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Wix Review: Pros and Cons of the Website Builder

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This video shows you the strengths and weaknesses of the HTML5 Wix website builder.

0:44 The website editor
1:16 Adding elements
2:04 Navigation
2:32 Layout & Design
3:16 Wix App Market
3:32 Wix Mobile Website
4:08 Conclusion

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welcome to another website tool tester review this time we take a look at the new html5 website builder by Wix which has replaced the previous flash model almost 30 million sites have been built already according to Wix as well as the really nice design the spotlight is on the ease of use and the html5 technology this new technology enables stunning image galleries and other animations which are hard to find among other website builders and
although it might all sound a little too technical you don’t need any programming skills to use it so can we speak of a successful revision or is there still room for improvement stick to the end of the video to learn all about wix’s pro’s and con’s now let’s take a closer look at the website builder registration is quick and simple and we selected a smart nightclub design on the upper left-hand side the website editor is divided into the
sections pages design adding elements settings and Wix app market this is where you edit pages make color adjustments add image galleries or integrate additional apps on the upper right-hand side you can reverse changes save your site and finally publish it let’s add a new text block to do so we select shapes and lines under add we click on box and use box style to then we add a header to the box this is located at add text title you now we do
the same for the text as you see it’s very easy to operate and understand don’t forget save your sight under pages you can add new pages to the navigation this is also where you choose which pages will be shown in addition you can also determine in real time the level at which the page should appear you can change the appearance of the navigation itself by clicking directly on navigation overall design changes can be carried out via background
colors and fonts you as you can see you can give your website a new look with only a few clicks there is however a considerable restriction compared to other providers unfortunately it’s not possible to change the design subsequently that’s why you need to consider carefully what suits you best the App Market offers many add-ons whether like buttons chat functions or contact forms you’ll find what you want here if the suitable app is not
available from Wix you can integrate any HTML code you wish with the iframe embed app okay let’s move to the administrative area in four stages you can add a mobile website version you’ll need this to optimize the display for mobile devices such as smartphones however as you’ll notice this page initially has nothing to do with your original site you need to setup the layout and contents completely from scratch unfortunately changes to the main
site are also not transferred automatically Wix should have found a better solution for that as Jimdo for example has done there you don’t need to worry at all about setting up and maintaining the mobile website as everything runs automatically in the background the new website builder really works to a great degree but we’ve had to conclude that Wix is still a little bit ahead of its time in some places html5 is the right direction but at the
moment it still has a serious disadvantage many older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 and older can’t display the smart looking websites that have been built with Wix while this problem will solve itself over time it’s still very present right now in this respect you’re better placed with Jimdo or Weebly for example Wix is suitable primarily for impressive presentations artists photographers bands wedding couples etc they’re offered a
platform on which they can present themselves wonderfully it remains to be seen which areas of the website builder will be improved by Wix as soon as it’s ready you will as usual find out all you need to know about the new version from us further providers can be found in our comparative overview at if you’ve enjoyed this video we’d be delighted to get a like on Facebook or YouTube thanks for watching