarespace arguably two of the most popular website builders and both great options to easily build a website without any technical knowledge so which one is right for you that’s what we’re gonna unpack in this video stay tuned if you want more
tips and tricks on building a website and getting online be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell without further ado let’s get right into the video so let’s start out with Wix Wix is a very popular and pretty friendly website builder I think a lot of people tend to choose Wix because they have a free plan you can get started without having to pay anything you can actually build your whole website over on Wix and let it sit there
indefinitely without ever paying a dime now you are gonna need to upgrade to the Wix combo plan I think they call it or I’ll have the name on the screen in order to hook up your domain name and remove the Wix branding please don’t be that person that puts my website dot slash cool website on your business card just it looks unprofessional so don’t be that guy but my point is that you can completely build an entire website on Wix without
spending a dime so you can totally get a feel for the service and decide if it’s right for you without having like a 14-day trial or something where you’re tied in to now with Squarespace you have a 14-day free trial and they don’t make you put in a credit card which I really like so it’s not like oh you better cancel or you’re gonna get charged no they give you 14 days to have a full feel for the service try building websites see if you like it
so in that sense I feel like both of these sites are pretty much equal now Wix is gonna give you a ton of options for customizability when you start creating your website you are given the option of either doing it using a template doing it from scratch or using Wix Adi which will ask you a couple questions and it’s kind of like a wizard to build your website it uses AI and some questions it asks you to pick out a theme for you pick a color
palette based on your profile picture and your logo and other neat features I tried creating a website using both a template that I hand-picked and Wix addy and they both gave me a pretty decent looking website now the Wix editor is so incredibly powerful you can drag and drop things wherever you want and I mean wherever you want like if you want it 1 pixel further to the left you can do that with Wix if you want it to pixels up to the right and
one to the left you can do that with Wix Wix does have a grid it can snap too which is awesome so if you want to Center an object you drag it with your mouse it snaps to that center line and you’re able to just drop it there and know that your item has been centered now the Wix themes really give you plenty of options of good looking designs so you don’t have to do a whole lot of work if you don’t want to however if you build a site from scratch
the possibilities are really endless but this is kind of where I started to have a problem with Wix if you are not super tech savvy I think you’re gonna have maybe a bit of a struggle using the editor it’s not hard don’t get me wrong you’re not gonna need any coding knowledge and you’re not gonna need to be super tech savvy however there are some little aspects you need to think about and kind of have a technical brain to make sure that your
website is set up as you want for example I picked this one template that has a Facebook icon and the word Facebook and Instagram icon in the word Instagram links to social media as is pretty standard on a website now I notice when I double click Facebook I had to highlight the text and click the link button to change the link to my Facebook page so if you’re not really thinking about that you may not think to do that and then it’s linking out to
wix’s Facebook page furthermore I thought wait a second maybe this Facebook icon is a separate element that’s linked it is so I had to double click the Facebook icon in addition to the text and change the link on that icon now I’m a freelance web designer I build websites using WordPress so I have that technical brain to think all right we got a link both of these objects out to the same place but if you’re not thinking like that if you’re just
like I want to drag and drop and build my website and I don’t want to think about the details the little things like that with Wix kind of bother me now another thing I dislike about Wix is the ability to get support Wix has a lot of what I call dark patterns on their support page to basically stop you from contacting them you can contact them they have phone and live chat support so if you search like Wix contact on Google or you do some digging
you will find that opportunity however they go out of their way to make it very difficult for you to get in touch with them and they have the contact us thing as like a little link that you kind of miss if you’re not closely paying attention and they try to deflect you with their help articles now they do have plenty of help articles out there so if you’re just wanting something basic like how to get started they’ve got lots of tutorials and
you’re not gonna have any problems there but it really bothers me when companies try to prevent you from contacting them especially if you’re a paid customer now which does have an app which i think is pretty cool they allow you to publish blog posts directly from the mobile app or even set up your website in the app where other users can download the Wix app add your website in the app and basically see your blog post almost like your website
has its own app which i think is pretty cool it’s maybe a little bit gimmicky but it is cool that Wix offers you that option okay let’s talk about Squarespace my experience at Squarespace was vastly different from what I had at Wiggs if I had to describe the two services and a nut Wix is kind of like Android it’s super customizable and you can do whatever you want with it but the support is a little bit difficult to get you kind of have to just
know what you’re doing Squarespace on the other hand is a little bit less customizable it’s more expensive but support is there to help you every step of the way and everything just works Squarespace does have a drag-and-drop editor and you can move elements around but not to the degree that you can on Wix overall you just have less options on the editor you still have plenty of templates to choose from and Squarespace also has an AI type wizard
similar to Wix addi that could help you pick a template and ask you some basic questions for your website so as far as creating a website they both are basically even so the editor is a little bit more scaled-down you have less options you have less freedom to move stuff exactly where you want it but it’s a little bit harder to screw up than Wix and I think overall you’re gonna have a better mobile-friendly website with Squarespace because
they’re kind of optimizing things and pointing you in a direction that everything is going to scale correctly on mobile versus on Wix I have concerns that if you drag something like to a far side of a page it’s gonna look a little bit funky on mobile when it comes to the available templates I tend to prefer Squarespace I think that their templates look a little bit more modern and less cheesy they scream website builder a lot less and in fact I
go to a lot of Squarespace websites that I think are professionally designed through WordPress or even custom coded and then I dig into the code and I’m like wow it’s a Squarespace site on the other hand I have never seen a Wix site that doesn’t scream Wix to me and I see it immediately and I’m like this has to be a Wix website it looks a little bit amateur and I look in the code and yes it is Wix Squarespace makes it super easy to get help and
support they have a support tab on the top of their website and as soon as you click that there is a contact us button right there and they are not hiding the contact info from you at all Squarespace offers live chat support and email support which is a little bit less satisfactory than Wix because Wix actually offers phone support which is nice if you want to just talk to a person and have them walk you through how stuff works however I am
pretty confident that Squarespace is going to take care of you and they have adequate support and to me it’s almost worth it to be able to actually access that support easily and not have phone support then have phone support with Wix but I have to jump through a bunch of Hoops just to get to it now Squarespace does have a pretty cool app that allows you to edit your website on the go you can publish blog posts and unlike Wix you can also edit
pages and even the site’s logo all from your phone it is really powerful now there’s no public facing app for Squarespace meaning people can’t download the Squarespace app and find your website and read your blog through the app but if you ask me that’s kind of a gimmick anyway and I’m not sure how many users would really do that with Wix for your blog versus just seeing oh hey you got a new blog post on Facebook tapping the link and reading it
and their mobile browser so let’s take just a minute to talk pricing when I recorded this video Squarespace was more expensive than wake’s but in a rare occurrence Wix has actually changed their prices between me filming the video and editing and Wix is actually now more expensive so the base plan on Wix is $17 a month if you pay month-to-month or $13 a month if you pay annually so if we do the math on that that comes out to a hundred fifty six
dollars a year now Squarespace is $16 a month paid month-to-month or a hundred forty four dollars per year meaning that Squarespace is actually cheaper the only exception is if you pay for two or three years of Wix two years you can get it for ten fifty a month of course paid in a two year block or four three years you can get it for $9 a month times 36 but I think the already of users are gonna pay month-to-month or yearly and with that being
said this is just another reason to check out Squarespace so in the end if you are all about customized ability or price is your only concern and you want as many options as possible to build your website Wix is probably going to be right for you however if you want a system that just works with support that’s there to help you all the time and websites done in my opinion end up looking a little more professional in the end I would highly
recommend checking out Squarespace so which website builder do you use I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments down below and if you like this video please do be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell so you don’t miss when I release new videos with that said I will catch you guys next time