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Wix Tutorial for Beginners (2020 Full Tutorial) – Create A Professional Website

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Create your own professional website from home without a degree or any online courses. This tutorial shows you all of the fundamental tools you will need to create a successful website with Wix. This tutorial includes all of the tools on the Wix editor, how to add a custom domain, and some basic SEO to get your website up and running, regardless of whether it is a business, fundraiser, portfolio, or other website purpose. Thanks for watching!



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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Everything in this video is based on information we learned from online resources, our own experience, and books we have read. Please do your own research before making any important decisions. You and only you are responsible for any and all digital marketing decisions you make. Thank your for watching.

creating your first website can be very intimidating which is why this video is a full in-depth tutorial to show you all of the tools needed to create your first website using Wix so I’m gonna make a bold claim here and say that if you watch this entire video if you watch from beginning to end and understand everything I say and everything I show you in this video then you will have all of the tools required to make a successful website so
when I say successful that could mean a bunch of different things depending on what you’re trying to do with your website if this is a business successful could be gaining more leads or making more sales online it could be reaching out to more customers and marketing to them so they see who you are maybe they call you up and want to do business with you if you are doing a fundraiser and you want a website for your fundraiser this is a great way
to look professional out there and show the world you know more about your fundraiser have them more likely to either volunteer or participate or donate money or whatever you’re trying to do on the flip side maybe you are doing something more personal maybe you’re making a website for your resume or for a portfolio of different art pieces that you’ve made or even more personal than that maybe you’re making a website for your wedding or something
and so whatever you’re doing this video I want to show you all the tools you need to make a professional website to impress other potential clients impress people that might want to hire you impress your friends that came to your wedding so without further ado let’s get into this video and start creating your website now one last thing I want to mention though is if you get lost at any point I recommend pausing rewinding and re-watching and if
that’s still a little bit too fast I know sometimes I speak a little quickly I recommend going down in the settings so there’s a little settings a gear icon somewhere on the YouTube player and play it back a little bit slower that might be helpful for you if that doesn’t answer your question comment down below and I’ll do my best to help everyone ok so I’m starting off this week’s tutorial on this landing page right here this is where you would
end up if you click the link in the description below so what I want to do is just obviously click start now and it’ll bring you through and say yes we’re going to create a site creating our first site under our new account and then it asks you what type of site you want to create this is self-explanatory but as you can imagine there are endless options for why you’d want to create a site so maybe this could help you decide exactly what your site
is for it’s very important to have a direct purpose for your site or maybe it’s going to be a good idea to help you you know think of other sites that you want to do after this one so we are going to say business but obviously if you are looking for a personal portfolio of photography’s type stuff if you have events or fundraisers you’re trying to schedule there’s so many different options with Wix doesn’t matter which one you you click here
ultimately you can choose from any website you want later on and they can all end up back at the same website no matter how you click in the very beginning so then we have the Adi creator or we have create your own website I’ve heard a lot of other people say this as well and I agree I think it’s very important to create your own website for a lot of reasons the first one I think and the foremost reason is so that in the future if anything
happens on your website anything goes wrong or if you want to change anything you know how your websites built you know how it’s designed even if you’re just starting from a template not totally from the ground up but you know where things are and you know a lot more about your website whereas with the ad I’m you don’t really know what’s going on you might not know where things are what’s got like you know you want to make sure that you’re as
thorough as possible and you really understand it so that’s why I would say choose a template and if you go there are endless templates there’s so many different options and this is what I said before where if you choose business but you’re like yeah you know it maybe maybe you you know restaurants more like food less like business you don’t want to show off how much are you really you know it doesn’t matter whatever category you want you can
choose from the templates on the side and this is really the only difference that that original choice made so I recommend before going through all the templates here you want to go through the left side and try to narrow it down as much as possible of course any one of these don’t worry about the pictures so example like this one doesn’t have to be a relationship coach this could be like a bike repair shop and you could easily replace all the
pictures it just is to show you the general layout in the general color scheme of these you can change everything once you open it up but this should just give you a head start so you want to pick one as close to what you want to have in the end as possible so you limit the changes that you need to make so let’s just say this one right here this one actually looks I like this one this one looks pretty good so we can go and save you to decide you
know is it actually good this is what we so it gives you sort of a simulated experience of what this website would look like so you have a big picture right there and you’ll notice most of these websites are sort of like a strip design so you scroll down and you keep having these banners so right here we have like a big light blue one a big white one above that we have a big picture and then you have your header on the top and on the very bottom
you usually have some kind of footer with like a map but you don’t have to have a map there and a lot of times there’s like a Contact Us thing so that’s very common for a website layout almost all of these you’ll notice have that very you know a very similar layout so if we view this one you’ll see again they have that strip layout so you scroll down and they have like the next strip and then the next strip this one I really like because you
scroll past these pictures and they kind of stay in place I think that’s a pretty cool look right there it’s a lot of it’s relatively modern a lot of newer websites are doing that the thing with websites is they get outdated fairly quickly so it’s really important you know to not make a website that looks like it was made in 2015 if you’re making it in 2020 okay so I think out of these websites like I said it doesn’t matter which one you choose
I’m just going to say this one right here and you click Edit so once you get into edit then it’ll open up the website and it’s going to look exactly like the template all the text is going to say like you know generic put something here so see it’s just it’s generating it right now okay so once you get into your actual website this is where you can really start to make the magic happen now before we start moving anything around I want to just
give you guys a general tour of this site what it’s like to use it and just show you where the different tools are that you have when you’re trying to do stuff so starting off with the very top so over there you’ll see the page and you can choose which page you have so you’ll notice that across the top as with most websites you have different pages and if you click on those they don’t actually bring you to the pages so if you’re starting off you
might be frustrated not knowing how to go to different pages so you do that up here in the page tab and you can go down and click on any page you want there’s also some other options down there with settings and notifications but for the most part we’re just going to use this to change different pages so if we want to go to the services page you just click on that it brings you over to services there are other ways to do this as well if you go
over to the top little bubble here two menus and pages if you go up to site menu you can click on whichever page you’re on or whichever page you want to work on this also gives you more options than the top so the top you’ll see this is just a quick way to navigate between pages but this little top bubble right here the menus and pages option you can actually go and hide pages you can show pages you can I’ll get into a lot of that later on but
for the most part what you really need to know is the top bar is how you get to different pages then next we have this little pretty clearly a desktop icon and a phone icon so the good thing about Wix is you don’t have to worry about making a separate mobile site if you just generate your desktop site and then you click on switch to mobile view it’ll show you what it looks like on a phone and then you can of course scroll through and sorry let’s
skip that so then you can scroll through and you can edit this on a simulated phone to really decide how you want it to look on a phone you can move blocks up and down you can change things and it’s going to make it very easy to make a mobile site because honestly I think it’s something like 50% of the Internet is on phones right now honestly it’s probably even more by the time you’re watching this I know on YouTube my videos I think it’s like
60% of views are from mobile devices and so you know it’s very very very important to have a high quality mobile site okay but for the most part I recommend doing most of your editing on the regular site the desktop site just because it’s going to be easier to edit in a larger format here so next we have site right there now site you can save it you can preview it you can publish it and a couple other options I don’t recommend publishing yet
because you want to make sure your website is all you know ready to go of course if you do publish it now it doesn’t matter because you know you’re not going to rank in Google that the second you publish it so nobody’s going to find it so it’s really not a big deal but just to keep things simple and safe I usually just hit save and then whenever you’re ready you can click preview and it will show you what your website looks like in real life so
this time you can actually click on the tabs on the top you can click on different things and so it’s like services there you can go and learn about you know whatever your website would be like for the end-user now one quick tip here I do recommend that if possible I know it’s not practical everybody I recommend viewing your website on as many different screens as possible so you might not realize it at first but maybe your laptop screen is very
different from like an old monitor link an old computer monitor which is very different from someone else’s TV and it doesn’t or a projector for example you don’t know where people will be watching your website and so the first website I designed I actually had a problem when I released it and then I looked on a different desktop that had a smaller monitor and my logo was cut off and it looked really bad and I realized at that time that different
aspect ratios don’t always scale your website correctly and so you might have your website be cut off on either side so there are margins here that should help you with that regardless I recommend you at least take a look at it on as many different screens as possible just to avoid any issues because you don’t know what people are using to look at your website ok so next we’re going over to settings and this is where we’re going to diverge a
little bit but we’ll come back and so I want to say connect domain I think this is something that’s very important because if you are any real genuine website if you’re trying to be serious about this and if it’s a business if it’s a portfolio or any anything that anybody would look at in any sort of professional setting so basically anything that’s not like a high school project I would say you pretty much need your own domain because there’s
nothing tackier than having a website that’s like Mike two six seven nine Wix comm slash my first website you know so like I just think that’s not really a good look so I always go and connect the domain it’s really not that expensive there are plans for Wix where you can upgrade to premium for like fifteen twenty dollars a month they’re not that expensive if you have a business that’s relatively small you know as an expense for your business and
then having a domain you can easily get them for like fifteen or twenty dollars per year so you do have two different options you can buy a domain name from Wix I don’t recommend that I recommend shopping around on some different websites there’s Google domains personally I like Squarespace I think it manages it the best it’s also pretty safe so I use Squarespace then you can go to connect your own domain before we do that though it’s important
that we upgrade to premium so here it’s going to prompt us and say select a plan so I said before I think it really is important to select a plan and not just use the free version of Wix for two reasons one so you can have a domain and two so you don’t have Wix ads popping up on the top and bottom of your website saying this was made with a free version of Wix you guys should try out Wix I think that’s just a distraction and it’s very
unprofessional so selecting a plan there are a lot of different plans and I’m gonna be honest I’m not gonna dive through each of these because they do change quite a bit actually so unlimited looks like a pretty decent one right here Pro they say is the best value so you have to look and say like are you actually going to use an events calendar are you actually using like a professional logo generator or do you just care about you know whatever
here this says free domain for a year now trace back to what I said before I don’t recommend getting the Wix domains so if you buy from them you’re locked in through them which means that you’re paying whatever their price is if you go and buy through someone else then you don’t have those two intertangled and I think it’s overall better to buy from like Squarespace or or Google domains or GoDaddy there you know there’s other options out there so
go check them out compare prices maybe Wix is the best one for you but if you go with free domain for a year you’re locked in they own your domain and once your website’s really steamrolling then suddenly they might jack up the price and you’re screwed so for this one I’m just going to select pearl I think that’s a fair option for me so next it asks you how long you want to subscribe and you can choose monthly yearly every two years or even three
years so there are many different business philosophies about what how you should spend your money early on on a business what I always do is I always choose three years when I start a business because I would rather not plan for my business to fail I would rather plan for it to be successful for three years and ultimately save money along the way of course for this video right here because this is not an actual website that I’m actually using
this is only for video purposes I’m just gonna choose monthly and cancel it after next month if you have something like an event coming up or a fundraiser and it’s maybe a one-time thing a year from now or maybe you want to make like a wedding website or something then you may want to just choose yearly that makes perfect sense and then cancel it after a year so we put in the plan and we can then go and here it says what domain do you want and
they want you to buy it from Wix now if you go down you see the tiny blue on the bottom you can say already have a domain connected we are going to do that so we’re gonna connect our domain okay so then when it asks for your domain name this is where we have to go off again on a small other tangent and get our domain so getting your domain I recommend Squarespace like I said you can use anything I’m not sponsored by Squarespace I do not care
Squarespace please sponsor me in the future but yeah I really don’t care what you guys use so use whatever you want shop around and so you just type in your domain so I’m gonna say o PR travel that’s like you know just some other channel I’ve been working on a little bit as a you know a pet project so right here it happens to be available $20 a year that’s like dollar 50 months not that expensive so we are going to get that so we’ll go there and
we’ll continue to checkout so just like that we bought our own domain Squarespace wants you to make it on Squarespace so if you’re interested in making your website on Squarespace I will maybe make a video about that in the future but not today we’re doing Wix so right here we have OB our OB our travel comm and it’s going to find our domain partner so we have to log in and do all this stuff okay so bear with you guys we’re almost done
with this part I know this is a little bit technical but this is very important when you’re making your website so the next thing you want to do is come back to Wix you want to go and you know type in what your domain is it brings you here and then you need to go and pack and login and go to your domain DNS slash name servers settings okay so if we go back to Squarespace okay guys sooo so bear with me we’re almost through this the next thing we
want to do is click on the domain that we now have and we’re almost there and like we said we want to go down to advanced settings and from advanced settings you can change the DNS which it showed you before and then we can go to name servers and use custom name server and the name server that we want we are going to copy from over here so we have right there and we’re going to copy and paste that we’re going to add it and then I think we should
be good so let’s try it out now so verify connection it will be trying to connect it and then we should be okay back to the editor the next option over is tools now tools has a few different options here you have your toolbar which is your white block on the right side you can make it appear or disappear it’s helpful if you’re trying to place an image or a shape or text I don’t really use it that much though so I think I’m gonna just kind of turn
this off and then we also have rulers you’ll see on the top and the right side you have a ruler so this is helpful if you’re trying to add like a line going across if you want to line everything up horizontally and you can also look at how many pixels away it is from whatever the zero mark is so if this is good for vertical if you want to add like a halfway mark or maybe on thirds so that way if you have like multiple things lined up they’re all
perfectly in the center perfectly in the third and what you want to do then is you want to know how wide it is like 980 I believe is the width so for this we could just say I believe half of 980 s 490 so you’d say that and that’s gonna be right in the middle now if you don’t like these lines you can go and click on them and then hit delete so just click on the line tap delete I accidentally made a second one right there tap and delete and it just
is really easy to utilize these to arrange things and make it look better and more balanced on your website so the other one is gridlines which is going to be as you can see those dotted lines going vertically and horizontally the vertical ones are helpful like I said before because different websites or different monitors rather have different aspect ratios so it’s good if you have a smaller screen as long as everything is within those margins
you should be you know pretty well off then we have snap objects which is going to be essentially going back to those lines I showed you if you snap objects onto those lines again it’s a lot easier to line things up then we have dev mode so development mode is going to be good for some advanced stuff if you want to have some really advanced like coding type stuff built into this it’s good that you can go into dev mode we’re not going to do that
in this video maybe some advanced SEO stuff might be there if you want to add some advanced widgets in here that aren’t in the widgets you know the app store right there then you can do that their help is useful so you can go to the Help Center if you have any questions that you know are not answered in this video or I can’t answer in the comment section you know if something’s going wrong it’s good to go to the Help Center and talk to Wix
support or go through the FAQ and find out you know what other people said about that then we have keyboard shortcuts there will be a few things depending on what your website is meant to do there’s gonna be a couple things that you do repetitive or like pretty repeatedly and so for a larger website it might be useful to set up some keyboard shortcuts and see what ones you know already exist for example so we’re going to do that right now then we
have upgrade and that’s pretty much all we have on the top bar now on the left side these little bubbles this is where we really get into tools we use when we’re building the website so I showed you menus and pages earlier now essentially what this does is it shows you all the different pages across the top right here you can go to different ones and you can rearrange them so you can click and drag this one you know down farther and it’ll
rearrange where they show up there so about it’s now over there and you can also hide some so you could say you know I don’t want good to know to be popping up so we can go and hide that and maybe it’s something that you still want and instead of having it on the top right there you can have you know something on your homepage so let’s go back to our home page you can have something on the home page like link to it for example so that’s useful if
we say like yeah you know what we want like we want this button right here to link to so you go and click the link button and you say you want to link it to a page that might be like a hidden page right so we could say good to know so that way we don’t have good to know on the top but it’s still page it exists if people want to click on a button and it’ll link them over that way so later on in this video I will show you a few other things you can
do within this little menu right here including some SEO type stuff and I’ll show you how to collect email lists if you’re trying to you know grow an email list with this if it’s a blog or if otherwise you want to have some membership pages I’ll show you how to do that later on but continuing on just for basic website building purposes you can add a different page background since we have a template I don’t really feel they need to do that and
then the little plus button right here is where we can actually add most of our stuff so you can add different text you can add make sure when you add text another thing that a lot of other people say this as well in the SEO community you want to make sure that you’re not using too many different fonts because when you load the website you don’t want look you don’t want to be loading a whole bunch of different fonts it’ll slow your website down
you won’t rank as well in Google and also you want to make sure that you you know your website looks clean you want to have a set format try to pick maybe two to three different fonts at most for your website honestly I’ve made websites was only one fund and it works out really well in most cases especially because you want to have a lot of pictures and you want to have you know a decent amount of text there but you shouldn’t be having all kinds
of different like text art going on I don’t really do that much then we have gallery so if you want to add like a gallery there where you have like one picture and a whole bunch of other ones people can click on useful especially if a portfolio website some vector art I don’t really use those shape is very useful for things like you see right here this little line down there you might be wondering like how do they get that well it’s technically a
shape is what is what they’re using as a line right there then some interactive stuff which can be useful you can have things pop up when you hover over them I recommend that if you’re trying to figure out a way to you know make things simpler sometimes it’s nice just to have like a few pictures and then when you hover over it it’ll pop up with some text and show people about it a little more interactive keeps people more engaged with your
website maybe keeps it a little more aesthetic and a little more interesting so continuing down we have buttons right there buttons are extremely important but essentially that’s just a shape with some text that is linked to either another website or another page and again one thing that I mentioned before and it’s extremely important when you’re making a website is you need to remember what the big picture or what the purpose is of your website
so if your website is supposed to you know like gain leads so if you are a website and you’re like a consulting company everything on your website should be pointing people and kind of funneling them in the direction of contacting you and doing business with you because ultimately the purpose of a website for a business is to you know increase your revenue add more dollars and add more value to your company and so if you have buttons going off
the wrong way and people you know end up at dead ends they end up it like the about me page and then like well then what they have to go back home and like reen a v8 to find out how to contact you know what you want to do is wanna you want to make sure you have buttons and utilize them you know properly so that you have people you know direct it in the wherever you want them to go on your website so for this website in particular because we’re
using you know James consulting whatever this option is right here which actually let’s change that to my consulting so this is our header we’re just gonna change out to Mike Mike consulting okay so my consulting whatever I don’t know and so what we want to do is you know that’s gonna direct people at home but on every single one of these page so if they look at projects and then what do they do okay they saw your projects but maybe what you want
them to do then is you could have like a button say like you know learn more or something and have them directed to another page that would somehow allow them to contact you another option is down in your footer right here something you could add is a form so it’s a good way that you know I like to have a form on the bottom of every single page to make it as easy as possible for people to contact me so to add a form what you want to do is go over
to add right there go down to forms and then choose a contact form so you know there’s you know obviously if you’re not looking for contact you looking for like payment or whatever lots of different options but contact form is probably what I would recommend for like your consulting company if you want to get like a quote or something so you go over there and you want to drag that down into your footer now sometimes it’s going to not place it in
your footer so right there it did it again where it put it up in your main body and then what you want to do is drag it down and then at some point it’ll say move to footer so I think right there if we click and drag this it says move to footer so we’re gonna go and say yes move that to the footer okay so then it’s in the footer which means that on every single page people check out this will be on the bottom obviously we don’t want it looking
like this I would touch it up and make it look better but something you can do then is go and you know manage the fields so if you don’t want first name last name email phone address you know some stuff like that you might not need you know depending case-to-case you can either delete things or you can go and edit what they say you can make different things required or not required so you could say like name you could say company you could say
email phone and then just like you know leave us a note or what’s your website or something like that especially if you’re doing like an SEO agency this would be a great place to you know set up something that says like tell us what your website is well we’ll check it out and we’ll give you like a free you know listing of everything that you need to fix so some other things you can add to make your website look better of course videos are
something that’s really useful and very powerful you see them all the time with different ads you know most companies have lots of videos on their websites and you can add videos from or playlists from YouTube or Facebook or dailymotion you know lots of different options there you can also add music to your site maybe that’s better if you’re like a creator a creative artist there you can have social type stuff I recommend adding you know
different social things so maybe like a Facebook feed or we can go down and find like an Instagram feed and add that you could showcase some of your stuff most of the stuff on here is free every now and then you find some widgets that you do have to pay for so this one is going to be Instagram right so no problem there and you’re gonna have to obviously go to settings and really configure this make sure it’s going to like your feed and everything
works properly and again go to preview and check it out and make sure it works okay so I’m not gonna connect my Instagram right now and obviously like I said I’m not making this website for real I would spend a lot more time making it look better and make sure this is not unlike the you know different projects page unless it’s like a portfolio or a social media growth site I don’t know whatever you’re doing obviously case-to-case is very
different so make sure you don’t just like plop in an Instagram feed randomly like that but that’s an example of how you could integrate some social media on here and I could also be a good way if maybe one of your purposes on your website is to direct people over to a different platform like Instagram you could put in your feed right there and have people you know clicking on it and getting over and following you on Instagram or subscribing on
YouTube or whatever you’re doing okay so let’s go back to the home page here and another thing that you see a lot of websites have and it’s a really powerful tool is if you go down to a lightbox now lightbox is essentially going to pop up based on some trigger on your website it might be after a certain amount of time on your website it might be right away it might be when they click on something you can have different triggers but it’ll pop up
fullscreen and it’ll tell you you know like hey thanks for checking us out are you interested in making more money on your website if so you know contact us right now and while you’re on their website we’ll go and you know take a look at your website and let you know you could do better you know so something like that you can get free quotes you can have you know whatever you want for your website you can have something pop up and force them to
either click X or read it and then click OK which is a good way a good call to action on your website to achieve whatever your goal is when people visit so if you just do this you click on it and essentially this is going to you’ll drag it wherever you want obviously probably just gonna be in the middle of your homepage would be a decent spot so your lightbox has a lot of different options you can manage different light boxes if you have multiple
ones so you can also set the triggers and the triggers could just be like open as soon as you get on the website right so that’s what it is right now just like a welcome one as soon as it pops up you can have it showing up on different pages of your website you can change out how they X out of it if there’s a close button I can X out or like a literal X up there or whatever and so that’s basically all you really need to know about that managing
lightbox is if you don’t like them so I accidentally added to right now you can go up and delete one of them and that’s gonna be up in your site menu so yes let’s delete that one and so then two light boxes on the little first bubble right there you see you do have one and you can go in here and this is where you can get into your lightbox editor so we’re gonna get out of lightbox editing mode and bring us right back to just regular website mode
so this would be a good time to go and make sure that you saved whatever you’re doing and if you’re interested I know before I said I don’t really publish until the end but sometimes maybe in this situation I’ll hit publish now and I just want to make sure that I like the domain connected properly I want to make sure that everything looks good it’s working properly and so there right there it says yep is that what we want and that’s that should
be it so let’s just say done now if we just go over to OB our travel comm it pops up with our website and you can see everything looks pretty good you’re able to scroll around and click on it and it looks already but sorry I look pretty good even though we didn’t customize anything yet we didn’t change any text we have a website with our domain so some other stuff you can do on this if you go down to the Wix app market I kind of mentioned this a
few times before but there are paid things there are free things and you can have you know different social media integrations there’s I recommend going through this and just checking out what there is there’s different forums bookings you know chats and stuff like that there’s endless options you have with this and obviously you know it’s very powerful to use these now I’m not going to go through every single one right now and show you guys
which ones I like and don’t like I think when you’re making your website I recommend you scroll through check it out maybe try a few of these out and see if they work for you but one thing that you’ll notice that this does come with is sort of a different app is the chat app and this can be good or bad depending on how big your team is and how often you will be you know monitoring this now obviously you’re not going to be sitting on the website
or on the WIC site on your laptop all the time unless you know you get a lot of chats non-stop in which case maybe you want to do that but for a lot of people you might not be watching the chat unless you have the app on your phone so I recommend getting the app on your phone turning notifications on and even then if you’re not quick to reply if you’re not somebody that’s gonna be looking at that every time your phone buzzes maybe it’s not good
for you because honestly I think it would almost be better to not have a chat on there than to have a chat if somebody’s going to type it in and expect a quick reply and on your website waiting for five minutes no one replies they’re gonna think like does anyone does anyone even monitor this website this is even a real site anymore and you’re gonna actually have a negative impact on the viewer so make sure you only use the chat if you’re actually
going to reply quickly if you do it can be extremely powerful and a great way to engage the people on your website to you know get them to again funnel in to whatever your end destination is for them whether that is some kind of lead you if it’s like an email list whatever it is that’s a great way to capture people so what you want to do then is you can go to settings for your breaks chat you can have it pop-up you can have look you know a few
quick automated replies right away you can say like hi welcome to a website this is this is Mike or something like that you know so you could also have people say like you know if they send you a message you can say hey I’ll you know you back let me know your email is and you could do that so different ways you could do it I’m not going to go through that too much right now but just know that if you don’t like the chat what you can do is you
could just click the delete button so just click on it and click delete and it goes away from your website then you don’t have to worry about that now what I recommend next is go down and this is where you should start now that you know where the tools are start editing all the text start editing everything redirect different buttons redirect different links and let’s go through that and just I’ll give you a quick you know rundown of how you do
that so let’s just say you know these three blocks right here let’s say we want to change them so you click you could double click on any one of them and start changing the text and on the right side you see that little box there this is where you can change the font this is where you can change like a theme for that change the size make it bold you change the color or if you want to have like say like couple words that want to link to something
you just click on this little chain link and the link of course backlinks are extremely important for SEO on websites these days so you want to make sure that as much as possible you’re taking you know different phrases and different buttons and linking them back to other parts of your website you want to make sure that you have you know so if this right here is talking about services the button should leave to services if you have something that
says like you know we do like consulting or we do something else maybe each of those should link out you know have them highlighted and underlined and have them linked out to different pages on your site so as many links as possible that obviously as many links makes sense you don’t want just non-stop links on here but you want to try to use links as much as you think you you should now you’ll notice with the links you have different options here
so you can have it linked to a web address a page on your website an anchor and I’ll show you what that is in a second the top or the bottom of the page you can have it linked to a phone number an email so you could say contact you know and if it’s a casual contact way where it’s not through a forum it’ll just you know open up their Gmail or whatever in another tab and have them send it to your email address so just another way they can contact
you that’s a little bit like off the books is not on your you know on Wix as much not manages by Wix it’s just a link to have them mail to you you can also choose if it’s opening in a new window or the current window some things make sense current window some want to be a new window so I know I said I’d talk a little bit more about anchors now this template does not come with anchors some do some don’t but essentially what an anchor is you can
think about like a Wikipedia page you know how on the top maybe on the top left usually they have like an outline of everything on that page and they’re clickable links so you click on maybe like references for example and it Scrolls down automatically to show you the references section so that’s an anchor so if we want to have something up top here and maybe like contact us is the thing so contact us if they click on that it’ll make them scroll
down automatically to the bottom right here to contact us for a portion of your page actually right here it does have an anchor right there I didn’t realize they had one here so if we go to our website and we click on contact it’ll automatically scroll you down to contact us so if you want more anchors than just that one there what you do is go over to add right there go down to more at the bottom and then you can have anchors so if we go to more
then you have anchors right there so you can add an anchor you can also add anchor menus maybe you like at the top of your page so you can click and have people like quickly scroll down to different portions of your page and again if you don’t like the anchors just like everything else here well first of all you can click and drag it and move the anchors if you want it to scroll to like right there or you could rename it and if you don’t if you
don’t like your anchor for some reason if it came with an anchor that you don’t think you need you can just click the delete button it goes away and if you decide you know like oh crap I didn’t mean to delete that you hit ctrl Z and it will bring it right back and of course undo and redo or at the top if you don’t use the hotkeys another way to do that and while we’re up here I forgot to mention before the zoom out and reorder so I told you how
everything’s kind of in like a strip type design or not all of them but many of them are so you’ll see right here you have different strips so if you want to rearrange them you can click on one of them and you can you know reorder up or down and you can change you could duplicate a section if you want to have something kind of similar to that below it just more options if you zoom out and you can also get a good idea of what your page the overall
flow of your page is you know by zooming out like that I recommend doing that now I keep talking about SEO and essentially for those of you don’t know if you’re very new to this it’s search engine optimization so the majority of people going to your website a lot of the new traffic will come through Google so people will search you know like local consulting or lawn mowers near me or something like that and Google goes around and looks at all the
different websites not all it wants for every search of course but they have you know crawlers that go around over the months and find you know what your website is find out what it’s about and they try to learn you know what category you are so that when people search they can connect the you know the searcher to the correct website or the most the best website for them so you want to make yourself as visible as possible as easy as possible for
Google to find you and refer you to new searches so one of the things you want to do like I said backlinks are extremely important and another one is you want to make sure that your text on here is you know easy for Google to see so example you don’t want to just have pictures with like text in the picture what you want to do is have a picture and then maybe a description below that that you know clearly explains and use that uses the proper
keywords of the picture so that you know Google can just look at the words and know what the picture is and maybe within those words you can also have a backlink to something else on your website so obviously SEO is a huge topic that’s not really the scope of this video but I just wanted to point that out right now on a page like this I would recommend don’t just have it something like that corporate strategy one hour $170 right you would want to
have something below that that explains what that is what is $170 what does it mean to get corporate scratch strategy consulting right so lots of different things with that but essentially if more SEO just quick little rundown I kind of mentioned this before if you go to menus and pages go to site menu just a real quick thing you can do on each of your pages is you can go to SEO for google of course and go down and just fill out all this stuff so
you want to you know give a quick description of what it is you want to you know name it properly you want to make sure that you have the best URL to make it as user friendly and obvious as possible so like your services page shouldn’t be like oh be our travel comm slash like JQ SC whatever like you don’t want that you want it to be services or if you have something else it could be like services – you know new or whatever it is you want it to
make sense that people can look at that and be like oh yeah I know what that website domain is it’s not not a shady website Google finds it easily and everything works out really well so I do recommend going into the SEO type stuff here so next I mentioned how to collect an email list on Wix and what I recommend doing is creating a membership page on your website so we can do is you can hide your page and I showed you how to do that if you click
here and you go to hide or show in this case because it’s already hidden so you click hide and then what you do is you go into settings and then I’ll bring you up to here and as you go over to the right you keep clicking to the right until you see permissions and within permissions you can make it a Members Only page now if you have a Members Only page people have to be a member in order to see your page so I believe this page right here if we go
over to SEO we’ll see what the link is for this one this one looks like it’s OPR travel comm slash file share that doesn’t sound like a good one so we’ll say member right so that way when we save and publish our website so let’s publish it right now and I’ll show you what that looks like so here you’ll see when somebody goes to OPR Travel comm slash member they have to either log in or sign up and they make it easy with Facebook or Google that
way people you know you’re collecting the emails and they’re able to obviously working through this they’re able to unsubscribe if they don’t like your emails and overall it’s just a very easy way to capture emails with it’s not the best way you know there are other ways out there for different uses if you wanna use MailChimp or something like that but that’s just an easy way to do it with Wix right here if you’re using everything just getting
started off great way to get started with emails and just memberships in general okay so let’s say you want to add a page and start totally from scratch on your new page or just say you know your maybe your template doesn’t have enough pages here so what you do is you go up to menus and pages and then right on the bottom you can add a page and this is a really good way to you know I’ll show you guys some of the things you can really do when you
start a new page so of course you can name it we’re just gonna leave it named as new page just because it doesn’t actually matter but you can see right there it pops up on the top horizontal menu if you don’t want it up there you can hide it and hiding it just means that it’s not up there of course you can still access this page you just have to get to this either by the URL or from a link on some other button on maybe a different page right so
there are a lot of different options you can do with this but let’s just say that you know we’re good we’re gonna do a standard new page right here then you can go and add some things now I showed you a lot of different things you could add before but when you’re starting off like I said before is you know the general strip design is pretty common so I recommend going and adding strips to this and you may even want to zoom out when you add these
strips to rearrange them and make everything look as good as possible so let’s just say welcome I don’t know let’s say your brand said we want that you can click and drag these and it’ll just put them on the page you can then say if you have this strip right here you can change the strip background so that’s probably the next thing you want to do so you don’t have I don’t know whatever that is going on maybe it doesn’t fit with your consulting
company so you have lots of different backgrounds you can also upload your own images and so there are really endless options for what you want to do here you can go and upload media as you see right there also I didn’t mention before but you can actually upload your own media and access it in a couple different ways so over here you have some stuff that you can upload your media you can get it from Facebook Instagram Google Drive they make it
very easy and very accessible to bring in your own media use some free Wix images use some free Wix videos on analysis if we want a video somewhere and you could easily use a video as a background for one of these strips as well and they look pretty good sometimes sometimes it’s nice to have a video playing so like for example like Santro mediacom you go there and we do have a video playing right away so it takes a little bit longer to load like
that but it may be captivating depending on you know who your audience is and what you’re looking for so this is a website that is not really up and running right now it’s under maintenance we’re kind of redesigning it a bit but regardless you can add videos and add them to your backdrop or your strips or whatever you want and so for this one you can do a lot here you can say behaviors you can have it play like immediately you can have a play
when people click on it you can have it loop you can you know lots of different options with videos here and of course you can also link YouTube videos as well so if you don’t want it let’s just tap delete and that gets rid of it and let’s just say we want to add some more strips all right so let’s say you want to add more strips to this one obviously that’s probably not a sufficient page right there with our trashy little footer on the bottom we
probably actually shouldn’t have it it looks really bad like that I’m just going to delete that for now so get rid of the forum the forum can look really good there like I said but obviously don’t want a white you know gaudy looking thing like that so let’s say we want to add more strips so again you go back to add you go down to strips and you can find out you know like maybe you want testimonials right now maybe you want something with three
columns let’s double click that and it’ll pop up below where we want so that’s the next strip and then again we have you can change the size of it you can drag it down a little bit add some white space we can add it to the footer if we wanted so lots of different options but something like this is what I was talking about before where this would be something that would be a really good interactive thing so you can have like a picture of a person
there or maybe some kind of like name or like I don’t know whatever it is and if people hover over it so maybe if these are like the people that work with you you could have like their name and a picture and if people hover over it maybe this little thing would pop up so great way to make that an interactive and so if you want to add Interactive’s that would actually I would delete those and replace it with an interactive it’d be easier to do
that but you can go in to add and again do that in add from interactive like I showed you before that would actually be a hover box by the way so this is actually what I meant so what I would do is I would delete those three boxes there and I would have something like this one where you have you know this is what it normally looks like and then when somebody hovers over it so click on the hover tab there and you can edit whatever it says when
they hover over it so just a cool way so that you know when people are moving around it’s a little bit more interactive and a little bit more is happening so another thing I showed you a little bit earlier and let’s just say right now you want to change this text of course I recommend again having this in the same few fonts when you add different strips they kind of come with their own fonts so we’ll just say like Mike brand right we’ll just Mike
Oh spilled that really wrong Mike brand whatever it’s my bro and Mike brand and let’s just say that we want this whatever I don’t know whatever and we want it to link back to another page which is a great way to have things you know flow throughout your website you go to link there like I showed you before and then you can have it either link to like I showed you you know top of the page documents anchors whatever or like we’re gonna do right now
we’re gonna link it over to the services page if people like it they can go check out the services right so this is essentially how you would start generating a new page you know just strip by strip that’s typically how I would do it just insert as many strips as you want change the colors of them so I showed you how to change a picture background this one I think might just be a color background so you could change the strip background and
choose you know again they’re probably gonna offer like some different pictures you can use you can go with color you can go with video you know lots and lots of different options for the backgrounds so something else that is very important and I mentioned before you know if you have a picture and let’s just drag this over here we have a picture there I said that it was important to have captions but sometimes you can’t have a caption and then
sometimes you know what you want to do instead and actually each probably do this for every picture but if you can’t have a caption at least do this go into settings and go down and tell Google what the image is so you add some alt text there and essentially it makes it easier for Google to and when they’re scraping through your website or crawling through your website and figuring out what your website is about it’s important that you have
everything pretty clearly labeled so it’s easier for Google to detect what it is your again you’re optimizing your website for Google so you get more traffic and then while we’re in Settings here it’s also important to note that you have some other options so you can add links to this of course like I showed you before you can have some different image behaviors and you can also do a little bit of editing here most of the pictures that I upload I
already edit elsewhere just because the tools are a little bit limited so you can crop it you can do you know a few things with it touch it up but overall you’re not going to be you know it’s not Photoshop here it’s gonna be so it’s gonna be a fairly simple rudimentary set of tools okay so I added another strip here just to demonstrate something pretty quickly so if you decide that you want more white space above or below it you can pretty easily
do that by stretching things or clicking and dragging so this stretching is going to make this strip a little bit bigger and if we go to the strip below it we can actually pull down for the and it drags it down it adds some more white space there and you know that could be useful if you’re trying to put like a line there or some kind of divider I don’t know what you’re trying to do if you just want like a blank white space that could also be
useful if you’re trying to put other blocks in there whatever you’re trying to do it’s just important that you know that you can move these strips around stretch them shrink them do whatever you need to do to manage your website and make it look as good as possible so now that I showed you most of the tools here I want to go back to the dashboard and show you guys a little bit more about this so Wix actually has a lot of powerful stuff behind the
scenes not just in the editor so when you start your website it is important that you go and check out just the dashboard here they’ll give you some tips about things that you haven’t done yet so you know create your first service set your work hours do some SEO work it walks you through the SEO with their SEO Wiz makes it fairly simple to at least get started on that and then you can go down and like I said there’s so many different things that
they tell you they really walk you through a lot of the different things that you maybe forget when you start a website or you didn’t think about you know okay well maybe you should start an email campaign maybe you should make some more social media posts about this you know stuff like that another important thing is to get a mailbox I’m not going to walk you through that in this video but if you want to have an email associated with your
business as most people probably do you can go and get a mailbox right here or you can go through like G suite or many other places that you can connect a mailbox and essentially have you know instead of like Mike consulting at which is kind of tacky and and you know not really a professional business you could instead say like you know Mike consulting at Mike or Micah whatever whatever your website is and you can have
some kind of normal you know contact at OB our travel comm for example would be a good one so lots of different options here you can also change or upgrade your plans here and there is a lot you can do like I said before I also recommend getting the Wix app so that if you do have a membership page I mentioned this before if you have a membership page anywhere on your website or if you have a chat on the bottom corner you can be notified on your
phone so you can you know one track how many emails you’re gaining how many members you’re gaining if people have questions or if anybody’s using the chat you can reply directly from your phone so lastly before you’re done and you really wrap it up here you want to go over to mobile view right here maybe you want to do this earlier on you’re developing everything but you want to see what it looks like so you could say like yeah you know like
maybe these right here look really good but you see at the top it kind of cut off like the letter D right there so it’s Mike brand D it’s just looks really bad and now you know that you’re going to have to somehow fix that so you can go and you know change the font size of that text right here so that it fits perfectly you can change the alignment of it you can’t do nearly as much in the mobile editor as you can in the main editor that’s
typically well that’s the main reason that I used just the you know desktop editor most of the time but it’s very important to come in here and adjust the fonts make sure everything looks good you can work with a background on stuff so you can change some things that are independent of the desktop site but for the most part you want to make sure that you edit you you make the whole website here on the desktop site and then you go over to mobile
and you can really just finish it up there sometimes there are things that you want to have on the desktop site but not on the mobile site so you can go and have hidden elements you can see like maybe if you don’t want this strip on mobile you can go and hide that section so that shows up in the hidden elements right there and then back on desktop you’ll see that that section does still exist but just not on mobile for whatever reason maybe it
just doesn’t scale down well and you don’t want it there so guys I think that’s pretty much everything I want to show you in this video as far as the tools on Wix go that should enable you to you know at least get a really good start on your website and get something out there to start ranking in Google of course SEO is your next step but really the first thing that you want to do as soon as you know what these tools are would be to really go
through and add all of your content and make sure it’s customized make sure every little corner of the entire website is exactly what you want it to be and you know not like you know Jeff’s consulting or whatever that isn’t your website you don’t want to leave the template anywhere on there make sure all of the text on every single page is exactly what you want now the last thing I wanted to do here was address a few other questions that I’ve
seen on other you know like subreddits and different things of you know questionnaires that people are asking about one of them is what happens if you don’t upgrade or if you do upgrade and then stop paying later so at some point if you you know if you pay and then you stop paying Wix will downgrade you to the free version and essentially what it’s going to be is like this want to be like Mike sixty seven ninety whatever dot Wix comm /ob are
travel so you don’t have a custom domain it’s not professional I mean technically it is a custom domain but it’s not like the professional domain of Wix in there you also have a Wix ad at the top and the bottom and you’ll lose a few different functions that you can have on here like booking or depending on what plan you got you’ll lose those features so not a huge deal if that ever happened but like I said before I recommend upgrading for almost
every purpose out there if you have a business or you know if you’re doing anything semi professionally or professionally it makes sense to just pay that money and have like a real genuine professional website so guys if you have any other questions make sure you leave a comment down below if you appreciated this video or if you found it helpful please make sure you go down and click the like and subscribe button guys I hope this video helped you
and I wish you luck in starting your new website it’s very exciting there’s a lot of work to do but if you have any questions make sure you comment down below I’ll do my best to answer them thanks for watching I’ll see you next time