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Wix How to Add Videos, Music, and Embedding with HTML Codes

How to add & adjust settings for YouTube videos
How to add audio
How to find tracks from SoundCloud or Spotify
How to identify and embed with embed bode

In this tutorial, we are going use video and music to enhance your ePortfolio. I’ll also show you how to embed things into your ePortfolio at the end of this video. There are many options to choose from when sharing this kind of media, but I’m going to demonstrate what some of the easiest and most common options are, such as YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. So let’s go to Wix and we want to look for the “Add” button and we are looking for
“Video”. Under “Video”, you have a couple options here, but we are going to select YouTube. So this will place the video on the page and you can just place it where ever want. You can also resize this if you need to. From here you want to change the video because obviously you wouldn’t want to use this video here. You want to go to YouTube and either upload your own video or find a video that you want to share. Once you have found the page that
the video is on, go ahead and find the share button here, click on it and this is the link that you want to copy and paste. So once you have that copied, go ahead and click on this bar here and make sure you paste that in and click on “Update”. So that will change your video to the correct video and you can choose from here whether it autoplays or plays in a loop. You can also choose when the controls are shown. You can choose on layouts whether
or not the title is hidden or shown and you can also control the color of the controls from light to dark. To view the changes you will have to click on preview and then play the video. With “Design”, you can choose different frames for your videos, so if you just hover over some of these different options here, you can get a preview of what each one does and you can play around with customizing your frames even. To add music, just find music
here. Wix has some music players that will play audio files that you can upload from your computer as well, so you would use one of these or this or some of these colored ones here. So if you have any recordings of your own and you have audio files of those you can go ahead and share with that, but I’m going to show you guys how to use SoundCloud and Spotify. So once you click on SoundCloud you can place it on your page where ever you want and
then find the embed code. The embed code will be on, so first you have to search for the song that you want and then once you find the song you want you can click on “Share” and we’re looking for the embed code again, so there are a couple options here and also down here. So make sure you just play around with that until you’re happy and then make sure you copy the link –or the code and then paste it in this box here, which is
again, on the “embed code” or this gear here. Make sure you click ‘Update’ and then you can play around with having it autoplay and even the look of how the music player looks. So the next one is Spotify. It’s probably a lot easier than the other two because you can search directly on this widget. So click on ‘Search Spotify’ and type in the song or the artist, then you can click on the song that you want (if it’s available) and click on OK and
then it will change that for you and you can just click on the X here. So there’s the music player and if you go to layouts you can also pick different looks for your music player. So lastly, I want to show you guys how to embed because sometimes you can’t find certain videos on YouTube, so if you find them on different pages sometimes they are shareable, so to do that go to “More” and we want the HTML code. So if you click on this, it will drop
this gray box here. I suggest that you resize your video (or this gray box) before you start entering the code because it’s a little tricky to resize this box for some reason so I think fixing it before the problem happens is a little bit easier. So next you want to click on enter code, it’s going to ask you whether you want to add a code or a web address, so you can do either one, and then you would paste it in the box below. So we are going to
paste codes. So this video is on a news site. So once you have the video going you can look for this button here, it’s the share button and again you can share the web link here or you can share the embed code here. So you want to copy the embed code if you want to share this video and not the link itself. So once you have that, paste it in this box and click on “Update”. This should bring the video right in this box here and it looks like we
have to resize just a little and just make sure you click and now you have your video from another website. Keep in mind that different players have different ways of putting their embed code on their videos, so this one is actually located in the gear, so you just kinda have to search around for those different options and for the codes and links. So that’s how you put videos and music on your ePortfolios.