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Wix eCommerce | How to Sell Dropshipping Products Using Wix

In this webinar, you’ll get a live product demo of how to start dropshipping from your Wix site. Stay tuned after the demo for where special guest Jill Sherman, Co-Founder and CEO of Modalyst and Wix will host a Q&A session and offer essential tips for running a successful business with dropshipping.

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The Wix eCommerce platform provides businesses with all the professional tools and services
they need to sell online and in-store. Build your eCommerce business and sell on multiple sales channels, including web and mobile storefronts, social media channels, online marketplaces and physical retail locations. Manage and track everything with an advanced, integrated dashboard: from inventory, orders and fulfillment to payment and brand marketing. Join over 500,000 stores worldwide—run and scale your eCommerce business on Wix.

hi everyone so glad you’re here with me today my name is Arielle today I have here with me the week’s source team as well as Jill Sherman from Moodle East she’s the CEO and co-founder so what we’re gonna talk about today is how to sell jet dropshipping products so we’re gonna talk about what is drop shipping and how you can make your first sale and Jill is gonna share some tips and tricks and and a lot of her knowledge okay hi everyone my name
is chicken I’m a product manager from weak stores and today we’re going to share with you and actually Jill is going to share with you how to sell drop shipping products in weak stores using model is so weak stores is powerful we have insights from over millions of users 1 million users merchants using our weak stores service and our complete product went through an overall in 2019 we’ve added a lot of new exciting features that you can see and
regularly updated in our site and we are super fast growing growing company and especially in weak stores and we have all the knowledge and we would like to share with you some more information how you can extend your business and make more money okay so today Jill is going to present to you what is dropshipping how you can select the right items to sell and how did you drop shipping with Wix so Jo take it from here awesome great T thank you for
the introduction and great to be here with everybody so my name is Jill Sherman I’m co-founder and CEO of motorless we enable e-commerce retailers to connect to a catalog of curated suppliers for reliable product sourcing and drop shipping automation we’re also an official partner of Aliexpress and recently launched our integration with all Express with model s an ecommerce store can start their business from and start their business and scale it
without the need to buy inventory where how is it nor handle shipping and fulfillment it’s actually the easiest way to start scale your business well this was a pioneer and in dropshipping and has scale to work with over 200,000 stores globally I started a business with my co-founder to enable entrepreneurs like you to build a business rather than dream about it now prior to starting modeless I worked in retail for 19 years as an executive at
Prada Vogue and Harvey Nichols today I’m going to walk through how to set up your store and sell your first dropshipping product first what is dropshipping let’s go through that dropshipping is a retail fulfillment sorry shipping is in retail we tell fulfillment method where a store does not keep the product it sells in stock instead when a cell store sells an item it purchases the item from a supplier and has it sent directly to the customer as
a result the merchant never sees nor handles the product so let’s go through the drop shipping logistics how does it actually work there are no upfront costs inventory costs when it comes to drop shipping you can source millions of products across hundreds of categories and have the order sent directly to your customers so first the fun part you get to source products and add them to your store second you sell products to your customers now when
they receive an order you need to go to the supplier to the supplier and order the products directly from the supplier the supplier will then send the order directly to your customer so as you can see you’re never touching or feeling the inventory nor do you need to buy it upfront there are lots of benefits to drop shipping first you can onboard suppliers in a second it’s just a click of a button to add a product to your store and there’s no cost
to add in products to your store you can add one you can add hundreds there’s no upfront inventory costs for those products to be added this means that you can offer a large variety of products risk-free it’s sort of the endless aisle for you to explore the world of products and see what works with your customers you can customize products and deep product details and information to anything you want and we highly suggest changing product details
to have the spirit of your store next you can set your own margins so you can markup products to be multiplied to any margin that you want of course you want to keep products competitive and pricing across the web but you can set your own margins as well as your shipping rules and lastly you can easily adjust to market trends meaning if you see something trending now and not later you can easily swap out those products for something new in trendy
or it’s super confined niche it’s time it’s up to you what’s in your what’s in your store and it can be easily adjusted so to sum it up drop shipping is a low-risk way to build a business it actually doesn’t require much capital get started it’s also very flexible so you can work from anywhere in the world of course with any business there’s challenges so let’s go through some of those first you don’t have control over the stock you don’t
actually own the inventory the suppliers do this means that there’s a lack of control over the customer experience with fulfillment in drop shipping the supplier should not send packages with their own marketing materials and promotions and at moto lists were very strict about those guidelines with this it’s a bit more challenging to build your brand loyalty that’s why it’s important to find reliable suppliers who you trust to do drop shipping
correctly and lastly the margins are slightly compressed you can make the highest margins when you buy inventory in bulk which drop shipping as the supplier owns the inventory the cost per item is higher than buying wholesale so you make a little bit less money per product now you get to find your niche and select your products there are endless ways for you to select items which you want to sell we highly recommend being selective and narrow
choose a niche that and don’t be that everything store creating a niche helps earn a loyal customer who comes to you for that niche then as you see success and that you can start to expand beyond the narrow confines of that niche it’s important to stay true to that niche meaning if you’re selling shoes try explaining to socks but don’t suddenly add kitchen gadgets so here are three strategies to get you started select a niche with proven sales
like hot selling items that are trendy you don’t need to know your niche inside-out you can go for something with which is a hot seller or super trendy now these items fly off the virtual shelf but keep in mind that a trend may also fade fast so you need to keep an eye your eyes open for the next trend some trending Nisha’s that we’ve seen during kovat are face masks or at home exercise gear next a low competition niche this is a niche that isn’t
ubiquitous across the web so your SEO and your marketing dollars go much further you can build a successful business in a low competition niche and if some examples are something like solar energy products or pet gadgets or indoor indoor gardens and lasses you know try starting with something that you love and then iterate based on research this then becomes a labor of love and your authenticity will shine through and all a supplemental in
elements that you need to create to build your business things like marketing a blog social media it’s always easier if you live and breathe that niche that said make sure you can pivot if you see the business veer from your beloved niche and take off in another direction now once you’ve selected the niece you need to go through a pretty extensive market demand research project so here are three different ways that you can research the products
first it’s through marketplaces look to see look at popular sites here are some examples Etsy Walmart Amazon and look to see what’s popular on those sites what’s trending what’s highlighted there what’s selling out there’s so many marketplaces that you can look at other examples are fancy you want low lists trade see far fetch a so-so list just goes on and on next social media how are people talking about your niche what’s busying the chatter ha
this is how you can find out what’s trending now and how people are passionately responsive to responding to it and last look at resale sites and social shopping see customer reviews and what people are liking and recommending and sharing you know resale sites and social shopping or super engaging environments where if you can see that something is taking off and the chatter you know that you’ve found something good now once you’ve found your
knee shall see how it’s training within keyword searches so you’ve identified your Miche let’s see how it trends across the Internet a good way to start is with Google Trends see which words are training over time – how is it trending from one point in time to another this helps identify trends and fads next Google Keyword planner I understand how keywords are searched and how these searches have changed and last is buzzsumo research content so
this is the content not just the keywords to see how it resonates with people and how it converts now as a pro tip check out competitive sites to see to understand product pricing and ensure that you can build a healthy margin and also make sure to see what products are available for dropshipping within your desired market for countries outside major markets this should be a really important part of your research also not every supplier is set up
for dropshipping this is what you need to to work with a good dropshipping a supplier versus imagery now we’re all about appearance and images and it rains true for your ecommerce store as well you need to provide a ton of amazing images on your store to convey an in-person experience when we can’t step inside your physical store and touch the product with our hands we need to get the full experience when looking at it online the only way to do
this is through clear high-resolution images that pop product details the description of the product is your sales person it’s even better online is even more information can be communicated this is where the spirit of your store and your personality can shine through and the product details the more detailed you are the more comfortable the your customers will be in buying the products next is pick impact this means that a supplier can take a
singular product and send it itself now this varies from traditional wholesale suppliers because they’re used to selling in bulk so any drop shipping suppliers must be able to to take a product on its one singular product and send it to to your customers last payments you need to make sure that payments to your suppliers are fast and easy to get done so that there’s no hiccups in the process now let’s – how you can set up your models account with
Wix this is what it looks like when you first land in moda list you have four steps to get started and we walk you through each of them very clearly so first you want to connect your store click connect your store it’s gonna bring you to this page add your stores URL and click install this is going to bring you to the Wix page where you can then select the store that you want to add the app on to Wix is gonna allow it prompt you to to allow
permissions and voila your store is now connected to Wix that means products can automatically be added to it next you want to adjust your pricing rules so that you can control your margins now we have four different types of inventory on Moda list we have our vetted suppliers within independent suppliers name brands and trendy affordable goods and then we have all Express you can select your pricing rules for each one of these divisions
separately so the independent suppliers we have this right now set to multiply markup you can add the cost of shipping directly into the price of the product so you can offer free shipping and you can even select a shipping rate to override all of them with with all the Express we suggest that you murkly’s up slightly differently so I’m gonna change this to 3 so it’s 3 times markup I can also do an added markup if I want and I’m gonna add the
cost of shipping into the price the product so I can offer free shipping don’t forget to save your settings now we’re going to go back to the other setup steps you know see that it’s marked with a green arrow when you’re when you’ve completed this step next let’s find products to sell you we have a huge marketplace filled with thousands of suppliers you can search within the key keyword search find a product and then simply just click on add to
import list and it’s going to add it into a section with the more list where it’s saved for you to then edit later so you can see here I’m adding products directly to my import list for later and next is connect with all Express now this is if you want to sell Aliexpress products we have API connected as an official partner so you’re going to want to connect to I’ll Express to make sure that your store is connected to them for order automation
and product updates and then after that I’ve already actually installed a Chrome extension so you’re gonna see that the green arrow is already it’s already check marked next you want to join there dropshipping program this essentially whitelist your store so you can send products to multiple locations without your account getting blocked when you finish installing on joining the program on Aliexpress you’re gonna land in a drop shipping Center
this is what it looks like and this is where you can search for products within Aliexpress to find the best selling products with within that entire marketplace next click on join the program it saves it and that’s it so you’ve now connected your account to Wix as well as connected your account I’ll Express all within a couple of minutes it’s that simple there’s one more step to go which is adding products to your store and when you’re done with
that your account will look like this all four checkmarks are done and you can mark it as done and the widget will go away so as you can see we have two different ways to search for products on motorist’s we have our independent brands as well as Aliexpress so let me go through what each of these mean there are many advantages to two sourcing products an embedded market place such as marketplace such as Model S moto s we have a curated network of
suppliers which you can trust our goal is to provide you with reliable supply so all you need to focus on is creating and marketing to your audience so notice we have curated suppliers this is a vetted marketplace for reliable and responsive suppliers we don’t accept everyone onto our platform you have to apply and we look for certain conditions within each of our it within each of our customers to ensure that they can follow all the dropship and
rules next we are API connected to all of our suppliers that means that if they sell a product across any of their sales channels as well as across any of our retailers that’s connected to us and inventories accurately markdown across all of our partners in all of our stores so you can trust that the inventory is reliable next we focus on faster shipping this is especially true for our vetted marketplace of independent suppliers of course I’ll
Express that’s the longer shipping times and we can go into that in a moment for motorists we aim that domestic orders arrive within three to five business days and supplier communication we have direct inbox communication to all of our suppliers so if you have a question you want to ask them you’re welcome to do that you have an issue with an order or a question about the order you’re welcome to communicate with them directly it’s all about
building a relationship so you can trust the inventory and the relationships that you have here’s how it works to search for products on Moda list first we have we have over 2800 categories on modal lists we actually sync back to the Aliexpress category so you can easy to find here as well as there you can search directly in the keyword search you can also go directly to our marketplace so we have the four different types of of supply you can
search for any of those now shipping is super important you want to make sure that products can ship to the customer request the location where customers are located you can search for products ships from for faster shipping and then we have a filter for shipping speeds as well as free shipping you can sort the marketplace in different ways as well and then we have four main tabs to help you cater it onto some popular inventory we’re especially
proud of our private label drop shipping program where you can have products sent to your customers with your own store branding and if you don’t find the Alex Vause products on Moda list you can go directly to all Express and the add products through our Chrome extension now I’m going to start adding products to my store I am making a baby store so here’s a onesie that I want to add to my store all the product information that you see here will
be added to your store so here’s the item cause of what you owe and the mark-up for the profit that you will earn all the variants you can see this is free shipping and where it ships to and this is the stated processing time so this is important to pay attention to because that’s when it will arrive at your customer your customers Jill yeah I see thank you I’m sorry for stopping you but and seeing a lot of questions about how do you find the
drop shipping products from the country that you’re you’re in like to find exactly in would drop cheese chips to your country there’s a filter in modeless that set that says I that says ships from and ships to and it has all the countries listed there so you can click on ships to and your choose the countries that you want to filter down to okay I’ll just keep going to here so all those products before I’ve been added to your import list all you
need to do is click on on sync add to your sink list and it will sync it with your store so I’m going to show you what this what that looks like so this is your sync list these are products that have been added to your store I filled it with some products it includes a variance to stock the price as well as the profit so these are all actually sitting within your WIC store now because I clicked on adjusting to look sync list and this is what it
looks like within your Wix store you can see it looks very similar and when I click into the product itself you’ll see that all of the information has been synced directly with your store this includes all of the imagery you can see there’s some high-res detail shots the name of the product and the description remember you should always change the part of description especially when it comes from Aliexpress now there’s the variance the color as
well as new and any additional variance and all the pricing which has been marked up to to have a margin of three times from the the price of the item now what does it actually look like in your store so this is a store that I created you can see that the products are sitting beautifully side-by-side they’re all white background imagery and it fits within the spirit of the store and if I go into this store itself all the images sit nicely
side-by-side you wouldn’t even know that these are dropship products now my recommendation is to change the one on the bottom right because it doesn’t fit nicely side-by-side and have a white background so here’s some expert tips first just like that question make sure that new products can ship to the location where your customers are so if you’re outside a major market you’re gonna want to make sure that product snack should be sent to that
market so as mentioned earlier you can filter down into products when in the ships to section within Moda list for the most part all the Express products can ship globally but you definitely still want to make sure next is do test orders it has a supplier to go through the experience right you want to know what your customers are experience you experiencing you want to make sure you’re confident in the quality that the price to quality makes
sense as well especially with your markups so make sure that you test and go through the customer experience next is personalized data all right sorry personalize that product details right change the product title it’s changed the description make it you know fun and Chris mattock and give it the spirit of your store it’s also this also makes it harder for customers to do price comparisons online so you definitely want to make sure that you are
updating the product titles and descriptions and to be your own and lastly is to test and iterate you know launch fast don’t don’t strive for perfection and then test to see how customers respond to your products and iterate based on on their salvo so again in the shoes and socks comparison I had before you know you can if you’re selling shoes already you can add mobile lists into your accounts and add socks and to sell side by side with shoes
perhaps you see that sock sell better you can then iterate your store and sell only socks it’s completely up to you but you want to iterate based on sell-through and demand now Aliexpress is an animal all on its own so let’s go through some of the pros and cons related to ollie Express first they have a ton of products over a hundred million products in over 2800 categories so you can find absolutely anything that you need and want these products
are very affordable which means you can mark them up a lot you more expensive products you’re going to want to mark up less but you make higher-margin because you have a larger you know I’m not that marking up with so you have a high market potential most of our products shipped globally they also have some parts a lot of products have a packet and free shipping which is much more affordable and faster shipping compared to other products so you
want to look for a packet shipping now when it comes to I’ll Express it has a great deal of variability so you want to make sure that the products have a quality that you expect not all products actually match the customers the quality the quality and size expectations of customers so you want to be careful there and last that last second alas there’s the shipping times can be very long so look for products that have a more have a reduced
shipping time often a packet products do and lastly returns are sort of a hassle these products are coming from China so make sure that the products have a return policy that you’re comfortable with so here’s some expert tips when it comes to all the Express look at the products feedback and the supplier reviews make sure that the seller has a high rating and the product has excellent authentic reviews look for products that have a the buyer
protection are part of the pirate protection policy and/or free returns this helps to avoid expensive return shipping with where the product and has you know especially with free returns look for a packet shipping this is an affordable and short at affordable wait for shipping and has shorter shipping times and once again always do test orders this is especially important with Aliexpress you want to make sure that it has the quality that that
that you’re promising your customers and and see what they are going to experience once I can deal yeah on that that’s really good we’re just having tons of questions about refunds and return policy how do you manage the returns because you mentioned that with all Express it might be a hassle like any tips about that yeah so return go back to the supplier right so there’s first it depends on how you we actually always suggest that you take their
return you would sorry let me backtrack a little bit and they go between the two different marketplaces there’s a motorist returns and then there’s Aliexpress returns so for any product that’s not Aliexpress that’s what I’m calling motorist returns the product is gonna go directly back to the supplier we have a 14-day return policy so the suppliers have to take the products back within 14 days of a customer receiving it we recommend that
retailers refund the money to the customer to make a better customer experience right from the get-go when it comes to the retailer there they need to get in touch with the supplier to explain what the issue is and then the the the customer will send the product directly back to the supplier themselves if the retailer wants the product can be sent back to them and they can they can then resell that product themselves as well instead of it going
back to the supplier that’s with motorless when it comes to I’ll Express you need to submit a claim on Aliexpress and go through their return policy process but they again with buyer protection as well as with free returns it’s gonna be a much easier process that’s that fall within their protocol how when it comes to all of this it’s very important that you explain what your return policy will be and it should fall in line with what these two
policies are it’s very explicitly stated on our site what each of these are you could literally just copy and paste the return policies and put it into your site as long as customers know what that word term policy is you’re you’re instilling trust and then buying these products right right thank you sure okay so let’s talk about marketing to get your first sale first you want to make sure your store is SEO friendly this is the most crucial
factor for generating traffic to a website and is how well and defines how well your yourse website ranks and performs to rank high in search engines you need to have plenty of relevant keywords included in your website in a way that makes sense next is to create a blog going hand-in-hand with this is creating original content and linking that content to your store while making sure that stores also SEO friendly create useful articles neatly
packed with SEO keywords and being a thought leader in the space while educating and entertaining your customers right so be that authentic voice next is test with your friends and family use them to test and iterate and concepts they are your trusted network to help fine-tune your store and the customer journey next use user generated content ask your tight-knit network of friends and family to share your business content on their social feeds
and gained a sizable audience at virtually no cost to your business as an example 68% of Americans are on Facebook so make sure to leverage Facebook and other social media platforms while using your trusted network of friends and families advocates you can also take advantage of the micro influencer world this has a small cost that can add a lot of authenticity and validation now email marketing have an email list one survey show is that 60% of
marketers cite at least 119 percent return on their investment from email marketing so be sure to collect your customers emails next offer incentives don’t forget to offer incentives in your email marketing for example 15% off your first purchase or a contest giveaway or a discount off the next purchase as a lawyer or a loyalty program an ex upsell use product recommendations to upsell products for example other customers also purchase socks with
shoes or pair those earrings with this necklace you know there’s there’s offered discounts on bundled products from the same supplier to increase the order value while also reducing shipping costs and that’s an important one right if you if you’re selling multiple products in the same supplier your shipping costs overall will go down while your average order value will go up so I want to walk you through a few examples of some Wix stores these
are all drop shipping stores and they’ve done a great job of building a beautiful storefront which you can hardly tell has any drop shipping products so first is one kind now one kind is entirely drop shipping from odorless it’s highly focused on skincare and in nature jewelry so you can see there’s some validation that has that’s product has sold 500,000 all of these products are related to each other and the marketing imagery all relates to
each other as well the pictures are clear and beautiful they it truly looks like this retailer owns the inventory so let’s go browse some more of this inventory it’s a beautiful example so deal you’re saying that everything on their side is uh is from drop shipping that’s correct yes everything here is from drop shipping in fact they’re all part their own brand like yeah and also they have this beautiful incentive that they plant trees right so
there’s there’s a new an emotional value to their store that when you buy products they’re also giving back to the planet so not only these natural products are or nature infused beauty products but they’re also giving back to nature in general they’ve also added in jewelry that has conveys that same sort of spirit and personality so here’s here’s some jewelry that they’ve highlighted again these are all still drop shipping products straight from
odorless and gorgeous beautiful imagery high-res and if we click into one of these products you can see all the details related to the products to help sell that product as well so here I’m just I’m going through this store in more detail but let’s go into one of the product as well it’s gonna open the product page you can see the picture is high-res it’s very clear there’s then a no further out view and also detailed shots on an individual so
lifestyle we call that lifestyle imagery so you can see how it sits on a person this is a description of the product as well as the delivery terms and again that’s very important so that your customers know when they can expect the product now I’ve spoken to the owner of the store and his piece of advice is be patient and persevere SEO and ads can take time to get right this this store is also in the UK and was diligent about selecting products
in the UK for faster and affordable shipping here’s another example this one’s Fitness specific owners named Oliver he’s focused on fitness specifically with our private label partner this means that customers who see the products will receive it with his stores branding on the package so the picked the the sticker and the packaging and the Hang tag will all have his stores branding that’s also organized through modal list I like how he’s how he
selected products that go with a specific lifestyle and also he added you may have noticed as I was scrolling down before that he added two products from Aliexpress that is um that go hand in hand with this kind of person you know a blender as well as a massager so he’s able to experiment with all expressed products and and see how they scale with his customer base to see whether or not make sense to add more products beyond the the apparel and
when it goes into the probable details he’s got a very detailed description so your customer feels comfortable with what they’re buying and many pictures to show the product up close and personal there’s other categories that he’s done well with as well there’s some menswear yeah you just showed us like I remember you said that we should always change the description right yeah our oh do you do it here on our on your on modal list oh you can do
it in either actually so the description can be changed in motor lists and the import list so that’s prior to adding it to Wix it can also be changed in Wix and we sync that back you don’t see it syncs back in our sync list but it is is captured as a backup in our in our in our admin so and so it can happen in either place the one thing that you do need to change in advance before adding a product to Wix are the variants names which you guys call
the option choice that needs to be changed in modal list before sinking back to your store so make sure that you’re consistent with how that looks you know if it’s a capital if it’s the you know color blue that’s capital versus lowercase or all caps whatever it may be you want to name your option choices consistently in modeless but when it comes to the titles and the descriptions that can’t all be edited within Wix as well so you could choose
whichever platform you’re more comfortable with great thank you sure okay so I’ve also spoken with Oliver who’s the owner of fitness Pro and his advice is it’s important to have a business plan and factor in all the costs involved when setting up the store we can go into that a little bit later as well but essentially have a business plan and make sure that your your the costs that are part that it takes to create your business make sense and can
scale and last example is is Gabrielle Dixon so she’s a this is a Wix site that then added a Wix store gabrielle was a gabber what a successful book and was working as scaling the business new word-of-mouth advertising and friends and family and she said that nothing seemed to work then she added a Wix site to her store works store to her site and the results were super interesting so to go into detail this is this this is the store that she
added so this gave her and a way for her to market her store beyond just her life coaching so when when Gabrielle added the site site the Wix store to her site she then took two days to market her store on Facebook she only spent two dollars and 59 cents and from just that money 2 dollars and 59 cents she saw traffic to her site increased by 38 percent and not only did it generate revenue from sales of the products but it also generated leads for
her more lucrative you know life coaching business so in Gabrielle’s words in just two short days I’ve gained 49 clients and I made more than eighty seven dollars from sales of my store now does someone else that may not seem like a lot but for me that’s enough to pay my electric bill for a month also each client will pay between $40 and 100 seventy seventy five dollars for 45 to 60 minutes session once they sign on also Gabrielle is on the free
plan on modal Asst so cost her nothing to add hearse her numerous products to her site so just to repeat she spent two thousand fifty nine cents she made a profit enough to pay her electric bill and she gained fourteen clients that will pay anywhere between $40 and a hundred and seventy five dollars per visit neopor per session with her and ideally they have multiple sessions with her so this was a very easy way for her to drive more people to
her to her to hurt her business as well as generate sells on products this is an amazing story deal I think yeah I was yeah I was really I was so inspired by her her story was just awesome to hear and it’s just it’s awesome there’s so many so many businesses out there businesses out there that can really captivate or activate their audience with simple action of adding a store not only to drive you know more traffic to their site but also to sell
the products that sits you know that that their customers need to you would like to have for example for your yoga instructor you know you can then sell yoga mats and cups and apparel anything to complement the business that you actually have and you can a great revenue stream a new revenue stream and a way to make to earn more money exactly exactly so that’s my that’s my final example I’ve not walked you through all of it um thank you so much
for your the time to present this thank you so much it was very informational and I felt like you shared a lot of your tips we have some more questions from the audience which we would love to ask you and she can too because some of them again we received in advance and some of them I was just saying that a lot of people were asking so I would like to repeat those mm-hmm so for example um a lot of people talked about the trust issue now you know
we have motor lists there for us how can you make sure you outsource the right products and you don’t lose any of your brand you know your brand trust that you’ve been building yeah that’s a that’s a great question okay and let me dive in July so me first of course you know Moto’s we vet the suppliers so you want to make sure whether you’re working with moto lists or or any other drop shipping platform that you feel comfortable with the suppliers
that you’re adding and that means that you need to feel comfortable in the process that that that platform has and adding their suppliers so there are things that we look for we look to make sure that it’s a long-standing business and has been around for a while we want to make sure that their products are professional and therefore we look professional on your site we want to make sure that they have inventory so they can you can sell the
product assortment without worrying that it’s gonna run out of inventory and also that they have a good social media presence so we do our homework but things change over time of course brands may grow tremendously since the time that they they’ve been added to our site and we also suggest that you do your homework to write it’s important for you to feel comfortable with your supply so I highly suggest that you order products from the supplier
it’s so that you also go through the new the experience that your customers will go through right so you can understand that the processing time is shipping time the packaging the quality of the product all of that is is living up to the standards that you have for your customers and that you’re promising them right and for all the Express we also suggest that you do the same you know order the products go through it there’s many suppliers are
selling the same products so you could have a bad experience with one supplier and sell the same product and have a better experience with another supplier so although it takes time to go through this because the shipping times are a little bit longer we just very much Sun suggest that you you test the products before you send them to your customers or have add them to your site Aliexpress also has what’s called the drop shipping center that’s
new for drop shippers in our partnership with all the Express that’s the place where which I landed on when I when I join the program in my in my own presentation this will give you some really good insights into what’s trending on Aliexpress so it’ll help pinpoint the exact supplier that the best supplier to sell that product also look for seller ratings product feedback fulfillment rings and on you know the last thing is how do you sorry if I’m
going on too long about this but I think it’s a really important topic glasses how do you convey the trust it you know Trust to your to your customers right so it just want to go and make sure that you’re very explicit with your customers in terms of things like processing times and logistics your return policy or money back policy have a fact to explain how your site works so that customers have questions they can go directly to your FAC before
they even buy a product and most importantly have awesome customer support you know you’re not in control the process when a product gets to your customer but you are control in control of it afterwards and make sure that you have awesome customer support I would like to add something that’s what Joe suggested I used to be I’m a former drop shipper and and what I used to do is always contact the suppliers I was buying from I wanted to create a
personal relationship and usually it resulted in better products better shipping and branding better branding for my product so it’s always best to contact your customer and your supplier and build a relationship with them maybe they can suggest things that you you haven’t imagined so it’s a good thing to do I had adding reviews is this something you can help for trust absolutely reviews is very important for your whole site not just for
dropshipping specifically and also you can ask for permission from the supplier to use the the reviews you already received on your site so that way from day one you have proven reviews on your site and and it will be trusting with your cost for your customers to buy them great advice very good yeah thank you some other questions so you talked about how to find the right product to sell like searching for trends can you share with us from all of
your you know from all of your knowledge what’s the trends for 2020 in some products for sure talk to me yeah that is such a hard question to take very honest I mean I I almost don’t even want to say a specific trend because it can change tomorrow that’s the whole thing about a trend and a fad right so I mean for sure we can see anything related to covin is is trending and think about all the ways that your life has changed all of those things
are changing or training so face masks and home fitness at home Fitness anything related to like kitchen or growing you know it so I mention some of these in the presentation like the you know at home garden gardening anything related to activities that take place in your home you know educational toys or activities with your kids those are all training I I I’m fearful to go beyond that because trends change so quickly so do your research yeah
I’m yeah exactly my suggestion is to do your research you know you can look up what’s trending but I would I would go beyond that and use the or the methods that I had mentioned Google Trends and keyword planner and by sumo and you know and literally just searching on the Internet the tips that I had for how to research in your niche are also the same tips I have for finding you know products that are trending in 2020 again these these new trends
change quickly so you want to make sure that you have your finger on the polls and once you find it don’t just stick with it you have to continuously work with it to make sure that it’s it’s still trending yeah great great answer and and and also drop shipping is great because trends or trends are changing you can always just you know shuffle shuffle like and try and you try something right now that’s exactly right and you should do that right if
you see there’s a product in your site that’s not selling don’t waste that real estate on your page swap it out but you can if you do see a product that it works in an ad and brings people to your site people may not be purchasing that but purchasing something else you want to keep that product on your for sure a lot of people asked about the minimum required investment to start a drop shipping like for beginners to even start with drop shipping
like I know that you showed an example of uh two and a half dollars something that we’d like but usually what Whitney’s find like your recommendation for starting it yeah you know I wanted to go into real-life examples so I am let’s go into the three stores that that um that I showed there actually even before that there is very they’re very minimal costs related to getting your account set up right you have your Wix account costs and then on
Moda list there’s a there’s a there’s a free account so and as the example at the end that I had with Gabrielle she’s on the free account so you can certainly make money on a free account all of them said to start with testing with small amounts of money so for example two dollars a day or a dollar a day to see how how products are trending and in terms of sales and clicks so Gabrielle’s example yeah it was a very specific one she spent two
dollars and 59 cents to get action going for her site Oliver had a much more precise so much you know much more precise advice he said to find a budget so he spent around third so anything that just a few months he spent around $1,300 on his store that includes his you know the cost for Wix as well as he he actually bought an annual membership to moto list because that reduced the new a per month cost uh and I’m with marketing and that in that
time period he spent a hundred and fifty dollars on Facebook but from that he saw a five hundred dollar profit so certainly you’re able to make a profit with very little expenditures the advice that that Jack had was to to really find a very targeted niche so that you’re not spending lots of money when it comes to uh you know finding your audience so his example was very similar to Gabrielle’s and who spend too a day to gain insights for a very
targeted market he believes in narrow age ranges and geographies and in Nice trends so it’s because it’s better to have you know I’m a million hi intention shoppers that are highly focused on your knees knees rather than you know sixty million from a broader audience that don’t have any intention to buy an example for you know related to his store is gonna be like don’t do advertising for beauty but do it for organic beauty products which is much
more specific and I’m mentioning this because it all falls within like how much you end up spending per per day on your marketing because the costs aren’t gonna be new your motorist cost and your Rick’s cost it’s going to be on your marketing dollars so you define a budget and then that you have a verse a specific period of time say like three months and then work backwards to make sure that you you know you’re not spending beyond your limit
within that budget and you’re making a return on that investment as well you’re gonna need some time to test and iterate and get your SEO and your marketing correct yeah sure thank you yeah she can I have your a question about can you dropship any product not related to my business so yes absolutely you you can dropship whatever you want but I would suggest adding products that do relate to your brand and whatever you already built because it
will be much easier for your customers to trust this kind of store so I imagine yourselves going to to an online shop and seeing so many different products it will make you feel like this is not the owner of these products and and suspicious buyers won’t buy so you need to make sure that it’s very credible but I do i my suggestion is when I first started I used to have like this big store with a lot of niches so I can try out what works and the
minute I saw that some niche like took off I just created a whole different website specifically for this niche and focused on that and then expanded my whole my own inventory on this specific one so I think it’s it’s a good idea to gain knowledge from from dropshipping different products but don’t focus don’t make it your hope don’t make it on your main business like always try to take out the knowledge and make a specific Nisha your your target
I think that’s great advice we see stores or I guess people start multiple stores basically focus on different a different niche per her account so that similar to what you said you’re not going beyond so your knees and your hyper focus in each of one you can see which one does best and then okay then you expand upon that cool deal apparently a lot of questions about becoming people like quick sirs are asking they want to become supplier for Moda
Li’s ah cool I get in touch with me Jill and modal is that Co I’ll take a look at your count and see if it’s a good fit I just wanted to tell you guys that this webinar is recorded and we will send you this by email also we have a lot of resources available for you so we have our Wix support article and knowledge base so you can just go ahead and ask questions you can of course go to modal list website and get all the resources there we have a
few how-to videos on how to set up modal list and Wix so feel free and maybe another thing that might help you is we held a webinar last week about how to optimize your storefront and a lot of the examples that Jill shared or cover there in terms of how to create a converting product page with different pictures and with a good description so this is something that you can talked about last week and I think you can find this helpful too and and
of course Facebook Ads we have not touched upon this but we have a Facebook and integrated two weeks so if you have a store then it’s open for you and you can use it we do the work for you so give it a try and lastly I want to thank you Jill and take you she cared for joining me today because it was so good I think it was really helpful and and of course for you guys who are here listening to this webinar thank you so much for your time and for
your great work we’re so inspired by your creations and loving loving to see those sores growing and selling and it’s beautiful and of course they healthy because that’s the most important thing so Jill if you’d like to add something or shaked please do um thank you for having me it was I mean I love these webinars it’s always good to get to know our you know customers and and I really appreciate the opportunity to present so thank you very much
and it’s um you know again any anyone who wants to join you know sign up and feel free to reach out to me as well my email is Jill at moto Lesko always available to my customers so thank you so much and sure thank you very much