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WIX Product Subscription – How to Create a Product Subscription Website with WIX

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In today’s video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating a subscription-based website. Regardless if you are selling a product or offer a service today’s video will help you get started with the WIX Online Store.

Alin Baho is a WIX Partner helping you and your business find success online. As a Professional WIX developer and designer, I can help you understand WIX Online Stores and Product Subscriptions. Wix Tutorial for Beginners (2020 Full Tutorial) – Create A Professional Website.

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00:00 WIX Product Subscription Introduction
00:50 Let’s See How it Will Look Like
01:00 Learning how to Getting Started
02:40 Let’s Build a WIX Product Subscription
05:38 Adding The WIX Product Subscription Feature
08:00 Product Subscription Options
11:20 Looking at our Live Website Example

what’s up guys my name is alan and today’s video we’re gonna learn how to create a subscription based website using that’s right the wix website that you built is actually going to be able to offer customers a monthly subscription whether you’re a product or a service i’m going to teach you guys exactly how to offer subscriptions whether they’re month to month three months six months custom 12 months it does not matter we’re going to
learn how to set the subscription set the price and how they can go ahead and start with re-subscribing to your website or subscribing for the very first time it’s super simple so let’s go ahead and get right into it before we do i kind of want to get into kind of the synopsis here i am a website uh that is selling bags for fifteen dollars i have three different types of subscription options that i’ve created and again we’re gonna learn how to do
this together right after this month to month which is great i have a three month subscription and i have a six month subscription and i allow the user to subscribe right away using this button so how do we do this well it’s super simple the very first thing you think you need to do is go to so let’s go ahead and do that together if you haven’t if you don’t have a website you need a website so go to sign up create your first
website and you should finally land here on your wix dashboard let’s go ahead and start this together top right hand corner allows you to create a website for the very first time now it doesn’t matter whether you’ve created a website or are creating a website from a blank canvas eventually we’re going to land on the same page so hopefully you’re somewhat aware of the wix dashboard and we’re going to go ahead and start from pretty much from
scratch let’s go ahead and click on the top right hand corner create a new website once you do that the very first thing you need to do is select wix on the left hand side from there we’re going to go ahead and be uh propped for a couple options ideally for this case i’m actually just going to start with a a template this will give you just a good idea of how to get started uh with wix and starting how to create your very own subscriptions and
then if you have a blank canvas you can then incorporate these ideas and this tech this technique directly to your website so let’s go ahead and select online store from here on the right hand side you want to select create a choose a template so let’s go ahead and choose a template and load and behold we’re here by all means you can select any template you like but for today’s video i just want to show you guys how you can get started with
building your own subscription website again it doesn’t matter whether you start with a blank canvas or use a template the most important thing right now is learning about how you can get started with subscriptions so let’s go ahead and hover over the very first uh um template you should notice it’s called the tote bag store so let’s go ahead and click on edit and it should open up the wix html5 editor which lets you basically look at the
template if you like it great you can work with it and uh that’s pretty much it so let’s go ahead and click on x right here i’ll give everybody a second to load up their editor in case they don’t have a fast computer but this is basically the idea the very first thing we need to do when we uh select our template again doesn’t matter is we need to click on the publish button it’s super important let’s go ahead and click on publish and give this
website a name we’re going to call this bags and we’re just going to click on save and continue and once it publishes i need you guys to do one more important thing simply uh make sure that you go back to your dashboard so your dashboard and your website editor should be open at the exact same time the reason for it is once we refresh our dashboard the website that we have published on the top right hand corner and that we named bags in this
example is actually going to show up right here under bags it’s important because we need to be able to add products on the back end and then simply from there set that product to a subscription based on month to month uh three months six months twelve months whatever it may be so remember we’ve gone ahead and went to we’ve selected a template under our templates the editor opened and now we’re back to our dashboard let’s go ahead and
hover over our dashboard website and click on select site from here it’s pretty much easy so you’ll notice on the left hand side there is store products basically this is the main dashboard that’s going to allow you to manage your sales your subscriptions and the ability at the top uh bottom left-hand corner to actually access the editor right here we really don’t need to do anything within the editor but the reason why we needed to select a
template and clicked on publish is so that we can actually have a uh website built under our own name in our dashboard so what we need to do from here is that we need to simply click on store products and you’ll realize that these products these 12 products that i have in front of me are actually the 12 products that are here labeled on my dummy website that i have on my template so to start a subscription-based website you can do one of two
things um because we’ve selected a template you’ll notice that any product you select will automatically have the option and ability to go into subscription base so for example let’s go ahead and look at this specific product right here the uh orange bag right here top right hand corner within our editor let’s click on preview once you do that it’ll actually bring you to a preview mode here let’s go ahead and hover over this specific product and
click on it you’ll notice that this product is actually set based on a price see how it says 15 and that there’s actually no subscription here so how do we then select a product on the back end and then simply make it into a subscription well it’s pretty simple remember our dashboard that’s right you notice that this is the product that we’re working with there’s a price right here there’s a skew number if you want to ask you numbers and there’s
inventory in stock let’s go ahead and select a product and turn this product into a subscription that my customers or your customers can reorder month after month three months six months whatever maybe you’ll notice that you are now inside the product information page here you can add images videos you can add the product name you can change the product you can add a ribbon for example hot seller you can add a price you can say hey this product
is for sale or hey it weighs this much you can add a product description some policy information return information additional section and then you’ll notice that if you scroll down at the very very very bottom load and behold subscriptions this is it’s really that simple any template you select uh will automatically come with pre-filled products or if you decide to add a product completely from blank no matter what happens you can always give
your title a your product an image a title a cost and at the end of the actual product option you’ll notice descriptions easily offer products on a recurring basis with wix descriptions let’s go ahead and create a subscription right here voila so the very first thing you need to realize is that you need to uh by default have your website ultimately uh uh as a premium website i’ll show you that at the very end uh but it’s pretty cheap it’s about
100 bucks a year to start your wix website on a subscription basis so let’s go ahead and give it a title for example month to month so uh this basically will allow my customers to look at this product and see this product is uh able to be subscribed to month after month so this bag to your house month after month so that’s my basically tagline so under here is the bread and butter of the subscription system on if you want to start a
subscription on you need to be here so subscription details how would we like to create our subscription for our customers well frequency we’d like it weekly monthly or yearly this is how creative you can get with it but for the sake of just creating a really good easy to use video let’s go ahead and click on monthly and the duration is pretty interesting what we can do for month per month is that we can actually allow uh the user to buy
the subscription uh and auto renew until they cancel or for three months for six months or for nine months in today’s example i’m going to show you guys how to create three different subscription types for now month to month is going to stand as the user is going to be able to purchase this product this bag monthly and they’re going to be charged until they cancel and at the at the current price every single month it’s going to be 15 so we’re
going to save we’re going to click on maybe uh maybe later right here because it’s saying it says hey congrats you created your first description but you need to um you need to upgrade your wix premium plan so we’re going to click on maybe and you’re going to realize that hey we created our very first subscription website subscription let’s go ahead and create a new subscription so we’re going to call this description three month subscription and
to your door for three months frequency of monthly and we’re going to do it for three months so every single month they’re going to be charged 15 let’s go ahead and apply this and load and behold there it is three month subscription let’s go ahead and add another subscription and say six month subscription and this is gonna be for six months and what we’re going to do is select frequency of monthly and we’re going to say 6 months at 15 and press
apply so here we are we have on our wix website initially a product however based on our dashboard we’re able to go into a specific product such as this orange bag and we were actually able to give it a name give it a ribbon of course you don’t necessarily have to have a ribbon you can go ahead and set a price and then you can go ahead at the very bottom and select a month after month and a different subscription type that fits your specific
needs for your website there’s some other options and by the way you can have as many subscription options per product or have it if you have three products then it’s really really simple just duplicate the product and it will keep the subscriptions with you now i plan on answering every single one of your questions on youtube so definitely if you have any questions uh about how to at least get started with subscriptions i will answer all your
comments in the comment box below remember this is just the foundational basic work of how to get started with subscriptions and then you have another option offer this product as a subscription only or by subscription and for a one-time purchase so it is pretty flexible the most important thing is what does your business offer what products do you offer and is it better to sell your products as a product or is it better to sell your products as
a subscription using and in today’s video you just learned how easy it is to just start with selecting any product and setting a subscription for that product now let’s go ahead and see what exactly happened let’s click on save top right hand corner and you should realize that load and behold this product if we click on it actually has subscriptions right at the bottom now if you realize product number two does not have subscriptions each
product can specifically have either a subscription or not a subscription this will give you more options and customize uh customized abilities to manage your website the way you want so let’s go ahead into our wix editor and simply on the top right hand corner click on back to editor it’s going to reload the updated data and let’s go ahead and click on preview one more time at top right hand corner and voila here it is my product as a
subscription month to month great it’s 15 a month for three months it’s 15 a month and for six months it’s 15 a month you can go ahead and based on simply clicking on this product scrolling down to the bottom you can go ahead and hover over any of the product subscriptions that you selected you can either hide this description for later you can delete the subscription or you can simply edit this description from here you can go ahead and choose
different costs per month for example if they buy a three month subscription it might be a little cheaper so you can go ahead and edit that right here you can do the durations up to a custom amount up to a year it doesn’t matter you can even do yearly and weekly subscriptions so for those who are selling music online as a subscription you can go ahead and set that per week per month per year it doesn’t matter most important thing we need to
realize here is that we just simply need to go to select a template click on edit load up our website and then make sure that we publish our website on the top right hand corner we need to name our website and then simply realize okay our subscription website is now right here we simply click on store products go into a product that we want to turn into a subscription scroll down to the very very bottom and realize that there are
subscription options right here so every single one of your products can now be set on the subscription i hope this video has helped you guys i plan on creating a lot more wix related videos how to build websites with wix how to sell products with wix how to create your own blog with wix i really hope you guys enjoy this video i know it’s simple it’s easy and it’s pretty short but i think it gets straight to the point