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Wix Pricing 2020 — Which plan should I choose (and why)?

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We go through the pros and cons of Wix’s plans to help choose the best one for your project. Learn what pricing tier is the most cost-efficient for you!

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Free plan limitations of Wix
0:36 – Wix plans overview
1:05 – Combo (Wix’s cheapest plan)
1:39 – Unlimited plan
2:42 – Pro plan
3:00 – VIP plan
3:18 – Business & Ecommerce plans overview
3:50 – Business Basic
3:55 – Conclusion

If you have any questions at all about Wix’s pricing, please leave a comment!

hi there so you’ve narrowed your options down to Wix and would like to start creating a website but there’s still the question of how much this is going to cost and what pricing tier is best for you let me guide you through the available options first things first Wix can be used entirely for free yes you don’t need to spend a dime the downside is that you won’t be able to use a professional domain name and your visitors will see a Wix banner
at the top it may be good enough for personal projects though okay this is wix’s pricing page for plans with a lot of information here are even more plans so there is a total of eight plans you have the option to pay for your plan monthly yearly or every two years the longer the duration the cheaper your plan will be you’ll always see the final price before you check out so let’s start with the cheapest plan combo like all paid plans it shows no
ads and includes a free domain name for one year after the first year the domain will cost about fifteen dollars per year even though it says for personal use it’s usually good enough for a small business website as well the bandwidth of two gigabytes should be sufficient for around two thousand to three thousand monthly visitors don’t get confused by the thirty video minutes comment if you don’t want to upload your videos to Wix you can always
add as many youtube videos as you like there’s no limit the unlimited plan has no bandwidth cap this means that Wix doesn’t limit the maximum amount of visitors it also gives you ten gigabytes of web space that’s important if you plan to upload a lot of photos ten gigabytes will easily be enough for a few thousand photos on top of that Wix adds three further bonuses worth money when you add up these sums you might think that Wix gives you four
hundred and twenty dollars sounds like quite a lot but is it worth it actually we think that most users won’t need these features why for instance you can get these Val easily elsewhere around the web the site booster app is only interesting when you want to get listed in directories like Yelp or Foursquare but you can also do this manually for free it’s the same with the visitor analytics app no need for it because it’s easy to connect Google
Analytics with your website and it’s free so paying more for these features every month only makes sense when you really need them from the beginning and want to save a few minutes at best the pro plan kind of works the same way as the unlimited Wix adds even more apps that may or may not be useful to you not everybody will need a new logo or an event calendar why this is shown as the best value option here isn’t entirely clear to us the VIP plan
is the exact same plan as the pro plan the only difference is that Wix promises better support I want to stress that Wix is meant to be used by beginners and their FAQ is very well documented the quality of the support will be the same but you will get your answers faster let’s jump to the business and e-commerce plans their main purpose is to accept online payments in other words they are needed to open an online store or to sell your services
through bookings unlike competitors like Shopify Wix doesn’t charge any Commission fee which is great basically they work just like the previous plans mentioned in this video this means an online store through the business basic plan will have the exact same features as an online store created with the business VIP plan for that reason it’s difficult to recommend anything other than the business basic plan so this sums up our Wix pricing overview
even though there are eight different plans you can pretty much narrow them down to combo for basic sites and business basic for e-commerce websites keep in mind that you can always upgrade later keeping the credit you’ve already paid in case you still have questions make sure you leave us a comment thanks for watching