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WIX to WordPress: How to Transfer your Blog to WordPress

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Step by step guide:

About the video:

In this video, I will show you how you can start converting your website from WIX to WordPress. Specifically, I will show you how you can export your blog posts using an RSS feed.

This tutorial only covers the blog section of your website. If you are looking to replicate the entire website, please note that there is no automated solution and you will need to hire a WordPress developer.

Conversion Process:

The first step is to login to your WIX website and add an RSS feed to your site.

Then we will proceed to upload our saved XML file in the WordPress admin area. Finally, we will update our image URLs and we are good to go!

If you have any questions, please get in touch or post them in the comments section below!

hi there thanks for tuning in in this short video I’m going to show you how you can import your Wix blog posts into a wordpress website using an RSS feed before we start I just would like to mention that if it’s possible I would recommend you simply copy and paste your content from one installation to the other but in the case that that’s simply not convenient or you want to do it automatically now here’s one of your options so we wanna you
want to log in to your Wix website obviously click manage the website edit the sites and they will open in your website editor now I just created this website but what we want to do is go to our blog section or wherever your blog section is and on the left hand side you will notice this little my blog widget I’m going to click on it and then we want to go to add blog elements and here we go we want to add an RSS button I’ve already added it all
you need to do is drag and drop it over here so once you’ve added it you want to go to the front end of your sites in my case it’s already here let’s go to your log section and click on the RSS open it in a new tab and you’ll get this it’s not very user friendly but that’s what machines can read so we want to click save as and save it or actually I’ve already saved it so you save it to your desktop and then what we want to do is visit our
wordpress website now here I have a simple installation I just did for the video I’m using the unfold thing but you could use anything you wants that’s it’s optional so you want to log in to your dashboard and under the tool section you want to go to imports and what we’re gonna do is you wouldn’t be using this RSS import posts from an RSS feed so we don’t click install now wait for it to install okay it’s installed now we’re gonna run it
obviously okay so what we’re gonna do is upload the file that we just saved from Wix upload file and import okay all done have fun and let’s have some fun then as you can see here is the the web sites and with our blog posts now we’re not done yet since the images are still hosted on Wix a server so what we’re going to do is we’re going to install this plugin which is called import external images let’s grab it here go back to our dashboard why
it’s taking so much time okay the familiar dashboard plugins and you you just paste it here I can still now so basically this plug-in will I will go and fetch the images which are currently on wix’s servers and bring them over to our side on our server which obviously is a correct thing to do okay now where do we run this Toulouse media import images that we are alright so it’s really as easy as pressing one button so import images now let’s wait
a bit still later do notice that I’m working on a local host which is on my computer my internet connection isn’t exactly fast so this may take some time anyway I’m gonna pause the video this should take a look but it should be a lot faster with you okay so I just got a notification that now the import is complete and so let’s go to our website actually let’s go to our posts alright so here are the three posts which were on the Wix website I’m
going to open the first one let’s click text and as you will noticed by the URL here is that the image is no longer hosted on Wix a server this is actually my local address which is great this is exactly what the plug-in was supposed to do so there you have it basically that’s it that’s the easiest way to import your Wix blog posts now there’s a more advanced RSS import to which I would also recommend which is this one imports any XML or CSV file
to WordPress WP all imports it’s it’s another alternative but I guess I’ll leave it up to you to try it out so well that’s all there is to it I’ll leave if you have any questions or you have any thoughts them put them in a comment below and I’ll try to answer you alright Cheers bye bye