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is your Wix website loading slowly hey what's going on guys my name is Gregg and in today's video I'm going to show you how to make your Wix website load a lot faster this is one trick but it works so well and works on 99% of Wix websites so without further ado let's get right into this so if you guys have been following my channel for a while now you know this is the template that I've been customizing and using for YouTube examples so I'm going to go ahead and use this for our example here so what we need to do in a nutshell to make this website load faster is reduce the file sizes so a lot of the times when you get high quality photos on your website the file sizes are enormous and this takes a long time to pull that information from the server and load the website every time someone goes to view that website so if we make those file sizes smaller we can load the website a lot faster so most importantly is your home page because that's the first page to load so we need to go through all of these photos here that are on the home page right now it looks like we only have this one here and the landing page photo here so both of those were gonna make smaller but then once you do this on the home page go through your other pages and do the same process for those so this is the background image we have here and we need that file so if you have this on your computer that's easy if it's something you got from Wix all you have to do is change background strip image and then in the photo you just hit download and it'll download that photo right to your computer so what we're going to do is then we're gonna come over to compressor dot IO and now what this is is a website it's completely free to use you upload your photo and reduces that photo file size to a smaller file size without losing any noticeable quality so what we're going to do here is select the file and do that photo process a couple notes here as you have lossy or lossless lossless we'll make it only a fraction smaller which is good and it won't lose any quality at all what I recommend is lossy you won't be able to notice any difference with your eyes but it'll make a big file size difference and then the other thing to note is that the file size limit is 10 megabytes so if you have a photo that's over ten megabytes you first need to go change that file size on your computer chances are you're probably not gonna have a photo that's bigger than ten megabytes if you do just let me know if you can't figure out how to make that smaller before putting it in here but if you need that just let me know and I'll let you know how to do that but what we're going to do is select the file we're gonna choose that background image which you can see is 6.1 megabytes that's a really big image we'll open that and we'll let this load here for a second it doesn't take too so once this is finished loading here it gives us a slider so this is the original image on the left side and the compressed image on the right and as you can see when you slide it there is no noticeable difference and this is on lossy so as you look at the results here you can see the before size with six point one four megabytes and then the after size is four point three two megabytes and it looks exactly the same so all you have to do is hit download your file and it'll download that new file right to your computer and then will upload that back to Wix and replace the photo with the smaller size so as you see when you start to do this this was a very high quality image before and it was pretty optimized that's why I only reduced it thirty percent but when you put in standard images you'll see that the reduction can be somewhere like ninety five percent and this after size will be very small that's what you want to aim for but for this example it's still reduced it thirty percent so that's thirty percent less data that the website has to pull every time someone loads it and then all we'll do is come back over to Wix and we'll change this background to a different image and we'll upload the new one and replace it with the smaller file size it's as easy as that and then something that I wanted to add in here is you can go over to unsplash.com and there are a ton of images that you can use here as you can see the one that I just used for this example was right here and you can download these completely free they're labeled for reuse so it's commercial use you don't have to give anyone credit or anything and they are completely free to download and use on your website virtually so that's a good resource for you and then the other resource you can use that's only for Wix users which is amazing is anytime you need a new image you can do free from Wix up top so you can just choose from here and you have thousands to choose from these are all stock photos that can commercially be used on your website so hopefully that helps you guys just go through and do that for all the images here and you're going to be reducing the size of your website and every time you do that you're going to be reducing the amount of data that the website has to pool every time someone loads your website and in return it'll make your Wix website load faster so hopefully that helps you guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up I really appreciate it if you like this kind of content subscribe I'm always releasing new stuff for you guys if you have any questions leave them down in the comments any video suggestions leave them down there as well and I'll make you a video otherwise I'll see you guys in the next one .

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