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hello YouTube computer I'm Dave Gilbert here and today we are going to AH put a countdown clock or at least show you how to put a countdown clock in your Wix website whatever you call it countdown clock ticker whatever but when you see it you'll know exactly what I mean by countdown clock if you didn't already anyway this is sort of a little update video as well um I know I've been posting on and off and uh not very consistent I just wanted to say I first up I apologize for that I do really care so that's why I just wanted to inform you a little bit with this video as well I'm going to try to post a video at least once a week sometimes I'll post more sometimes I might not even get one but I'm tuned for one a week and some cool updates I'll be starting some Q&A videos coming up here very shortly in fact real shortly I might even have one with a pretty cool tech team youtuber as well I'm not going to tell you who that is yeah I want that kind of being surprised but I will tell you he's an awesome youtuber and we'll see how that goes I'm working on that now so anyway be looking out for Q&A videos I'll create a quick little landing page website for you to be able to go to and ask your question because I just think that'd be pretty cool and we'll get some Q&A videos rolling so anyway countdown clock you go over to our handy-dandy add button are no sorry my bad you go over to our app market when you're on the app market as it loads you're going to type in in the search countdown clock press enter and then you see this says mobile ready but it's a countdown clock you simply click Add to site now you'll see you have a nice big countdown clock you can resize it any way you need it ah you see I just made it real big there um and and to change it or to adjust it you simply double-click it and then it will bring up the settings you could change like the style you could have the black with a white text or the white with the black text either way you could change the font size or sorry the font itself the font color the background color the clock you could change a lot of things but to change the time and the date and all that you it's a little hard to see but you click settings down here and then you see you could adjust your date you could adjust your time when you click that it'll bring up a little calendar you just choose what date you choose the time the day now remember this is going kind of off military time so zero zero is obviously 12 a.m. and and obviously you could do it from there I pick the minutes the seconds if you want to and then make sure you pick the right time zone especially if you're like a local mom-and-pop kind of shop you want to make sure you have the right time zone so people will know then obviously you could adjust what it says afterward and and you could add it like the text it doesn't have to be date hours minutes all that seconds so it's pretty customizable and it works really well you can see when I preview it just right there works well and all together in a website it looks pretty cool so that is as simple edit as it is to upload a countdown clock and Wix works runs very well you can see the ticker right here out flips the card kind of so definitely be looking out for more of my videos remember Q&A videos will be coming up very shortly I'll make a video very shortly with the website that you could go and ask questions and definitely be on the lookout for that Q&A video I may be making with that other tech youtuber anyway if you like this video please like and also please comment if you have any questions or you're curious or you just want to tell me thank you or ask me some questions about Wix either way everything fine and get me subscribe if you like my channel if you like my videos alright everyone I'll see you on my future videos and adios .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]I am excited to be announcing a channel update on top of my series in Wix my Website. Today we are learning how to add a countdown clock to your Wix website. It is very simple, but the countdown clocks are elegant and sleek. They work very well, and have a cool flipping technique. Now, I have an update for my channel. I am going to try to upload at least a video a week from now on. Sometimes more and sometimes there is a possibility of none. Also, I will be starting some Q&A videos maybe once a month for right now, and I may even have a pretty cool teen tech YouTuber do our first Q&A video with me. Be on the lookout for that, and I will be making a video explaining how to ask your questions to get featured in my Q&A videos. Your YouTube Channel Name, Twitter, Instagram, Website, or Blog will get featured in my video.You will get to choose what one of those you want featured if you ask a question.[/toggle]


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