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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

do you want to know how i made it to the first page of google hello and welcome to the vix dot com academy my name is petra and i love vix today i will show you how you like the vix es jovis or the dix seo efficient set up so we only deal with the setting up the assistant basically it is so before you it is best to start with four to five search terms researched and take for the vix it actually has one of the strongest search terms what are the search terms with the most volume so the your visitors would search to find you I have made a video to link to the vix seo tips You are welcome to have a look at it, as we will cover how I find it correct search terms and where do I have to place them in order to fundamentally me I took a demo page here about glamping, so luxurious camping and i just want to show you how to go on with a requirement for the vix seo is there and you need a premium account premium package and a website must be published and only for clarification again you also have to connect it to a domain so otherwise The goal is at the end of the seo shave you with the google search console connected so there are several to get to seo rosetti Possibilities either you go via dashboard and also google searched also google can be found i mostly do it here simply in the times so in web pages menu pages settings seo google go on it and seo open it like I said there are several possibilities you still have the possibility to do that in your head and you can just choose which one like it better and it takes a little bit you see then the dashboard opens and that was what I meant when if you are found in the dashboard on google then you also come across what is actually the vix asset is really not a magician but it helps you they also show where your search terms must appear in So the best practice onpage seo fulfills that means he takes you by the hand So there is a personal plan, but actually it is so he says you have forgotten something in the title you have something in the forget description and so on and so on we'll get started right away and then the first thing you asked was what these companies or website name because of course you want to be found by your brand if the thing is called moonlight glamping yes then we go on they have one company location if you have a business then you should definitely that click here that means if you only go to log cabin would you go for an online company because he also says please give that address a pattern street pattern forest and now there are three keywords that describe your company or service well you can always describe it at the same time change again then we would say at the campsite and family vacation not so precise vacation and then the wizard works in the background and then gives you something like that now you see he has it taken here and I think I'll add something here then I'll go on settings and can be found here in the keywords add or remove keywords I want to say then maybe I'll take luxury camping again and that's enough now actually naso and an updated one that also means in the past, you simply used search terms from the stomach took and you connected them to the search console then it doesn't matter at all you can change it and then it will assistant so the vix it search your home no fold and say here what is missing if you change your search terms then you have to and every change is now so the structure is very simple at the very end you can click connect to google and then head the denser but everywhere where there is a red execution time Exclamation mark appears that means you have something to do if you click on it then you will also be told what you can do so usually it is that the page title on your page is definitely at least one of the If you contain search terms, you can also get them at any time explanation why this is so important and you can choose between the suggestions which sets the path because he tinkers something from his search terms the perfect page title so perfect for the google search engine page title for this today would be let's say I go here copy on and then you get what I have to do next I have copied this time title I would go to the editor I have the editor open here, however, and add what is Before that in the essay is just copied and say save and I would have to publish it now, which means my exclamation point disappear here because if I go to update now said yes again I don't see the update and the same thing works also with all other seo description of the site and you can get here you have no suggestions but there is one step-by-step instructions should do it it should have at least one of the keywords and then you will get it even more camping glamping blablabla in the description the company and website name must be included and the description should be between 50 and 300 20 characters long, so not too short but not so long that means we would look for them here We have tried to find a permanent place for the prestige campsite in a quiet exactly vacation spot a cyclical holiday then if I take it that way and he discards it saved if I take this way then he would not complain anymore than me I have used the search term camping here. I have the search term poppy I took my glamping and resort and accordingly I got it requirements that this seo description should meet so should fulfill now fulfills that maria and then actually that should disappear completely and here is a little tip the instructions ask exactly read because very often people contact me and say because she will doesn't work and then I do something and then I see that they say that this is missing so it has to be achieved and that means if you felt the whole thing out of here then you just get Connect to google and you can see that it needs a premium function this will not work with this demo site now and you are already listed you get the longer you are here on the page also a short but really short overview as well as the page clicked on you have another one here at the bottom right detailed seo guide has blocked the way, so it's worth it for newbies it is absolutely worth reading in there and I would too everyone who has a premium package at vix is ​​recommended to switch the vix seo to 1 because the connection between the us and the google search console is excellent and the search console gives you so much more than google analytics because then really could actually See search terms for which your website is searched to be found So there is no excuse not to do it today did you like this video then i look forward to a thumbs up subscribe means channel doesn't miss anything and if you have any questions post These love to comment in the comments I will promise the answer and in this sense let's change your petra .

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Wiz Seo wizard ist ein Wix Tool, dass dir hilft deine Webseite für Suchmaschinen zu optimieren. Im Wix Seo wiz kannst Du deine Suchbegriffe eingeben und du bekommst einen Schritt für Schritt Anleitung an welcher Stelle und in welcher Form diese Suchbegriffe auf deiner Webseite erscheinen müssen. Der Wix seo wizard wird diese Suchbegriffe nicht für dich recherchieren, noch wird er diese in irgendeiner Art und Form auf der Seite vermerken es dient lediglich als ein Wix SEO Assistent, der dich daran erinnert „Hey hier gehört noch etwas hin!“
Nachdem Du alle Minimum SEO Voraussetzungen bzw. best practise on page SEO vervollständigt hast kannst Du via den WIX Seo wiz deine Webseite mit der Google Search Console verbinden.

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