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all right I wanted to quickly show you how to edit in the mobile editor in Wix this is an update to some of my earlier Wix mobile editing videos a lot of things have changed just subtle things have changed over the last couple years so I wanted to show you guys some quick tips so first off to get started just something I always do is add a Wix designer is I make sure I design everything I want the way I want it in the desktop version first always start with a desktop version the reason being is that you can edit here you can actually edit text you can change things you can change colors you can add pictures all these things here I can change where buttons link to that kind of thing you are not able to do those kind of text edits and things like that in the mobile editor so it's always good to get your homepage desktop version design first and then go into the mobile editor to get to the mobile editor click here on switch to mobile this will bring you into your mobile editor view just a few things to note about the mobile editor again you can't edit text so I wouldn't be able to change what this text says but I can double click on it and change the size of it I can change the alignment and I can change the color I can also choose to hide it if I want to hide something completely from the mobile view you can do that here as well to simplify the mobile view I can also reorganize things so I can move things up or down I can so I can use this little tool to kind of move things around I can use the undos and reduce to undo things if I don't like what I've done you can also zoom out which will give you kind of a zoomed out version of it where you can more easily move different sections around if you don't like the order that they're placed in if things are overlapping if there's something behind something you can click on it and drag it and move it around some of the tools I use a lot are this little drag handle it's a little downward arrow with a line underneath it if I use this it's going to move everything else and sink below it that's a great way to add spacing or move things so that they're not overlapping if I were to just move it like this then everything stays where it is so I love this drag tool I'm gonna undo that but if you use this handle this will allow you to move everything down in place with the item that you're moving so you nothing's getting overlapped or bumped into when you're moving things around so use that tool a lot another couple tools I use quite often is this little tool bar if you don't see this tool bar come up here to tools and click on the tool bar to see it some of the things I use a lot are your your width and height coordinates so if you want to make things all the same size if for example you have several buttons and they're all different sizes but you want to make them consistent you can simply click on them and change the width or the height to be the same and go through and make everything consistent you can also use these X and y coordinates a big reason I like to use these in the mobile view is it's hard to drag things around so if I wanted to put something down at the bottom of the page I have to drag it here then use the scroll bar to kind of go down drag it further and keep going down and down and down if I want to quickly move something from the bottom or from the top to the bottom or vice versa you can use these little x and y-coordinates the Y to coordinate is where it is in the height of the page so I can put 0 and that will move it up to the top of the page or I can put in like 2000 to get it down towards the bottom so feel free to use that again use this little undo if you want to undo anything that you've done you can undo and redo in the Wix editor which is quite handy another thing to note is you can't use your your arrows on your um on your keyboard to scroll in this window if you want to scroll you need to make sure to use it let me pull this in to screen a little bit better use this scroll bar to navigate up and down on the mobile view and you'll notice that the mobile view is kind of a little taller than the actual phone is gonna be so I always look at this preview and this will show me kind of what it realistically would look like on most smartphones so you'll see it's not quite as tall as the mobile editor is looking here – you can scroll by using this arrow or this scroll bar here so then I can click on back to the editor to get into the editing screen again a couple other things there is this page layout optimizer sometimes when I created a big page with lots of content I'll use this to optimize it don't use this unless you have a new page and you just want it to guess at what you think it should look like if you've already spent time on your mobile do not use this because it's gonna reshuffle everything out of order and the way it thinks it should be which is probably different than maybe what you want it to be because you're human and you know what things look better computers can't quite do it as good as we can so only use that if you're already starting if you're starting from scratch sometimes that's easy to get everything on overlapping and get access so you can see everything another thing to look at is your hidden elements these are elements that I've hidden from my page typically nothing usually will be hidden unless you've hidden it already but if you're looking for an element that's on your desktop but you can't find it in the mobile you can look here to see if it's been hidden and then you can restore it by hitting the plus again nothing should be hidden unless you've hidden something but sometimes things might get hidden so that's a place to look a couple other tools that you can use or the background you can actually customize the background for the mobile view that won't affect your desktop and any of these changes you do will not affect your desktop so keep that in mind you can also edit the menu and this is the menu that shows up this menu will only show up if you are using a header and footer setting on your pages so you'll you won't see this little hamburger what they call hamburger menu if you don't have those set and just to show you quickly where that set if you go into desktop you come over here to your site menu and you click on this little three dots next to any of the pages that you're editing come here to settings and then go to layouts by default usually the standard is to have the header and footer shown if you don't have that if you have this chosen you will not see that mobile menu in the mobile editor so you do have to have this this is one thing I'm hoping that Wix will change down the road but currently you can only have that mobile hamburger kind of expanding menu if you're using the standard layout so make sure to use this and what's good about this is it has a header and footer that appear on all your pages usually I only use this option if I'm creating a landing page that I don't want it to use the main menu system I've already established so let's get back to the mobile editor and look at that mobile menu if I click on this there's a few things I can do I can edit the menu if I click on this this will actually let me come in here and modify this menu so if I wanted to change for example the colors on this menu I can click on this little design icon and then I can change the color of the text I can change the size of it those sort of things also remember there's also the selected so that's the green that's showing here so you can specify the colors there you can also specify things like the border you can specify the background and so forth this is actually a box so I could change the background here as well and so those are kind of those those overall menu things in the in the settings so again I can click here on design to edit the design so I'm going to come in here this is just another way to kind of get into different aspects of this menu so open and close how you want that to behave there are preset designs so you can come through here and choose them but then you can customize that here so this is actually the little box that you see here and you can edit what this is looking like what else here I think that's about the layouts you can choose if it shows up full screen if it's half the screen if it's on the left or the right so choose those things here I'm gonna undo this because I want to keep it where I had it but those are kind of your overall menu edits in the mobile view so I'll click out of this again I think that's all the main tricks I wanted to show you in mobile so just always make sure to finish your editing here finish your editing on your desktop first make sure everything looks good on the desktop and then do this last as your last step before launching your page because again you can't edit much in here you can only move things around so if you want to change the formatting of a paragraph or anything like that you need to go back into the desktop another trick I use which is available in the Chrome browser is you can come in here and use and you can't quite see this but I have installed if you're using Chrome you can come up here to view and then under that it's developer tools click here what this does is it refreshes the page and shows it shows you what it's going to look like in global view this is a really handy tool to use to view Wix site so let's look at my site go to pickle XCOM and this is going to show me what my site will look like on a mobile phone so this is a really really nice tool and again it's a it's a chrome browser tool it's called developer tools and it's located under view under your main chrome menu under developer tools and this will allow me to view what it looks like on mobile which is really a nice little feature and then I could choose different phones to see what different things look like you know and this isn't a hundred percent accurate but and make sure to hit this little refresh button each time you change platforms because each time it's going to look a little bit different this isn't a very good example because the iPad actually shows a desktop so I guess it's not good for that but I do like using it for the phones because it shows me kind of the mobile view which you can't look at on it on a computer otherwise because Wix automatically just Herrmann's what thing to show you to get out of this just click on here and then refresh and then that'll show you the desktop the normal view so that's just a little quick tool for viewing things and I always advise you to look at it on an actual phone as well but those are my overall tips for mobile editing make sure you hit publish when you're done of course that's going to save a copy of your site and make it go live let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below and happy Wixon .

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