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WIX TO WORDPRESS! Migrate Website Content & Blog in 5 minutes – FOR FREE!

If you use Wix and you feel like you need to make the move to WordPress, I don’t blame you – you’ve made the right choice! There are plenty of paid for options out there in terms of migrating your content across, but this video will show you how to move your blogs and images to become self-hosted! It takes less than five minutes to do and it’s FREE!




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hi guys my name’s Sam from website right and in this video I want to talk to you about Wix and migrating your blog over to WordPress now Wix is all well and good it serves a purpose there is a link in the description to a blog post I wrote which explains what I think what builders like Wix and not too great however for web newbies it’s okay but if you’re continuing to persevere with it you may at some point reach a crossroads where you think
right joystick with this or do I move to WordPress now if you do decide to move to WordPress you might find the process a little bit tricky because there’s no real way to migrate from A to B unless you use a paid service but in this video if you’ve got a Wix blog I’m gonna tell you how you can move all your content over and it takes less than 5 minutes what’s this right so I’ve got a client here he was called Lisa and this is her Wix website and
she’s been relatively happy with it but she now knows that she needs to move all over to WordPress so I’ve created her WordPress site for her it’s a bridge theme which I’ll put the link in the description for you I’ve recommended it a number of times I think it’s fantastic but at the moment of course it has no content so we need to get the content from Wix so this is a Wix website address and what we need to do is put a forward slash at the end
of it and token feed dot XML that’s forward slash feed XML and look what we have here we’ve got an XML feed that contains all of her blog posts here so in your browser if you just go to file and then save page as you should be out and then save that as an XML file so it’s feed XML so I’m gonna save that to my desktop so that is all done and then I’m going to go into my wordpress install and there are two plugins that we need to now download the
first of which will basically take the Wix hosted images and convert to host them on your server so what we’ll do is we’ll type in external images on the plugins search here within WordPress and the one that we need is this one auto upload images so click install now and it’ll take around 10 to 15 seconds to install and once you’ve done that you can click activate so that’s the first of our plugins that we need also click add new again the next
one we need is one called all import now I swear by this plug-in it’s absolutely fantastic because you can import blogs all sorts of different post types pages and a lot lot more into WordPress using all sorts of different types of files from a spreadsheet using an XML file and much more so this is what we need click install now and then once it installed make sure you activate it so I’ve got the XML file I’ve got those two plugins now all
installs so we should be able to click on all import on the left-hand side here and then I can go to new import so I’m going to do that now and then I’m gonna click upload a file and I can select the feed XML file that I’ve previously downloaded and then I’m just gonna say yes it’s gonna create new posts with this so continue to step two and here you can just cycle through all of those different posts just to make sure it’s got it all right but
yep there are 42 different blog posts here so we can continue here straight to step 3 and this is where we need to do the bulk content for our posts so what we need to do we need to put the title in the top box here so we’ll just hold down on title here and then drag it across into title we also need to put the content in there as well now see that’s got HTML in there so what we need to do rather than have it on visual mode put on text mode in
the editor and then we’ll click on the main content of the post and drag it across will do the excerpt with it which in this case is the description we’ll drag it across here now this is an important part is the images so what we need to do we need to scan through the post content and import the images wrapped in image tags so what this will do is actually take the Wix hosted images download them and then there will be no references to your Wix
images on your blog post it’ll all be self hosted so we’ll click this button there the check box and then also what we need to do if we want to allocate it to a category here we can but I’m gonna do that afterwards and you got to see how to do this in a different video or pop a link in the description when it’s done the other post options that you need to add in are the date as well so at the moment if I was to import all of the blog’s on the
feed it would actually show as today’s date which we don’t want so we’ll delete it and then we’ll take the pub date part here remember would click and hold down and then we just drag it on this section sometimes it can be a bit funny but there we go let’s click drag and we’ve got the publishing date there too so that is all very well and good you can also set other options should you wish to I’m gonna set it as a standard post format this will be
determined by your theme so this part may not be there and then we can continue to step for just also detect the unique identifier here and then you can just proceed to click continue and then we need to confirm and run imports so that is now going through now it looks as though nothing is really happening because it says no % for quite a while but it is slowly iterating through and it’ll update you at 50% and then 100% but do remember for each
blog that is actually importing into your site it’s downloading the image from Wix it’s uploading it to your server and then changing the references in the blogpost filename as well so we’re gonna fast forward a bit and see how long this time so you can see in this particular import this has taken three minutes 43 to do 42 blog posts so it’s all complete now so let’s just check our blog post just to have a look at what they look like so I’ll go
to posts and then all posts here and then what we can do is we can just click on one of the posts as an example and this is in the HTML mode at the moment look here can you see that it’s referencing the file that’s actually on our server now so no reference to Wix and then if we go to visual mode you can see it is all there now one thing this has not done is allocated to a category and it’s not got a featured image but there are also cheeky ways
where you can actually take the first image from your blog post and make it a featured image all automated but there we go there are a total now of 42 blogs on our WordPress install and we’re nearly all ready to go so that’s how easy it is so there we go if you found this video helpful please give us a like thumbs up will be great and remember to subscribe as well because there’s loads of tips coming your way hit the notification bell and you can
be alerted to win there’s new updates happy new year you