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you can't choose between weeks and wordpress these popular website publishers offer very different approaches different to create a site let's discover together which one is made for you welcome to the website or the tester the site that compares the editors of websites to save you time let's start by looking at the ease of use os x is one of the simplest website editors we've used you can choose from hundreds of models including store blogs online portfolio and many others getting started is very easy thanks to the editor where you can make changes by drag and drop you have great flexibility to move and add items to your way wordpress boasts of being a system of flexible content management that lets you create almost any type of sites starting from one of the thousands of proposed themes but this flexibility at a price you need to have some technical knowledge to create a site and add all the add-ins and extensions to it will give life wordpress wanted to simplify the task a little with its gutenberg editor which allows to add blocks of content in a good way more visual than before but it still has a long way to go to beat x in terms of ease of use weeks wins the first round which will allow you to find more easily on google let's find out by looking at them so2 features each of the editors unlike what you can hear say week is doing pretty well in SEO it offers a reasonable amount of options to optimize your site there including the possibility of modifying page titles, url and attributes stop images of your site wordpress side the options are still more basic system includes only a few functionalities is that but you have access to a ton of very powerful plugins like used so and wrongly google analytics that you can add to boost your SEO efforts conclusion both are solid at on it but if siao is a priority for you we think wordpress and benign what is the best tool for blogging weeks allows you to add a blog to your site but the options are rather limited you don't have a level of control is lifted on setting on the page of your publications outside the image of videos and dividers of course it is easy to use but we would appreciate more editing and publishing options wordpress, on the other hand, has long been established as the tool for benchmark for bloggers its powerful blogging features allow to add labels of categories and rss feeds but also plugins for comments similar articles surveys la list goes on and on when you blog with wordpress the possibilities are endless so he wins this round you want to add functionality to your site good news it is possible with weeks as with wordpress the ap market of weeks offers more than 250 applications to enrich your system site making a live chat appointment for the customer assistant or solutions online ticket shopping for events weeks thought of everything wordpress is not outdone on this point either it offers thousands plugins that let you add just about any functionality at your site like at weeks some plugins are free but others can cost a small fortune the main drawback is that you will need some technical knowledge to install them and successfully update them with each new version in terms of functionality and two editors are good ties for this round we are rather satisfied with the level of assistance offered by weeks a email support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like article forums and tutorials accessible to beginners wordpress as technically free open source software only offers no official assistance you will usually find help on community forums but it's not always easy to find answers to specific problems you face you guessed it is weeks that prevail for seven years which we leads to equality now we come to the attack as long as the last round let's see how os x and wordpress are positioned in terms of prices weekly ad-free plans start at 12 euros per month every eight 50 euros with a one year commitment the more the prices go up the more you will have access to bandwidth and storage functionality wordpress software is free but unlike weeks you must find and pay a host to put your site online you can find a cheap web host for 5 euros per month or less but it will not be the fastest managed and correct hosting solution taking care of all the updates costing around 12 euros per month you will find our preferred accommodation options on our website although many themes and plugins are free the prices can quickly climb if you add a premium paid plugins theme or if you hire a developer to customize your site that said both solutions remain affordable which brings us back to a draw believe it or not it's hard to decide os x and warp ans regarding the features that we were able to evaluate let's recap the different rounds ease of use weeks and this at the world press blog wordpress additional applications equality assistance weeks report quality price equality how can that help you do your choice in the end it all depends on your priorities if you want a site that is easy to manage without the help of a developer and if you agree not to have complete control over certain aspects as in the case of blog we recommend x however if you have more projects ambitious for your site you want flexibility that you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves a little wordpress is unbeatable for more information go to website or the tester you will find our detailed reviews on os x wordpress as well as many other site creation tools and ten businesses like jim du square space and shopi flaw and if you have a question about this video Leave us a comment .

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Vous n’arrivez pas à choisir entre Wix et WordPress ? Ces éditeurs de site Internet populaires proposent des approches très différentes pour créer un site. Découvrons ensemble lequel est fait pour vous !

Dans cette vidéo, nous évaluons entre autres les performances de ces outils en matière de SEO, de blog et d’assistance pour vous aider à faire votre choix.

Contenu de la vidéo Wix vs WordPress :
0:20 Simplicité d’utilisation
1:22 Optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche (SEO)
2:16 Blog
3:05 Applications supplémentaires
3:57 Assistance
4:31 Rapport qualité-prix
5:35 Conclusion et score final

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