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Wix Tutorial For Beginners 2018 – How To Create A Wix Website

Build Your Own Wix Website Here:

In this simple Wix tutorial for beginners, we show you in a very easy to follow way how to create a Wix website in a few minutes. Wix is one of the easier platforms to use for website creation in 2018, and after this Wix website tutorial, you will see why.

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here we saw everybody and welcome back to a new video my channel it’s been a quite a while since I made my last video I actually been really busy doing a lot of different stuff I will cover that in a another video today we’re gonna talk about how to make your very own vixx website no matter who you are and what your aim is you can always make your website really good-looking and very fast on Wix it doesn’t require any coding and no previous
experience at all all you have to have is a functioning computer and able to read your language and they actually translate the website at your language so it’s easy to use and it’s simple for everyone even a kid could do this and I actually started making my very own website when I was a kid just using drag-and-drop so let’s get right into the video all you want to do is click on the link in the description if you want to follow along the steps
that I’m doing and when you are on the page press start now and this is the second time I recorded this video actually since the last video was to walk so I was disappointed so the next step is gonna be login to your website I’m gonna deal with Google and I’m gonna use one of my accounts I’m gonna use this one right here this is one of my one of my Shopify stores this email so let’s see if we can if we can login hopefully come on alright there we
go so when you created your account you will be presented now with this hold on we are gonna make a new website that was the last one from my tutorial so this is what you are gonna be presented with you have all these different options depending on what you’re doing let’s say you’re a business you design stuff you want to write a blog Beauty Wellness if you want to have your portfolio if you take photos meet your music events and other stuff we
are gonna create a business a watch brand this time and then you will be presented with this one choose how you want to create your website let Wix a media I create a website for you I’ve tried this before and all you do is put in your information and Wix is gonna create a website for you and then you can edit it and most of the website the websites that Wix have created for me have actually been bad and it requires a lot of work so I would not
recommend you to try it out but if you want to just try it out see what happens it’s just randomly created depending on what you put in so if you put in a online business if you sell stuff it’s gonna create an online store for you but you still have to work on it so I would recommend it to us to choose a template directly there right directly so let’s jump into that choose a template and you were pretty presented with a lot of different options
depending on what you’re doing so if you’re doing business you can choose from pets animals finance and law real estate automatic Corus advertising and marketing technology and app services maintenance consulting and you still have a lot of different options if you doesn’t if you don’t like one of these you can go up here and let’s say for example you are a solo artist you have all these templates that you can use and all you have to do in these
templates is change the image images and change the text and is always it requires no coding no nothing let’s go into business and let’s choose a template we want to use pet care okay we’re not gonna create a watch by we’re gonna create a pet store this is gonna be our pet store website so all you do is click on edit and you will be taken to the edit or to index and all you have right here is everything you need basically so let’s say I want to
edit the pet care text all you do is click on it you’re gonna edit text and I can change it to cat care and house call I say we want this to be our our brand name so let’s say it’s called cat hospital Florida that’s gonna be our company name and we might want to change the image of the dog to a cat for example and if you don’t have an image yourself Wix actually gives you free images to use and they have a huge amount of images so you have a lot
of take from but let’s say I want a cat so we’re going to search for a cat I like this one quite a lot so I got trying to use this one see how it looks and that looks quite good so I’m gonna keep that one and this is gonna be a button and what you can do right here is either change the text of the button or the link if you like the text that is already on it you can keep it but I’m gonna change this one too book now and if you want to change
where this button is gonna link to where it’s gonna take your customers where it’s gonna take your visitors all you press is link and you can either link to a page on your website an anchor or web address email phone number if you want people to call you document if you want someone to download a document by clicking the click on your button and if you want to take them to the top of the page or the bottom directly so they don’t have to scroll
and a lightbox which basically is when you get a pop-up on the website usually you have coupons or pop-ups on the website that’s like a limited offer 10% right now I use this code and that is a pop-up but we want this one to link to page Home Services current window done so when people click on this button right here going to be taken to services and they are gonna be able to book right there is my plan for the website all right let’s go down
about me this is a company so we want it to be about us if you want it to you can always change the font of the text so so what you do is just take the text and huge issues the font you want to use I want to use basic looks good if you want to add more fonts you are able to do so just click upload fonts and you can upload fonts right here I recommend you to go through the font calm you can find tons of different fonts but if you’re using the
basic ones the website usually loads a lot faster for user which is gonna increase your visitors and people are more likely to stay on it and share it as well so make sure your website doesn’t take a long time to load right here you can change the about us text we like cats are life cats cats cats we love all us since 2001 that’s gonna be a br about us so right here you just put about you lie about your company depending on what you’re doing just
edited to whatever you want it to be you don’t have to use its this template I’m just showing you how to do everything alright services all you do right here same thing you can edit the text you can edit the image you can edit the title of this and you can edit where this is gonna link you to so let’s say I was selling products what I would be able to do is change this to watch two so let’s say that’s the name of the watch watch one watch free
then you change the images of the different products you can talk about the different products and you can link to the different products you can also link directly of the image but a lot because a lot of people tend to click on the image directly so you can use the link directly on on the image itself and don’t love my clients same thing right here this is going to be an image gallery so what you can do right here click manage media and you can
see all the different options sorry you can add different videos or images right here so we’re gonna add a new image freephone Wix you’re gonna add another cat this cat loves food so we’re gonna add this one in and it will show up right here and you can also remove the other images if you want to so then you guys click on it and click on remove from gallery move from gallery remove from gallery remove from gallery remove from gallery and I like
the cat so we’re gonna save that and that and we’re gonna have two different cat images right here love my cats all right great here you have some reviews you do the same thing edit edit all right you got got everything yep I think so if you want to add your custom widgets to the website what you can do is click on an ad under this side on the right side the left side I’m sorry you can add text your website you can add images gallery vector art
shapes interactive buttons box strip Oh a lot of different options all right so let’s say I wanted to add a new title on my website so click on this you will get it directly through the drag-and-drop let’s say I want to add it on this side right here and this might not be shown on mobile so remember that let’s say I want to make a call to action right here so call us now we want it to be smaller like that and we wanted to link to my phone number
like that and when people click on this under mobile they will actually get directed to a call so they call this start straightaway so that’s a good option if you want to taking calls to your business your restaurant and stuff like that it’s going to add again and if you want to add a slide show instead of this you can do so you have all these different templates that are already done so let’s say we want to use this one just drag and drop above
the utter outer images and it will be shown above right here you can change everything as well so if you want to change the image sorry del with myself if you want to change the text on this one all you can do is double click cat hospital you’re gonna make it smaller so it’s fits like that and if you actually click on the image itself you can see here change slide background so click on that you can either change a video or a a photo itself we’re
gonna use a image free from Wix okay and I always recommend to use your own so try to use your own images if possible and this cat looks a bit crazy I like that that’s gonna be it this is the text doesn’t really show it doesn’t really stand out you might want to change the color of the text to something that stands out from the background nothing that is okay that is okay looking and we want to change the color of this one as well white when I
make it I’ll be more colorful but that looks good for now and if you want to change the next image in this slideshow press on the arrow right here and you will get the next slide so do the same thing change the tick text cat right here okay and change the background you want to use some video let’s hope there is a cat video on here mmm all right let’s use that one quite a lot so now we have an image on the website or a video as well and yes
change it as usual right here up here you have the many of the website if you want to change the menu itself you can do it if you go on the left side on menus and pages you will see your menu right here so let’s say we want to add a new page to our website you press on a page and you can rename the page it’s gonna be call us even though there is a call option already on in this template it’s gonna be called us it’s actually going to be let’s
see here let’s just like Cat Hospital have a see previous I don’t care let’s just put care different different options we haven’t cared and depending on what page you click on here you will actually be taken to that website so I’m care see that what the page itself is empty so what you’ll have to do is create the website from scratch or the page from scratch all you have to do really is just add different options that you have right here if you
don’t like the interactive itself you can scroll down and you get a lot of different options for example follow us and stuff like that picture art what I would do is just add a heading to the website or the page care and we might talk about like how we take care of the cat’s different steps so we’ll add a image as well pretty from Wix we want to add a cat again that looks good we want to resize the image put it right here and I add a new text
heading one we help your cat that actually kind of looks good I was going for a straight line horizontal but it was quite guys we’re gonna keep that you can also add a button right here just to get a call-to-action ready so people know where to click let’s add it in the bottom of the image change the text call us gonna link it you know on this web on this button you might not wanna have people call you directly but you might want to show them
where to contact you so you can have a page contact us where people can either fill out the form or you can just show your number direct directly so people actually have the information they need to call you and we don’t have a Contact Us page yet so we’re gonna go for services current window I’m not sure that contact page is an anchor okay so you have the contact page down below on the first page so let’s say someone is on the first page what
would actually happen is they will be scrolled down to the bottom of the page itself alright cool cool cool I think I’ve covered all the basics on how to make your very own Wix website as you can see it’s really basic and all you have to do all you need really is in the website itself so you have all the different options right here play around with it it takes a bit it takes a bit of time to learn so just try for a few hours and you will get
used to it and you know within a few hours you will actually become what I would call a pro on how to make your own website through Wix if the rate it’s some kind of option that you’re missing and you want to add your website always looking at Vic’s app market you can search for things you want so let’s say I pop-up we want people to get our coupon code you have Lumas pop-up Facebook like pop up conversion pop-up special offers sounds good all
you do is have to side remember that some of these apps I fully cost money for some better options and stuff like that so make sure to check what they actually cost make sure to check the reviews so the app is actually working before you install it and make sure that it looks good on mobile as well and how do you check if your website looks good on mobile what you want to do is click on the top you can click switch to mobile you can preview your
website on mobile get that and this is how your website is gonna look on mobile everything you add it in here is not gonna change how your website looks on the desktop so if you change for example the size of the text right here since it looks a bit bad click on – cat hospital that looks kind of good that is not gonna affect how your desktop version is gonna look we want it to be in the middle let’s say we don’t want to show this on a website or
on the mobile version so click hide element element even hide that if you want if we go back to the desktop version the element is still gonna be here so if you change something right here it’s not gonna change on your main website so remember that and make sure that your mobile version is working correctly since a lot of people are gonna visit your website for their mobile so it’s really important that you look at the mobile version it can be a
bit tedious but make sure to spend the time there as well and I would recommend you to spend at least as much time on your mobile version as well as it does desktop version when you feel like your website is done and ready to take in customers click on publish website if you don’t have your own domain name you’ll have week stock Vic site calm my side that’s okay with me click view side and this is how our website is gonna work if you change
something in the editor nothing is gonna go public before you click publish so you can change anything you want as long as you don’t click publish it’s not gonna change for your visitors but if you we want to publish a new change just click publish and it will actually turn live so let’s say for example we want to change this to cat care to dog care because our business without doing so well not a lot of people to care their cats they didn’t
really mind spending money on cat so we want to try dogs instead dark cash now gonna be live on the website instead that is gonna be it for this video hope you enjoyed and hope you learned something new and hope you actually got some valuable information from this video I’m gonna make a video on how to search engine optimize your website as well and it’s gonna cover on how to make your website more visible on Google so if you wanna is if you want
to be shown on the first page of Google on different search terms so that is gonna be the very next video so make sure to subscribe to so you don’t miss out on that video but that is gonna be it if you have any questions and if you don’t figure out how to do something comment down below and I will make sure to help you out