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Wix has a ton of ads on YouTube, they have celebrities promoting them, they’ve pretty much dominated the market. In this Wix review, I’ll look at what all that fuss about.
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Wix is THE most popular website builder around. But with all of that money spent on marketing, how well do they do in terms of performance? Ease of use, pricing, and support? In this Wix review, I’ll go over absolutely everything you need to know about Wix in 2020.

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Wix positions itself as an easy to use a website builder for people who never ever created a website before. They offer hundreds of professional looking templates for users to choose from. Since they’re so popular a lot of the templates that Wix offers are very niche. As I’ve found during my Wix review, there’s a high probability that you’ll find what you’re looking for even if your business idea is not that popular.

Since Wix is the most popular choice it’s by no means the cheapest choice. Website builders range anywhere from $2 to $30 per month depending on which builder and which plan you use. In general, Wix doesn’t charge a large premium for the service that they’re offering. During the research, for my Wix review, I’ve looked at the pricing models of many other website builders and Wix was not that far off from every other choice. Wix has plans that start at $12 (excluding their starter plan since it doesn’t remove Wix ads from.

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One major feature that a lot of different Wix reviews gloss over is the performance. Website builders will never have the same level of performance as shared web hosting, dedicated servers or cloud hosting platforms. Since website builders like Wix simply run on different technology. What I found out during this Wix review is Wix even goes as far as hosting their own speed test tool. Just so you wouldn’t have the temptation to test your website speed elsewhere.

Wix performance is about 3x slower than what you would expect from a WordPress website. However, as far as website builders go. They’re not too bad. Obviously, you’re sacrificing performance for convenience, but if it’s your first website or you’re just a small business. The gap won’t be as noticeable.

Okay so, you want your website to show up on Google. It’s only natural that your clients will be looking up for information on Google and you want your Wix site to show up. Is this possible? Well, Wix offers several different strategies to optimize your website for search engine visibility. And if you’ve done everything correctly, your website WILL show up on Google. Just don’t expect to be in the first position. During my Wix review, I’ve managed to analyze why their SEO tools aren’t great and a lot of customers are complaining. However, since then they’ve improved a lot and today It’s completely possible to rank your website on Google using Wix.
Customer Support

A huge selling point for any service is customer support. And Wix does a decent job at it. During my Wix review, I’ve uncovered that they’re already implementing a beta version of a 24/7 live chat support. But at the moment it’s not there yet and only shows up on certain pages while you’re using Wix. However, to compensate Wix has email support and a large knowledge base where you can find various information in regards to Wix and their tools. And this Wix review is all about uncovering those dirty little secrets that Wix wants to keep hidden. For example, they don’t even allow you to move your website from Wix to another provider!

To conclude this Wix review, I would like to say that even though they’re the industry leader, they haven’t put a huge premium on their prices. The tool that they’re offering is pretty much the industry standard. The best you can get for money. I highly recommend people that want to own a small business or start a personal site check out Wix. At worst, you can use most of their features for free and you can check out every single template they’re offering for free as well.

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