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Wix Tutorial 101: Creating A Website with [2016 Version]

Wix Tutorial 101: Creating A Website with [2016 Version]
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In this “Wix Tutorial” I am going to personal show you just how easy it is to build a website using Wix (

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[Clickable Time Stamps]
00:00 Video Introduction
01:40 Signing up with
02:09 Choosing Our Website Template
03:00 Editing Our Website
12:45 Adding Pages
14:10 Adding A Contact Form
15:47 Saving Our Website
16:39 Publishing Our Website
17:23 Different Wix Upgrade Options
18:43 Thank-You for Watching

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The main steps of building a website using

Sign up for an account
Pick the layout of our new website
Change / add our content (simple drag and drop)
Register our domain name and set up hosting (totally optional)

That is literally all we need to do in order to create an amazing website using Wix!

And while step 4 is totally optional, I would highly recommend that you do register your own domain name for your site, this way it will be a lot more BRANDABLE and easier to remember (the default domain names from Wix are pretty long)

I really hope you find this Wix tutorial helpful, and more importantly I hope your website looks awesome!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment underneath and I will do my best to help you out!

Until Next Time,


The links contained in this video description are affiliate links. This means that I get paid a small commission for each person that signs up to Wix (and upgrades) through my link. This will not cost you anything extra and I really appreciate the support, as it helps me to keeps making videos and tutorials just like this one.

Please Note: even if you don’t use my affiliate link, or if you don’t plan to upgrade your account, I still HIGHLY recommend using Wix as a simple a way to create websites in a matter of minutes!

Thank you very much if you did decide to go through my link, I really do appreciate it.

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hey guys it’s Marty here from smart minded marketing comm and today I’m going to show you how to build a website for your business or other online project step by step you don’t need any previous web design experience or technical skills and the whole process is only going to take around 30 minutes do you probably know this already but having someone design a website for you can be super expensive that isn’t going to be the case today we’re
going to be using a website called Wix com to create our website is a simple drag-and-drop website editor which we could use to create amazing looking websites in less than 30 minutes so the first thing we need to do is visit Wix com there are two different ways you can do this you can just open up your internet browser and go to WWE XCOM or alternatively 2xu support to this channel you can visit Wix by using the link below this video or
by visiting smart minded marketing com forward slash Wix doing this will earn me a small commission which I can put towards creating more tutorials like this one and making my youtube channel better I do just want to point out that using my link won’t charge you anything it just lets Wix know that I sent you and even if you decide not to use my link I would still totally recommend you use Wix to create your website okay so before we begin I’d
just like to say thank you very much to anyone who visited Wix through my link I really do appreciate it and even if you didn’t thank you very much for watching my video once we visit the Wix homepage we just need to click in the top right where it says sign in and this is where we’re going to create our account to create an account with Wix you just literally need to type in your email address and password twice and click register because I
already have an account and to save a little bit of time in the tutorial I’m just going to log into my account once logged in we can just click in the middle where it says create your website then here we can search through all the different free templates that Wix offer all of these templates look amazing in their own way it really just depends on what type of website you’re wanting to create there are different categories on the left hand side
as well so because we’re wanting to create a small business website let’s have a look at the different business templates so each of these templates is literally the general look of the website that we’re going to create I kinda like the look of this one once you find one that you like you can just hover your mouse over the theme and click Edit and once our theme is loaded we’ll be in the mian website editor of Wix from here we can just click on
any of the text or images that we’re wanting to change so here where it says fresh talent on top employers we can just click here and then up at the top you’ll see it now says added text so we can click where it says add a text and now we’re going to be able to change the font so here we can change the font and then we can actually just highlight it with our mouse and delete the text and change it to be whatever we want so my new awesome Wix
website and obviously because this is showing up black we’re going to want to change the color so we can just highlight the text again and down here we can click where it says color and we can choose a different color so I’m going to make it yellow and then we can just click the X up at the top to close the color picker so now my text is yellow we can see this plus signs kind of getting in the way so if we just click outside of the text we can I
click on the text and drag it around and we can do the same for this plus sign as well so what if we added this here and we can also change the color of the ships as well so we could change this to be white instead of yellow which not looks a lot fatter with the yellow text and we can just click and drag them around until we’re happy with the position we can do the same thing with our text on here and any buttons so we can just click and drag
them into position the need and everything up a bit obviously this doesn’t look like Korea but I’m just trying to show you for the example just how easy it is to add at our website with Wix we can also click on any images and it’s either going to say change strip background like this is that’s because this image is taken up the entire screen so we can click here and we can actually choose a bunch of different free images so say we wanted it to
look like this we can just select that image and then click X to go back here now sometimes it’ll just say change image because the image isn’t going to be the entire backgrounds now our text looks a bit off for this example I’m just going to change it to something else so let’s have a look through the different free backgrounds something like that maybe and then we could change this color we could make this white as well I think that’s going to
look good then we can also change the size of the text as well so we could just change the size and make it a bit bigger and then we can click and drag the box that the text is in to make it a bit wider so as I said before this doesn’t look like grit but you can see just how easy it is to move everything around and add it everything it literally is just click and drag so we can click this bit of text here and click Edit and I’ll just type I built
it with Wix you can change the color of that just say red sorry I just need to highlight it and we can change it to red and if at any point you want to see how your website is going to look without all the editing options we can just click up in the top right where it says preview then once we’re happy with everything we can just click back to editor now we can change our title text in the same way so I’m not called creative corner so I could
change this to say smart minded marketing instead I literally just need to click Edit text and then I could type in smart minded marketing then if I didn’t want it to take up a second line I just need to make this box a little bit bigger and then I can reposition it as well and there isn’t only the one page either if we just click up on our menu at the top and then click navigate you’ll see here this will be a list of the different pages and you
can also click at the bottom where it says odd pH to add more pages so if we just click here for now mine says fine talent you might have different name pages this is a different page on our site so once again we can just click and drag the text around if we want to reposition it and then the icons you see like this we can actually change these by clicking on them and clicking change shape there’s then a whole bunch of different icons and shapes
that we can choose from so I’ll just choose a heart for this example we can make it a little bit bigger then we can change this text as well and drag it around so let’s see how this looks like in a preview okay so that’s actually a moving background that’s pretty cool let’s just go back to the editor and see how we can change this I’ve never actually used this theme before and I haven’t come across the video background so let’s just click on it
and click change strip background okay so it’s basically just the same oh there’s videos as well so if we just click videos oh we can add our own videos as the background as well that’s pretty cool but for now I’ll just change it to a different image free from licks so there’s all these different images we can use on our site as well so just say for example I choose this one is to be my background for that page and then the paragraphs of text we
can change just like all the other text and we can type more text or we can delete some we can also change the font size and the actual font itself then once we’re happy we can just position where we want it and if we want the page to be longer we can literally just drag the text on down and that’s going to make the pH bigger then this is a button which we can change the text on so instead of contact us we could make it say getting contact and
then if we click this link icon here we can change which page on our site that it links to so here in the top menu we can just click this down pointing arrow and we can choose one of our different pages so now instead of linking to our contact page it’s going to link to another page called find a job so if we just click done here we can click change text again and we’ll change this buttons and I say find a job now if we just preview our site and
we click this button where it says find a job it’s going to bring us to our other pH that’s called find a job as you can see editing websites with Wix is pretty easy I’ll show you another few things as well if we change the title of a page so if we go back to our fine talent page and we change this text to say something else so say for now we’ll just change it to say new page then we’re obviously going to want the new title to reflect in the menu
so we don’t want it to say find columns in the menu and then whenever the person gets here it says new page we would want it to say new page up in the menu so to do that you just click on your menu and click manage menu then here we can just click the three dots beside the page and click page info it’s come up and recommended b/c of our work I’m just going to close this for now until I finish this example but I do recommend you see if your work
at any chance you get so here we can see it says what’s this page name on your menu and it says find talent so here we can just change the text in this box to say our new page title and then click done at the bottom now when we preview our site we’ll see it says new page in the menu when we’re on the new page we can also click there our home page and our other peds which says find a job we can also add other pages as well and to do that we just
need to click on our navigation menu at the top and then click manage menu then at the bottom you’ll see here it says add a page we can just click on page and now we have a new page we can click the plus icon on the left hand side to add content to our new page so we can add an image or some text we can also add videos and music and loads of other different things as well so for now we’ll just add some text I’m allowed a paragraph so here we can
just click it into position and then we can click edit text and then type whatever we want so this is my new peach I am going to add an image and a contact form then once we’ve added any text we can add an image as well just by clicking add then image then we can either upload our own image or choose a free image from Wix once we’re happy with our image we can just click apply in the bottom right and that’s going to add the image to our page then
we can just position it we can also resize it and then as I said in the text I’m going to show you how to add a contact form as well so just click the plus icon on the left hand side and you’ll see here it says contact we can just choose which theme we’d like I’m going to go for the lighter one and here you’ll see we have our contact form we can resize it the same way as images and we can also change the colors by clicking this pin brush icon
here we can customize the design say instead of a yellow button we wanted a red one we can do that easy enough we can also change how the form looks I think this form looks a lot better so we use this one then probably the most important part of adding a contact form is make sure you click here where it says set your email then you just want to enter the email address that you want to associate it with this contact form in here then when your
visitor comes along they can type in their name email address subject and message and then whenever they click send the message is going to be sent straight to your email inbox as an email we can also change the color of a page background by clicking on the page and then clicking change page backgrounds we can choose between different free images or once again we can just choose plain colors we can just preview our page and make sure we’re happy
with everything then once we are we can click back to editor and now we can see of our work so here I would recommend just typing the title of your website so for me it will be smart minded marketing and then just click Save and continue so as you can see here it says your site was saved and when you publish the following will be your domain so my web site is going to be find at Marti 32 dot wisk comm forward slash smart minded marketing which
isn’t really a great URL but there is an option to upgrade your icons which I’ll cover at the end so once you’ve saved your site we can just click done and we can look through our different pages and just make sure that everything is the way we wanted once we’re happy with our new website we can just click on the top right where it says publish and as you can see we’re going to get a message that says congratulations your site is published and is
live online it’s then going to give you the URL that you can use to visit your site or else you can click this visit site button now the URLs that we normally get from Wix are pretty terrible like as you can see mine is Marty 32x com forward slash smart minded marketing now it’s going to be a much better idea and a lot more brandable for our business to have say smart minded marketing comm instead to do that you just want to click underneath
where it says upgrade 9 and then here it’s going to show us the different upgrade options that Wix have as you can see it only costs three Pines idiot which is probably about five or six dollars a month and that’s to get your very own professional website up and running with your own custom domain that’s going to be a lot better for your business and a lot more brandable if you just scroll down you’ll see all the different things that come with
the plan such as hosting and your domain name you get the domain name for free along with the hosting so that’s pretty good moose places charge you’re on twelve or thirteen dollars for the domain alone one of the most awesome things that come with it are these Google AdWords vouchers so you get $75 worth of AdWords vouchers to advertise your site and the hosting itself is only costing you around five or six dollars a month so I really do
recommend upgrading the site but you don’t really have to you can’t just keep your free website with the long do mian but if you are serious about your business and you do really want a brandable website which is going to have an easy-to-remember do Miam take advantage of the upgrade offer it does also come with a 14 day money back guarantee so you’ve really got nothing to lose so that’s why simple it is to create your very own website using Wix
once again my name is Marty from smart minded marketing comm and I really hope that you find this tutorial helpful and more importantly I hope you’ve now got an amazing looking website that you can use to help with your business thanks again if you visited Wix through my affiliate link and if you’re just going to create your site now once again I was smart minded marketing comm forward slash Wix or else you can just click the link below this
video thanks again for watching my video and I’ll see you in the next one