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Wix Stores: How to Remove Add to Cart from Product Pages

Here is how you can display a catalog of products without having to have a purchase option using Wix Stores. Learn more at:

i wanted to quickly show you how you can use wix stores to display a catalog of products without actually having a purchase option wix stores is an online e-commerce add-on that you can add to any wix site and you can add it actually without upgrading your site to their business plan um but as soon as you want to do like to add payments you will have to upgrade to a business plan so you can process payments um and those are a little bit more
probably about ten dollars more a month depending on which plan you get but you can actually add wix stores and not pay extra you can have your regular combo or unlimited plan um and use the wix stores as a catalog function you don’t have a whole lot of control over the design but there are some things you can adjust layouts and so forth and i’m going to review some of that today if you want to use wix stores as a catalog and not an actual
shopping cart where they can add to cart what you want to do is turn off the buttons for add to cart and buy now these are buttons that will go into the payment processor part of the system and this is the part that you would need to upgrade in order to use um and you’ll see this upgrade is over here upgrading to a business plan allows you to process uh credit card payments set up taxes all that kind of stuff um and in this case this this we’re
not going to be doing that in this demonstration this demonstration is to show how you can use their wix stores as an online catalog so you can display 100 different items with pricing if desired title um and details so what i’ve done is i’ve turned off the show button and the show uh well i’m sorry the show button for both ad cart and buy now you can also turn off things like quantity because if you’re not buying it there’s no reason to have
that there um you can also turn it on and off skew which if you’re not using only really puts a little bit of space here because there’s room for it um the info sections i do not turn those off the reason being is that’s what i’m using to put this description here um and let’s go to layout speaking of these things there’s all these different layouts that you can choose from none of them i really love except for this classic one but right out of
the box this classic one can look kind of weird because what happens is when you select it these details here i’m using these as actually an info block if i was using the regular description on the product it would show up down here and that always kind of seems like a disconnect because you can’t see it until you scroll down often times depending on the product size um so when you’re in the products i wanted to show this little tip of how you
can get text to show up to the to the right of your image which seems like the most logical place for it to be so here you’ll see this description and i’m going to put here a test description additional content can go here this is what shows up actually below on the page if you want to have something that’s to the right of the image in this particular layout you have to add these additional info sections and so when i click on this you’ll see i
can put a title and then i can put text in here you can bold text you can add links to things so you can add link to maybe a contact page if desired you could add bullets and so forth that’s about all you can add in this area if you want to add images you can add multiple images up here so you could do close-ups of maybe this frame for example or maybe show the back side or just a picture of it on the wall in a room and now we’re going to hit
save so now if i close out of this and i look at this we’ll see that text here that goes below here so this content is fine to use it’s just i find that with the taller options and let’s go to the shop like a tall product is going to oh it’s not actually going to show that to me in this version i have to go to the live site let’s go there here’s another little trick if you ever want to visit the page that you’re working on you can actually go to
that page in this menu come to seo and then click on go to url to get to that actual page because sometimes you might not know what the url is or if it’s not visible yet in your um in your menu this would be how to get to it so anyway we’re going to come here we’re going to click on this and see how this art works really long well what happens if i don’t use that info block this is the only thing they see and then there’s a whole bunch of blank
space here and then the description will be would be way down here so um anyway that’s one little thing that i find was driving me crazy until i figured out a way around it which is uh let’s go back to manage products you’re going to go to your info section and add um add info sections in addition to this description you can also use this but these info sections are better because they’re the ones that appear to the right in this particular
layout so and you can also add more than one but i would say if you had more than one do one here and then do one here because then it might line up well so that is the trick to using wix stores without actually having an option to purchase i think this is a nice way to quickly be able to have a catalog of items and you don’t have to custom build the pages currently we have these custom built pages so i basically have a gallery here and when you
click on one of these it comes to a custom built page which this looks a lot nicer we are able to design this with buttons and so forth you know you have a lot more control over it the downside to this is that you have to duplicate and create one of these pages for each um artwork so um it’s a little bit more it’s slightly more time consuming i mean i can’t say it’s that much more time consuming but you have to put them here and then you also
would have to go to your gallery here add them to the gallery and link to that particular page so if you’re dealing with hundreds of of artworks that can be a lot of work so that’s why i wanted to show you this option to use the wix stores instead because you’ll see um and let’s need to get back to the editor let’s go over to that shop i had it hidden for now because i didn’t want it to be live on the site but here you can just come up here to
add product and you can keep adding products you can also duplicate products and then just switch out the image and the title um and that would allow you to basically create all these product pages without having to manually duplicate the page adjust it all and then go back and link it to it from the gallery so i wanted to show you this as an option for displaying all your different artworks in a using the wix stores but not actually using the
processor what’s cool about this too is that down the road if you choose well hey i do want to sell these people are asking me how can i just buy it online well then you can simply upgrade especially if you build them all into this you can come over here sorry i should go to settings and then you can upgrade it to a business plan and then you can add the batch that uh the buy now buttons back in and um and you know sell these things directly so i
know that you were didn’t want to quite do that yet because these are all different sizes and is impossible to figure out shipping costs because of their very unique and delicate nature so right now we’re not using that but if we want to build all your products into this i may recommend this better or more over doing your individual ones because that way it gives you that option down the road to turn it into an online store if you choose to do so
without having to rebuild anything so anyway something to think about i’m going to hide this cart element to hide elements you can just delete them once you click on them i’m going to go ahead and put hit publish but uh this is a great tutorial on how you can use wix stores to display all your products so if you’re a realtor or car salesman or whatever you’re selling artworks but you don’t actually want to have the purchase ability you just want
to display them and display pricing and so forth this is a great way to do it because it allows you to put them all into kind of a product category database and it generates all these pages for you so anyway let me know if you have any other questions and happy wix and