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Wix Blog Posts – How to Create, Edit & Publish

I often have clients who have trouble with their blog posts in Wix, they post a blog in the Wix editor, but it is not showing up in their live blog. This is likely due to the fact that they are using the “Save as Draft” instead of the “Publish” button in the blog editor. View this video to see how to publish a post to your site, and how to add images, SEO (search engine optimization) page titles, descriptions and page URLs for each of your blog posts. For more Wix designer tips, visit:

today I’m going to show you how to manage your blog post and make sure that they’re published and showing up on your blog a lot of people will add a post and then they save it and it’s not showing up in their blog and they have a question as to why so the first thing you want to do is just navigate to wherever it is that your blog exists so you can navigate using this page drop-down or there’s also a little tool here for your blog on the left
a little B and a you know of speech bubble click on that and click on manage your blog from here you’re going to see all the posts that you have in your blog currently you’ll see that all these posts are published but a lot of times when you add a new post it will save it as a draft or you may save it as a draft by mistake so when you click on your posts put in your page your post title whatever is that you want to do start write your posts
whatever you want you can add pictures here very easily just check it on to add and you can check multiple ones if you want to add more than one just when you click on them you see a little check mark show up then click on apply and once that’s here make sure to add alt text this is really good for SEO and for Google and search engines to figure out what this image is about I always recommend to clients to name it with something that is something
that you want that pose to be found for so keywords that you want to be found for use those in this alt text box here and that shows up when you click on the the picture in the post you’ll see this little alt text show up that’s pretty important because it will help Google and other search engines see what that picture is and index it and it will show up in like the Google Images search and so forth so those words that you’re labeling it with not
guaranteed it’s going to be at the top right away but it will get into those results and this will help greatly with SEO another thing you can add is gallery so you can add a gallery of images to your blog posts you can add video by adding a YouTube or a Vimeo and you just simply get your YouTube or Vimeo video that you’ve already uploaded into one of those platforms and you copy and paste that URL of whatever video it is right here you can also
do that with any video that’s on you – or Vimeo as long as it’s public it can be viewed and inserted and embedded very easily here using this tool another thing you can do is add gifts gifts or animated images so if you’re kind of a expert at creating animated gifts you can add a gift you can also find some online if they’re free to use there’s divider lines and HTML code that you could add if you want to insert HTML code snippet of some sort of
Hira HTML guru or if you just want to add something that’s embedded from another source so you have all these options here now another big part of the posting is the advanced SEO if you want to name your your title with something specific you want to name something specific on the description basically this is what shows up on Google and other search engines so if they are searching for something regarding this post they will they can find it on
Google and this is what will show them what it’s about so I always recommend to people to write something very concise and you know draw people in to read more it’s also great to name it with keywords that you want to be see what that post to be found for so think about what people might be searching what you want this post to be found for and name it and and name every one of your posts something a little unique because that’s important you can
also adjust the post title or the URL I should say up here this is what shows up in your browsers bar the name of the page basically it’s also see this little thing in green here that’s what you’re adjusting so I can change this to be whatever I want and it will reflect here which is also very nice you can create much cleaner URLs that way when you’re done with that click on done and then when you’re done with your post and ready to post you and
you either a save a draft which means that it won’t show up on your full site but it will be there for editing and publishing later or you can click on publish now another option is if you click this little arrow you can schedule your posts so let’s say you want to write five posts today and then schedule them to go out one a day for the next five days you can set each post to be launched at any time that you want you can select a day you can
select the time and then hit done and that’s going to be scheduled to post on that day and then you again want to click on schedule and make sure you always do that if you’re just saving as draft it will not show up and it will not be even be scheduled to be sent out so make sure either schedule or use this publish nail option I’m going to leave this as a draft because this isn’t a real post and I’m probably going to even delete it so I’ll just
just quickly show you how to do that as soon as I either publish or click on save as dress it takes you back to your main post area this is where you can you know do whatever you want with these in terms of editing and so forth you can also delete these you can view them you can copy them so you can duplicate and create an identical post if you want to use that as a starting place and of course you can go back and edit so if I want to publish
this one again just click on edit and then click on publish now so that’s it once you’ve done the publish it actually goes live to your site so you don’t even have to publish your site although I always recommend that in case you did make any other changes but blog posts are independent of your main website publishing so if you publish a post and it’s live it’s going to be live regardless of whether you hit this publish in your just general
editor so just to clarify when I go in here and I hit publish on one of these posts that will publish it live to the site so I don’t have to now I’m going to close out of this I don’t have to hit this publish after that unless I’ve made any other changes to the site and of course it never hurts to hit publish again it’s not really hurt to do that just in case you forgot that you made a little change or edit somewhere else so that’s it enjoy your
blog it’s very easy to use let me know if you have any other questions and check out my website at tikka if you have any other blog questions or Wix questions I have lots of tips and information there Thanks you