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Wix Pricing – Should You UPGRADE? What Wix Features Do You Get?

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Wix offers a lot of value for free, but many people probably wonder if they should upgrade to one of the premium plans. In this shot video, I explain the different price plans and what’s included at each level.


hey this is ryan from web eminence comm in this video I’m looking at the Wix website builder and explaining the different premium plans they offer so you can sign up for Wix free you can actually click the link in the description of my video and you can get access to their website builder for free and start using it I actually did a full review on their website builder and I’ll link to that full review on this video here one of the main
limitations with a free account is that you are not able to add your own custom domain so Wix is going to give you a domain that looks something like this so this the one they gave me for this free account is the first few letters of my name and then three numbers then it’s dot Wix slash my site the only thing I could change here would be the the part after the slash ER so I could change my site so you’re pretty limited in the the URL
that you can use for your site but this might work for some people who just need to get a free website for one reason or another the other limitation that I’ll mention here is that they do show ads on the free websites and on the lowest grade premium plan which I’ll show you next so here’s the ad at the bottom and then there’s an ad at the top so these are the prices as of December 2016 I’m sure these will change in the future but you can click
on the blog post in the description of this video to view a screenshot of the current pricing you can usually go to and right now you can click on premium plans and see these prices anytime but I’m going to go through and describe what the different features are they’re offering on these different plans so here’s the first plan it’s called connect domain in basically what you get here above a free plan is you’re able to connect a custom
domain name so instead of using that Wix sub domain that I just showed you you’re able to connect your own custom domain I believe you could purchase a domain from Wix or one or the reseller whoever they use or you can buy a domain name from GoDaddy for example or another registrar and then connect it to your Wix site so as we move from right to left we’re going up in price and you’re getting more features for these higher level plans the first
two items a list under each plan is bandwidth which is the amount of you know data transfer that you get so this the only reason you’d care about this is if you’re getting a lot of traffic or maybe you’re hosting videos on your site that you use a lot of bandwidth same is true for storage but you start off with one gigabyte bandwidth in 500 Meg of storage and then like I mentioned you’re able to connect your own domain name this $5.00 month
connect domain plan also displays ads like I mentioned and they say that right here this plan displays Wix brand ads so the main reason to go with this $5.00 month plan would be if you want to connect your domain name if you move up to what they call the combo plan you get a little bit more bandwidth and storage you’re still able to connect your domain name they give you a free domain for a year which is maybe worth 10 to 15 dollars and they also
remove the ads so probably the biggest reason to upgrade to combo would be to remove the ads from your website the next plan is called unlimited they claim it’s their most popular plan you get unlimited bandwidth that again is useful for people who might be showing videos on their website in hosting videos yet 10 gigabytes of storage you get the same as the lower-level plans where you can connect the domain you get a free domain you remove the
ads you get $300 in AD voters that can be used for Google AdWords Bing ads and then local listings I’m not sure what those are exactly you get a site booster app the premium version of it so that’s a Wix app you can see here it’s got 224 positive reviews basically what it does is it helps get your it lists your site in directories like Google Yahoo Bing and a bunch of local directories it does have good reviews that you can read and what you’re
getting is the premium version of this app that has all these extra things listed here so it’s top tier business listings they they create map listings for you and then some premium directories so there’s definitely some value there you also get access to the premium version of the form builder app and that’s another Wix app that allows you to create more custom forms on your website above and beyond the basic forms that are provided in the Wix
website builder again this one’s got great reviews too now over 1900 reviews and they look to be very positive so definitely another value there in going with the unlimited plan which is $14 per month and keep in mind you can select any of these and you do get a little bit of a discount actually the $14 per month is for a yearly subscription so if you were to pay monthly it would be 16 and you could pay 2 or 3 years to get an even deeper discount
so the next plan for $17 per month is an e-commerce plan you do actually the bandwidth gets downgraded to 20 gigabytes from unlimited the storage goes up to 20 gig all these features are the same and then they add access to the online store so this gives you access to the e-commerce features where you can manage your online store and I actually have a ecommerce level plan I do plan on doing a full review of the Wix ecommerce feature so I won’t
spend a out of time on it here but I just want to show you you can add products I actually spent some time going through that and was able to create a basic store on my site so you can just real quick see what that looks like so going back to the premium plans there’s a VIP option that goes back up to unlimited bandwidth you still get the 20 gigabytes storage all the same features you get the e-commerce online store there’s just a few upgraded
support options which is why they call it first priority support you get a priority call back it says skip the line with our exclusive VIP support phone number get instant response to your questions on the Wix answers page and then professional site review so someone from Wix will review your site after it’s complete so this VIP option may be worth it for some people who really need the support and want to get fast support but most people would
probably lean towards ecommerce if they need an online store and then if not that then probably the unlimited option is going to be the best option for most people so if you haven’t used Wix yet I would encourage you to click the link below this video and you can at least sign up for free and just start using the website builder can also check out my review which I’ll link to to just get a full review of the Wix website builder and then you can
just use it for free for a while and then upgrade at a later date you can search my channel for Wix WI X just to see some of the other Wix videos I’ve done I do plan on doing more in the future make sure to LIKE this video if you found it helpful and head over to my blog post too or I’m going to be updating the pricing and explaining some of the additional features that they will likely add in the future but keep in mind you can always go to to check out their latest pricing thanks for watching we’ll see you on the next video you