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All right, this is a quick overview and
tour of the back end of Wix. This is the
account management area where, if you have multiple websites you can click through,
choose which one to edit, add new apps. But actually to edit a website, you have
to open up the Wix HTML editor. And this is what it looks like. You
navigate and edit your pages as if you were looking at the website.

It's very
very intuitive in some ways but also clunky in others. You select the page that
you want to edit and then select the element you want to edit and then go
through and decide on the type of editing that you want to do for each one. It
allows unlimited flexibility as far as what you can do for better or for worse. For example, if you have an element you
can just move it to any random part of the page. Which is good for control because
with Wix you can't edit the actual CSS of the page, even if you wanted to.

But on
the downside it's very hard to get the site that looks like all the loose ends
and everything are perfectly tied off. But to change the design they have access
to design. They use this pages area as the
content management system. And everything
is right here for better or for worse. It's accessible but can also get a little
crowded and clunky with more than a dozen pages.

And then this is where you access the
advanced settings, of which there aren't that many. Wix is a very very all
inclusive platform. So everything that you
can do within Wix is part of the platform. It's very very hard to add third party
applications or third party code to your website. So this is what the backend looks like and
what you to expect.

You can ready the full
review of pros and cons on shivarweb.com with the link in the video description. .

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Wix is one of the oldest all in one website builders. It offers drag and drop design and straightforward user experience.

This video is an overview and tour of the Wix backend. Visit to read the full break out of pros and cons.[/toggle]


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