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hey what's up guys it's your boy Nino coming back to you with another tutorial and I just want to say thank you guys for tuning back in make sure you can hit that subscribe button so you can learn a little bit more about my other tutorials that are coming up get that alert you know hit that alert button right there if you haven't seen it already it's right here okay so let's get started we're gonna talk about wicks art store so wicks art store is actually loaded located in your add to apps okay and you use the art store to actually display your content as like a photographer or as a videographer and if you want to sell that content you can now if you want to sell that content and make prints then you have to just do images only sorry for the videos on your t-shirt it just it doesn't work out that way here we can go over here to add apps okay we'll go up to here type in art store and then click the search bar search button boom now you want to add I'll go here I'll go back to my store I made a page just for my store okay and these will be my art digital files that are ready to be actually put out there to the world for people to buy and to enjoy maybe even get prints of it as well what have you so once you click Add it will create a Wix art store box here and what you do here is you click on here and if you want to manage your media you can click here and manage your media now I will say that this manage your media is totally different than your actual manage media on your website when you're trying to upload pictures to show to your clients out there so I will say I'll give you guys that heads up that this is different so that means that if you're looking for the phone that are in your actual media manager you need to download those to your computer and upload them back through this managed media right here through the art store because there's totally two different things so for this art store you can add an image of video whether that's video from YouTube Vimeo or just an uploaded video right here you can also upload text so over here we have the settings where you can import with an empty name or with the file name as the title okay and then you can add them from the start or at the end I went more over into this in my Wix media manager waits for beginners section on my youtube channel so I will put that in the right-hand corner as I speak in now let's get into the juicy part let's call the settings so you go to your settings here I want to show you that this is your main setup okay if you want to setup this or you click here if you want to do the manage media you click here or you can click here they give you multiple option that's great okay so let's start with store alright let's start now so what you do here is choose between these two I would go with digital images if you're just selling digital stuff if you're selling digital images with print I would highly suggest that you choose this option as well you can read more into it but I'm gonna just shorten this tutorial down a little bit so I'm just gonna click digital images so we got our digital images now we want to add more images that's our first step our second step is to set the pricing okay and then when we start selling we're gonna have to hook up our actual payment provider so that you can actually get and receive payment from your visitors to your site they actually have very good detail-oriented steps for you to set up your payment and how you're gonna receive those payments and through what vendor so definitely highly suggest that you guys follow those steps but if you want to set your pricing you click here to set prices you go inside here and then they'll give you these general licenses okay and one is a commercial use and then one is an extended use you can set your prices here accordingly if you don't want commercial uses to show you can just click that right there I highly suggest that you guys click these other two bullying's right here because I just feel like that's just something that you should practice so that you know it doesn't show up even if this is saying that it's not going to show up but you actually have to have one of these to open you can actually create another license here as well if you want more of like a personal usage only you guys can actually do web-ready or original fob do not click cancel if you're trying to make corrections do not click this exit button because you're normally used to that in the Wix editor you have to click Save in order for it to actually save okay so click Save they updated so here you can go to your layout you can have different customized layouts or you can just click the magic tool this magic tool actually be just a randomizer that will go through here and pick one of the tools here let me ask you pick one of the format's here and yeah it's pretty easy once you go to your customize layout then you can go into here and show whether it's a vertical or horizontal you can have the info to display if you don't want any info to display then that's good and then this will show you the position of that info of how it displays which I like to have on the image just looks pretty cool alright they give you this nice little pop-up to actually give you a chance to show that in preview mode so I'm gonna click here and say show hover and this is my preview mode and how and it looks fabulous I'm gonna click exit so here you want to see what it looks like on hover and that was just what it just showed right here it appears ok appears right on top of the image then you have your thumbnail size okay then you can select the ratio here which I want a sixteen by nine okay that gives you more of a big overall look if you're trying to do landscaping in this scenario so then you can go to your design settings whether you want it to fit the screen or do you want it to set items per row and then right here it has a load more button so that means that this load more button is just going to collapse the art store gallery and then it just opens up all pictures after you click load more so if you're a visitor and you see low more button you click little more it's gonna load up all of the pictures so then you can go here to your settings you can choose to see if you want to show a watermark on there I highly suggest that you put a watermark on there you can customize your watermark right in this little window I'll just show you what it looks like but it's very simple and if you want to change the watermark all you have to do is click here to change and then it will bring up your Wix media manager and then you can actually download a photo or yeah that's about it you can just download a photo and to replace this watermark tag okay after you finish doing all that you gotta click done they also give you a chance to give you a download preview social sharing that's just simple and easy as that and then the heart icon if you want to show it with counter or you want to show with that counter then you go to your design tools you can go to overlay and how that looks we just showed that overlay feature of how the text would show so this is just getting the nitty-gritty of actually making it to what your site is so that means the colors the style all of that stuff is here your scroll animations I really enjoy because you can make it look like it's it's sliding up fading in expanding grayscale one color it's pretty awesome actually then your item style you can just choose to see if you want each item to have a border or what is the corner radius as well of that so if I want to just blow this out of proportion I'll just do that to nine hundred makes it look like makes it look like eclipses you can also add some shadows to it if you want to make it a little pop-out it's pretty cool features that Wix has here to offer and then you have your hovering effect if you want to give it a blur look or a shrinking look you see how it shrinks you have a darken look if you want it too dark in color you know I think I like that color that was pretty cool I'm gonna put the corner radius back to zero and I'm gonna exit the hover mode this is very important right here actually the image loading so if you want the images to just pop up on and it looks like it just came out of nowhere you want to go with the color placeholder okay and with the color placeholder you can actually change it to the actual page color that you have vine here right here so that then you can have that pop out effect now if you want your visitors to know that it's loading and that it's just you know it's there but it's just loading you can just put that blur image right here then you want to go to your advanced you want the image quality to be somewhat of like ninety okay you don't want to show all of it on to your website unless you want to show the nitty-gritty details but just think about it if you have your image quality up to 100 and your photographer or video you don't want that because then people can actually just take screenshots of it and have the high resolution quality of the image and then do some other type of stuff but neither here nor there I know you guys that are listening right now our perfect people or close to perfect people so you know you have nothing to worry about you're not gonna actually do that to anybody else's work so yeah but just be on the safe side bring this quality down a little bit more probably 85 okay this is an image sharpening tool that they have and then you have your video settings okay now if you need any help learning support definitely go to support okay you can contact Wix support quickly and then leave a review ok leave a review of the Wix art store and tell them how much you like it tell them what things need to be enhanced what things need to be worked on because Wix is here to actually gather all that information to make your experience a lot better ok now if you want to do any add-ons you can just click add-ons and then you can create a Cart button which already have okay locator right here next to my menu oh speaking of menus check my menu Wix menu tutorial out and it's right there in the right hand corner check it out ok so I think that's about it about the Wix art store hopefully I have explained it to you guys the best way possible for you guys to comprehend and if you have any questions drop them below in the comments and I hope you guys enjoyed this I mean definitely give it a shot and thank you so much for watching if you like this video hit that like button down there I really would appreciate it subscribe if you aren't already and I'll see you in the next video ok ciao .

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– Set your own image quality
– Create / Customize Wix Art Store
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