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hey guys it's kyle again i wanted to make a short video here and go over something i do for for all my wakes websites every client that I get it's not it doesn't really have anything to do with a website necessarily but it's just something that I do out of best practice that I think I think everybody should really do wonder they build a website for a client and it's actually you know something that you can sell and you know actually add value to your customer and something you can monetize anyway so kind of croup it into a package so basically every time I build a Wix website for a client I always build them a facebook header for a twitter header or whatever social media pages they have so today i'm going to make a facebook groups header now the dimensions are slightly different than facebook business page headers these headers are 801 by 250 pixels and it's important to keep this in mind because if your dimensions aren't correct facebook is going to compress the file and stretch it sku it it's really going to look terrible so make sure that you get your dimensions correct and if you guys have any questions about what those dimensions are just comment you know in a box below and I'll help you out all right so I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to add in some overlays I'm going to do an example with this group's page so I've got some wix-logo saved here and I'm just going to make a real quick design for you guys here we're still going to make it look nice but just do something quick for you guys here so one of the really important things to consider is what's viewable on your facebook headers and there's a lot of areas that get kind of covered up on your header whenever your users are using the phone basically mobile it's going to look totally different so you really need to keep in mind what sections are visible and which ones are going to get covered up and if I can point it out real quick this left margin over here and this right margin over here they're basically cut off on mobile it's just going to be this center section here so it's important to have your most important information or content right here in the center and then the other thing is at the bottom of the header on facebook there's buttons and things like that over here to the side and text over here so you want to keep your your text you know up a little higher as well so does it get covered up by us with some of the buttons and things so I'm going to go with a modern but more modern font here picmonkey they've got a few different fonts you can use can't you can't upload your own yet but I think are getting there this this program is much like wicks it's not for you know that just like wakes isn't for the programmer big monkey's not really for the photoshop expert but um it's a really great program and if you guys watched my video yesterday i went over some pretty cool things you can do with it I got that centered pretty well here now i'm going to change the color the spot here stat a little design to it and in what don't you do that I'm going to basically Google you know the wix logo and then I've got this really cool extension up here from color Zilla and it's an eyedropper so anytime I need a color i just opened my eye dropper i hover over the image and click it and it automatically saves the hexadecimal code for me it's given me a little trouble here give me a second so you can just open it up and I go to the color picker copy the hexadecimal code go back over here to pick monkey just i'm having some loading issues right now alrighty we're back ok so my copy paste it and boom changes just like that and now I've got a nice fluid color scheme going so I'm just going to leave it like this i'm going to add a little more designed to it but make that bold and then I've got another image here i'm thinking i can just kind of use for the background that's pretty large image so and it's just like wicks you can go ahead and not just click send to back and i'll bring everything else forward and actually lined up pretty nicely just remember I did that I think all i have to do now is just fade it out so it doesn't take take away from the logo too much let me see if i can get it just right I think that right there is good so that was it real quick you know we've got a nice professional facebook header here it very very minimalistic takes no time at all what's professional and it it's really good for branding I mean just just out of quality you know you really want the website and social media pages to kind of follow the same color schemes in the same design things like that so I'm going to go ahead and stay to hear it's the file size is 57 kilobytes the only last thing that you guys need to know is that these file sizes for these headers need to be under 100 kilobytes if there are over 100 kilobytes facebook is going to compress them and it's going to distort the image horrible it's gonna look really bad so I'm going to go ahead and say this to the computer and I'm going to update one of my groups pages I'm just going to go ahead and and update it here so you guys can see what it looks like it's uploaded click Save Changes and there you have it guys stop Facebook headers 101 you guys have any questions leave me leave a comment the box below or you can message me and pretty good about getting back to messages so I hope you guys enjoyed flexi guys later .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Hey guys, I made a quick video to show you guys how to make social media headers to go along with your WIX Websites using Pic Monky Enjoy.[/toggle]


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