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hey guys what's up it's a boy a kiefer sims and welcome back to my channel and today i'm going to talk to you guys about weeks and my thoughts on wix you know using wix using wix wix platform platform for creatives yeah i'm just using all those words so i can get it in the you know the youtube search anyways you guys are back so um yeah wix platform is easy to use i love the different features it has um the seo friendly it's all great it can be found on google and the gallery the teams are amazing especially for graphic designers but if you do want to like be more customized uh you can use a blank one if you want or you can actually customize the templates no what i also love about it is that it have integration with different stores like on-demand printing stores right they can integrate along with that to sell your clothing your art and that kind of stuff no ah what i don't like about it though is the storage space the storage space is really crappy and they have to have a higher you know have a higher plan to get more space so that's a down for me but i do find a way to get around it by embedding some of my photos some of my videos and just keep it in light and easy because i just really wanted a place where people can go and get to know more about me and stuff like that no uh would i recommend wix platform to other persons yes definitely it's a good platform easy to start off with and you know you can use it to do anything you want to do whether your photographer your graphic designer your web design whatever you know era you do in the creative industry it's a good platform no you do have different plans and are gonna put up the prices somewhere on the screen and you do have these kind of plans that you can start from also you have all in one so you don't have to use a different hosting platform to host the website it's all in one you can host it right there you know and if you do need a web developer if you do need that 10 tweak you can actually use their features where they can actually bring on web designers web developers to actually get that extra tweak and custom uh for your website no it's a good website as i said and yes i would recommend it as wix platform is a good platform for you and if you need more information on it you can check the link in description and see what they offer prices coupons deals everything like that all right guys thanks checking for this video remember to like share and subscribe and see you next time you .

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