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Wix Form Builders – Built in Form Widget Premium Form Apps

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Wix form builder allows you to add forms to your site easily and they give you more than one option with third party form builders available in the Wix App Market. I show you the standard Wix form widget and premium options in this video.

hey this is ryan from web eminence almost everyone wants forums on their site forums are one of the main ways we let visitors take action on our website and get in touch with us the website owners if you’re investigating a website builder you’ll want to make sure it has the forum functionality you need the Wix website builder gives you a bunch of options for forms I’m going to highlight a few in this video so the main way that people can use
forms on their Wix website is using the built in forms widget there’s two ways that you might find that the first one is in app market so if you scroll through the app market you’ll usually see a forum section so here I’m going to click on view apps and there’s a bunch of apps that I’ll show you a few of them soon but I want to show you the Wix contact form widget which is already included you can click Add to site but all it’s going to do is add
their typical form so there’s the more common way you’d find that is by going to the add menu on the Left where you go to add elements to your website and then under contact you’ll see a bunch of different contact forms so it appears in the contact section maze you have maps have contact forms get subscribers and themed contact tools which are the ones that match your theme so you can click on any of these to add them to your site I’ll just click
on one kind of drag it down you see it’s difficult aim email subject message you can set your email address if I click on settings I can change what info I want to request in the form so you can turn on or off name email phone address subject message change what the button says it says send by default show a message when people submit the form or take them to a another page like could be a Thank You Paige and then it has some error handling like
if they don’t put in a valid email address you can click the little asterisk here to make these fields required emails always required looks like like a check phone check the asterisks and that makes the phone field required so some basic form settings which is going to be plenty for most people who are building sites on the Wix website builder click you can change the layout a little bit the alignment of the text click on design like you can do
with any Wix element and change the design but it looks like it’s just taking us back to the original designs that were shown in the original ad widget over here and then you can animate the form could probably drag it to change the size so that’s the basic form widget that Wix provides this is free with the Wix website builder now I’ll take you back into the Wix app market and show you some of the different form apps they have and they’re going
to give you some more premium options most of the apps are free with upgrade options to give you more premium options so the free versions might be comparable to the Wix contact form or they might be limited in the number of submissions per month something like that but the premium options that you’ll find with many of these different form apps in Wix are things like text notifications where it can send you a text message or maybe even leave you
a voicemail with some form information there’s multi-language options more pre-built forms like quizzes and pre-built surveys a lot of them will have links up to other apps and services like Google Drive or Dropbox for storage so that people could upload files to you using a form some of them might connect to MailChimp for mailing list management and then a lot of them will have payment options so that people can actually pay you to reform with
something like PayPal I’m going to go ahead and add the form builder plus app to the site just to give you a quick peek at that this is actually the app that will come with your upgraded plan if you are on the unlimited plan you see there’s a form builder app and I believe that it’s this form builder plus if I remember correctly I’m going to go ahead and add that to the site and you can check out my other video on Wix pricing to go through that
pricing chart I was just looking at and get more information about why you might upgrade to the different levels so check that video out I’m going to go ahead and add the app and what it does is just add a form so I am using the free version of the form builder plus it’s probably going to be a little bit limited let’s just click through and see what kind of options it gives me the this form is is pretty basic first name last name email address
and message I click on settings see what they give me here sorry you can see a little bit a little bit more complex than the the Wix form app so I can connect an email address add the different form elements they are going to allow you to add more form field so already that’s an upgrade versus the standard form app you can have a little bit more control over the content there’s a description for the form let’s just go it looks like it goes right
after the title of the form control what happens after the user submits or you require payment turn that on looks like it connects to PayPal some options there just discount codes text messaging like I mentioned you can get a text message link up to MailChimp here’s the design options till just scroll through quickly background color shadow submit button order advanced custom CSS and under more you can kind of just take a peek here ecommerce
comment slider so there’s a lot of design options and add-ons you can you can do here says I’m currently a free user it can upgrade I think it’s a few dollars per month for this form this just kind of gives you an idea of what you can get with the premium form builders with Wix so hopefully that kind of clears up for you what Wix can do in terms of forms like I said this basic form app is going to work for most people just to put a basic form on
their contact page but for those who need something a little bit more intricate you’re going to be able to get that too in some of the upgraded form apps if you want more information about Wix check out my Wix review video you can also check out the Wix pricing video that I mentioned earlier make sure to subscribe I’ll be doing more videos on Wix and other website builders in the future and we’ll see on the next video