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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

you are in doubt between the ifs and wordpress these known systems propose quite different approaches to website creation so know which one is best for you welcome to the test website here we spent the day analyzing website creators to save you time let's look first at ease of use the fact is that ix is ​​one of the easiest to use website creators we've ever we tested there are hundreds of templates available including for blog stores virtual portfolios among others it is very easy to get straight to the point and start editing with the drag and drop editor the flexibility is great for scrolling or adding elements as you wish wordpress self proclaims a flexible content management system that allows you to build just about any type of website with hundreds of themes to kick-start but this flexibility comes at a price you will need a little bit of technical knowledge to be able to configure the site and add all the extensions and plugins that will really make a difference on your site wordpress has tried to make things easier with guttemberg editor for add blocks of content in a much more visual way than before but the The road is still long if they want to outperform the ix in ease of use so ix wins the first album with which of the two are you most likely to appearing on google is what we're going to know now by assessing s or of each one despite what they say out there actually the s olsdal ix is ​​good they offer a fair amount of options for optimize your site including the ability to edit the title of the page to url and alternative texts of images but wordpress offers more than that the software comes with a little ds or ready to use features but you also have access to numerous powerful plugins like hi or whether it is if the google analytics reader that can really boost your job under-16 that both are solid choices but whether you take them or seriously the wordpress wins lounge for a blog which better tool ix allows add a blog to your site but it’s a little limited you don’t have a lot of control over the layout of your posts in addition to being able to add video images and divisions course it is easy to use but we would like to see more options for editing and wordpress publications in turn is known for a long time as the blogging tool the blogging system is powerful with the possibility to add crss category tags in addition to plugins for comments related posts polls you decide the sky is the limit when you creates a blog with wordpress and that's why this round is his how about having extra apps on your site the good news is that this is possible both with the ix dot with wordpress the market week app has more than 250 pps to help enhance your website by ix covers all your needs whether for live chat scheduling systems vivo for customer support or ticket sales for events in this regard wordpress does not disappoint either in fact they have hundreds of plugins to add just about any resource to your site like ix the price range goes from zero to a high value to main disadvantage is that you will need a little knowledge technician to install and update them each time a new version has been launched as in terms of resources the two are great options this time gave a draw we are very satisfied with the level of support provided by wilks in addition to email and phone support they also have forums articles and tutorials easy for beginners wordpress like open source software ie technically for free does not officially support you find help on community forums but it’s not always easy to get answers to problems specifics you might have guess at the ix wins lounge so we have a tie now we come to the very important final round let's see how wikis and wordpress perform in relation to prices plans without wii ads start at 27 reais a month or 19 reais a month for contracts a full year the higher the value more resources bandwidth and wordpress storage free software but unlike the wiki you will have to find and pay for a service provider hosting for your website to work there are cheap hosting plans for eight reais a month 1 – but hosting solutions are not the fastest managed with all the updates made for you costs around 20 reais per month on our website you will find our accommodation options preferred despite the various themes and plugins available free of charge expenses go up quickly if you buy themes premium paid plugins or hire a developer to work on your site having said that the two solutions are accessible and police and we have one more a tie once again believe it or not the performance of the wordpress ufc is quite level in what it says respect to the resources that we briefly evaluate we have for each round ease of use the ix is ​​if the wordpress blog wordpress extra apps tie support cost-effective wilks draw how it can help you decide good it all depends on what is most important to you if you want a website that is easy to manage in help of a developer and don't give up giving up control of some parts like your blog so recommend it to ix but if you have bigger plans for your site want full flexibility and sees no problem with rolling up wordpress sleeves on for more information check the website of this website there we have analyzes complete on ix purdy press and many other authoring tools e commerce site like web node barry gol and shop fi and if you have any question about this video leave a comment .

Video Discription

Para testar a Wix de graça, clique aqui:
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Você está em dúvida entre a Wix e o WordPress? Esses sistemas conhecidos propõem abordagens bastante diferentes de criação de site, portanto, saiba qual deles é o melhor para você!

Neste vídeo, veremos qual é preferível em termos de SEO, blog, suporte e muito mais, para ajudá-lo a se decidir.

Conteúdo do vídeo:
0:20 Facilidade de uso
1:27 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2:17 Blog
3:06 Aplicativos extras
4:00 Suporte
4:37 Custo-benefício
5:45 Conclusão e pontuação final

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