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Wix and Printful | How To Choose Products To Sell For Your Print On Demand Store | Video Lesson #3

Wix and Printful | How To Choose Products To Sell For Your Print On Demand Store – Video Lesson #3 | This Wix and Printful video series is packed with valuable goodies with an objective to provide you the knowledge and tools to start your own print-on-demand dropshipping store in 2020.


My goal for Video Lesson #3 was to walk you through picking a niche for your print-on-demand store, determine your brand positioning/customer resonation and explain how to add products to your Printful store. In addition, I wanted to throw in some surprise goodies such as the Top 10 Trending print-on-demand/dropshipping products sold at the end of 2019 and some examples of high-performing online store niches.

We explore topics such as:
-How To Choose A Niche For Your Print-On-Demand/Dropshipping Online Store
-Examples Of High-Performing Ecommerce Niches
-Top 10 Trending print-on-demand/dropshipping products sold at the end of 2019
-Adding Products To Your Printful Store
-Introducing Design 101


Below is the outline and timeline for this Wix and Printful Series:

Printful 101 | Learn about print-on-demand industry (January 8th)
WIX 101 | Create your WIX store (January 9th)
Products 101 | Choose what to sell (January 14th)
Design 101 | Create designs for your products (January 15th)
Printful product review – unboxing video (January 16th)
Finances 101 | Prices, shipping & payment processing (January 21st)
Launching your POD store on WIX (January 22nd)
Marketing 101 Part 1 | FREE marketing techniques (January 23rd)
Marketing 101 Part 2 | PAID marketing techniques (January 29th)
Marketing 101 Part 3 | Upselling and optimizing your store (January 30th)

By the end of January, you will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to launch your very own print-on-demand store!

Please do us a favor and comment below if you are ready to get started on this series. Use #WixandPrintful


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greetings wicks nation are you ready to discover what products to sell in your print-on-demand store join me in video lesson 3 of our Wixon printful series products 101 choosing the best products to sell in your print-on-demand store in today’s video lesson you’ll discover 3 topics first and foremost how to pick a niche secondly how to create brand positioning and resonate with customers and third and finally actually physically adding
products to your print-on-demand store if this sounds exciting to you and you’re ready to dive in let’s do it just one second I know you want to jump into the material but if you’re brand new here I would ask you one thing if you can click that subscribe button in the bottom right of this video and turn those Bell notifications on so you don’t miss any videos in this series along with any of my other videos here on which training academy that
would be fantastic alright let’s jump in and we slide into our wicks and printful series products 101 choose what to sell and just a friendly reminder that this series is sponsored by printful so we’ve got one main objective for today’s video and that is to give you clarity on what products will resonate with your brand and we’re gonna do that in two ways first we’re gonna talk about picking your niche and then discuss brand positioning
discussing mainly the importance of establishing a niche and branding yourself in that niche and then we’re gonna actually talk about printful product creation and walk you through how to add products through printful so you can post them on your print-on-demand store so first and foremost picking a niche when I was younger and I told my parents you know I was born to be an entrepreneur my father sat down with me an entrepreneur my mother sat
down with me who assists in that entrepreneurial lifestyle and they said the riches are in the niches why did they say that well if you pick a niche it allows you as printful says down here to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a little fish in a big pond and that has a deeper meaning to it but they had me answer these three questions do you have a passion for the niche you’re about to enter do you actually have passion and interest in
what you’re about to enter is there a problem you are solving with your particular product and/or service but in this case with print-on-demand we’re speaking of products entrepreneurs by nature are problem solvers they find a problem create a solution and charge money for that solution in most cases that’s how our minds operate so you’re prod has to fill the void of a problem which means it’s got to be a solution and then third and finally what
does the volume of competition look like for that particular niche so if you answer these three questions you can begin to gain some clarity on what niche you should go into in fact I’ve even compiled a list of a few example niches here so here’s a few real-world examples of some niches that may be of interest to you or to get that creative part of your mind spinning I’ve highlighted three of my personal favourites we’ve got lifestyle so like
lifestyle apparel lifestyle products business and entrepreneurship so creating business products entrepreneurship motivation t-shirts those are some examples workout gear there’s a whole culture behind workout and there’s several subcultures from that you have CrossFit you’ve got power lifters you’ve got running clubs you’ve got all these different sub niches within a niche you’ve got Parenthood the new parents single parents stay-at-home parents
these are all niches and sub niches specialty coffee these are different niches you’ve got pet accessories the pet culture is huge newlyweds baby care craft beer rap and hip hop music there’s so many sub niches within music there’s sub niches within rap and hip hop you’ve got men’s grooming these are all examples of different niches you might be interested in pursuing or at least get your mind spinning if you can start on one broad niche such as
lifestyle or babies or pets you can start to sub niche down from that and start getting a little bit more specific about okay so pets are we wanting to go into pet accessories pet clothing a pet food and then once you get there are you looking to do you know like gluten free pet fruit food vegan pet food are you looking to do dog leashes are you looking to do dog collars dog clothes and then you can continue to just get further and further down
the thing you need to take into account is you don’t want to go so far that there’s not a big enough market at all to actually sell your products and be successful but you want to get far enough that you can be a big fish in a small pond which essentially means you can be a big business and dominate the market of that smaller market and that’s what your goal is and you want to become an expert in that niche so after we’ve determined what our
niche is gonna be I wanted to give you the top 10 trending products at the end of 2019 according to printful so there was multiple products as you can imagine that flew out the doors this holiday season but the top ten to get your mind spinning once you’ve found your niche about some products you can sell we’re mugs hoodies and sweatshirts wall art you can see this wall art to the right build an empire this is an example of something printful can
create I actually got my wall art this exact one from intuitive I’ll throw a link to them in the description as look as well jewelry t-shirts bags such as backpacks tote bags beanies leggings beanbags which is pretty cool and then baby one pieces who doesn’t love babies and pets right and so baby one pieces were at the top of the list so these were the top 10 trending print-on-demand products that were out the doors according to printful the end
of this 2019 throughout the holiday season so here’s some ideas to get your mind spinning about some products you can now create once you’ve determined what your niche is and then most importantly above everything else once you’ve got your niche and you’ve started identifying maybe some products you can create within that niche is you have to position your brand and determine how you’re going to resonate with your customer base here on the screen
I’ve got kind of a sample positioning chart I use two determinants in this positioning chart I use price and quality now you can use whatever variables you would like I use pricing quality because they’re easy to comprehend but maybe you’re in a particular niche and you want to do you know competitor analysis you know or I healthy dog food versus unhealthy dog food for example and where to position yourself so now what this chart allows you to do
and I really encourage you to create a positioning chart because it helps establish your mindset and really get clear on where you’d like to position yourself is you’ve got four quadrants you can see them here you’ve got in the upper left quadrant high price low quality you’ve got in the lower left quadrant low quality low price in the lower right quadrant you’ve got low price high quality and then in the upper right quadrant excuse me you’ve got
high price and high quality now what you should do is you should plot out where you believe your competitors lie in this positioning chart again you may not have these same variables like price and quality as I used in this example it could be different variables but choose what those variables are that will help best determine what your competitors are doing and where you can stand out so you’ll plot say for example we’re in sports apparel
you’ve got Nike you’ve got Under Armour you’ve got Adidas right so you’ve got Nike and they would likely fall somewhere in the quadrant of higher priced high quality they’ve got a very quality material but their prices are often pretty high they can charge that because there’s a market and a demand for it whereas you’ve got Under Armor who in some products in some cases would probably fit more toward the middle maybe more toward the higher
quality so on the right side of the quadrant but maybe a little lower on the quadrant more towards the mid to lower price then you’ve got something like Puma where I would say Puma sits a little more toward the middle or left on the quality scale but they’re also a little bit lower priced now this isn’t bashing brands this is simply doing a competitor analysis and I encourage you to do it with your business as well because once you plot your
competitors what you need to determine is where do you want to be plotted on this positioning chart do you want to be known as the company that’s got high prices but extremely high quality more of a luxury type feel or do you want to be the company that’s on the other side of it and you’ve got you know not the most quality products but you’re getting it for a really low price so you’re going for that low price provider that’s what you have to
determine what you would like your company to be like and how you want your products to be perceived and that’s how you’ll determine where you’ll resonate with your customers and that will also determine who your customer base is and what market you’re really shooting for within your niche because there are differences between luxury products and lower end products at a lower price so this is an important aspect of choosing your next step and
getting ready to add your products now that we’ve understood how to choose a niche and the brand positioning and you’ve got some ideas and some niches and top products you can go with let’s talk about how to actually add those products in printful so now we’re gonna direct our attention off of the PowerPoint and on to print Phil’s website you can see I’ve been now got my blue light glasses on and got to protect the eyes and protect the vision
right I recommend you get some so now that we’re on printful if you don’t already have a printful account registered you need to do so and you can do that by clicking a link in the description below and yes that is my affiliate link nothing in the process of signing up changes for you it’s completely free to do however if you have already registered with the link down below and you’ve now got your print full account you need to log in so we’re
gonna show you how to add products to your print-on-demand store in just a second but before we do that I wanted to show you all the products that printful offers so that way you can start to determine okay now I’ve got my niche now I know where I’d like to position my brand in my niche what kind of products should I begin to add so printful actually offers quite a bit of products everything from t-shirts and a list of different t-shirts such as
tank tops 3/4 sleeves long sleeves hoodies sweatshirts they’ve got sweatpants joggers leggings shorts on got a variety in women’s clothing and youth clothing such as baby bibs baby bodysuit swimwear hats from beanies dad hat snapbacks trucker hats mesh hats visors bucket hats you name it and then they’ve even got some awesome cool accessories such as tote bags lab strap laptop bags drawstrings backpacks iphone cases samsung cases jewelry
flip-flops socks and these are all products that you can put your designs on and your branding on then if you move down they’ve got home and living so you’ve got coffee mugs blanket stickers pillows wall art like we discussed beach towels beanbags which i think is really freaking cool to be on it’s part of my friends and a whole bunch of variety and then they’ve also got collections of products so beachwear street wear swimwear eco-friendly gifts
so you can actually choose and create a collection or assortment of products with your design and branding on so hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing in terms of what type of physical products you actually want to sell but once you’ve determined what that looks like what you need to do is you need to go to printful and you get access to your dashboard and then you need to scroll down to this stores tab on the left click stores and
it’ll take you right here to this store page now you’ve already integrated your Wix website you can see I’ve done it three times on three different occasions but you’ll have it once because you integrated with Wix in your previous or in our previous video lesson what you’re going to do is you’re going to see products Inc and you’re gonna click AB and when you click Add it’s going to give you the ability to start adding a product to your
print-on-demand store and this is why I wanted to give you some example of the different products that printful offers because if you don’t go in with some clarity on what you’d like to build as far as products go maybe you’re gonna specialize in t-shirts maybe you’re gonna specialize in beanies maybe you’re gonna specialize in an assortment such as street wear and you’re gonna do lifestyle clothing you need to go in with some clarity on that so
how when you go to this product editor you know where to go and where to start looking in the example that we used in video lesson 2 I was building a t-shirt store so I’m gonna follow suit with that and start adding a t-shirt what I’m gonna be building is an entrepreneurial lifestyle t-shirt company so with entrepreneurial motivation entrepreneurial quotes stuff like that so to start this what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go over to t-shirts on
the left and I’m gonna click t-shirts once that populates you’ll see even on top of that you have a variety of the type of t-shirt you would like to put your design on and your branding on and offer on your online store so you’ve got everything from like a premium t-shirt with a Belle Epoque Bella canvas you can do an all-over print mens crewneck you can go with a basic soft style t-shirt you can go with a tri blend and these are all different
materials that you’re choosing from right now and if you don’t know which one you like to go with the beautiful thing is is you can choose one slap your design on slap your branding on and you can actually order a sample through printful and you get a discount for samples which is pretty awesome so you can really feel the quality of the product before you commit to yes this is what I want on my online store so I really like the try shirt our
tribe blend also my dad’s company actually just had to order products through printful tribe blend material as well because he loves that material for his upcoming event that he always hosts every quarter and they put all their designs on they ordered a sample and they loved the tribe line so I’m gonna choose the tribe blend shirt you would then click the shirt once you’ve got your shirt clicked on you’ve got a few different options here you can
choose the colors that you’re gonna offer this shirt in and you yes you can select multiple colors you can see I can select all the different colors I want to offer this shirt in you can unselect the color and it’ll unselect that from your variety you can choose the sizes you’d like to offer so if you want to offer everything from extra small all the way up to triple XL you can do that maybe you don’t want to go all the way up to triple XL and
you just want to go up to XL that’s fine too and you choose what sizes you’d like to offer and then once you’ve determined what your colors are what your printing technique is so printing this is actual physical screen printing onto the product whereas embroidery is actually embroidered onto the product and there is a difference in that and you can choose whether your product is stocked in the US Europe or the US and Europe so these are different
options but once you’ve determined what style you’re going with and I’m gonna go with just a regular printing style for this well you could do is you could come down here and you can upload a file if you’ve got your design built out from like Photoshop and you’ve got it in a PNG or JPEG version or maybe you know you’ve got an icon that you’re looking to upload but if you didn’t already have a premade design which by the way printful does offer
creative design services to help you create product designs it is for an additional fee but you can utilize this if you’d like to utilize that you can totally do so you can go to design and you can upload your files you can add your own text you can add clipart and then once you choose your design which I’m gonna go to my files and I’m going to upload I accept I am going to go to my WIPs training academy folder and I’m just gonna pull the current
working logo we’ve got for a Wix training academy I’m gonna upload it and then I’m gonna click on the file and click Choose to continue and what you’ll see here is that my file is now added to the shirt it happens to be very small but you can see I can enlarge it make it bigger and the DPI this shows that the amount of like pixels is too small so my file size is a little too small to generate solid print files that actually look quality on the
t-shirt so you need to check the file types you can see right here it shows print quality is four it’s only 45 dpi so you need to figure out the best file size in dpi needed for your particular item that you choose your product that you choose and then you can manipulate the design that you either upload you can make it bigger you can make it smaller you can move it around to a certain quadrant and you have flexibility over where that design goes
on this t-shirt in this example and you can just continue to either move forward you can see my dpi is too small so if that’s the case what I need to do is I need to upload a different file because that particular one is too small so I know I do have a larger logo down here so what I can do is I can come in here and if I find it right here WTA logo this one should be bigger and it’s going to upload like it just did and then I’m gonna choose and
we can see the quality on this one is good the DPI is 300 dpi so if I kept it this size I can leave it smack-dab on the shirt there and once the print quality is good only then will print will allow you to proceed to mock-ups so now you can flip into in-between colors by clicking these icons right here to see what your design looks like on each color version of the product you chose and now I can proceed to mock-ups so now the mock-ups will be
pushed to my online store and this is like the product images that will be listed on your which store right so these are your mock-up images and you can choose what one is your main image you can choose the mock-up style whether it’s like a women’s mock-up a men’s t-shirt whether it’s just the picture of the t-shirt or they’ve even got like couple’s mock-ups or just a flat lifestyle mock-up which is pretty cool that they give you variety without
having to use their design services for just offering the mock-up your main product image on your website and what you’ll have to do once you’ve determined the mock-up you want listed on the site is you have to determine if you want it in a PNG file or jpg file it really doesn’t matter the plus but behind the jpg is that it’s a smaller file it’ll load faster on the store whereas PNG is a transparent background and it looks a little crisper but
it’s a bulkier file as well so it does decrease low time a little bit so you have to choose which of these and then you would proceed to the description so this is where you actually give your product a title and actually layout the description and we talked about descriptions in video lesson 1i but our video lesson – excuse me and so this will allow you to choose what that looks like and it’ll all translate over to Wix stores and once you’ve got
your title a catchy title catchy description you proceed to pricing and this is where you determine what you want to sell this item for it’ll show you the price that printful charges you to actually met utilize their service of printing it packaging it fulfilling it and shipping it that’s what this cost is and then you can choose what you want the retail price to be to the customer and then it’ll show you here what your profit will be based off
of your retail price and what printful chooses and you can see right now your profit would be six dollars and 55 cents per short and that’s pretty cool how you can manage the pricing right here and you can alter this as much as you want if I wanted to change this to 24 dollars you’ll see my profit goes up by a few cents right so you get to see and manipulate these numbers and then you can choose your categories right here which category your
product falls into maybe mine is new arrivals and then you can click Submit to store and what’s going to happen is this is integrated with your Wix account so it’s going to sync and it is now added in Wix and that is how you add a product in printful in our next episode of video lesson number four we’re gonna talk about design 101 and how to design the best product look and feel possible you enjoyed today’s episode of wicks in print full products
101 choosing the best products to sell I would kindly ask that you give us a thumbs up right down below comment in the description what your thoughts were on today’s episode and make sure you hit that subscribe button in the bottom right of this video and turn those Bell notifications on so you never miss a single upload here on which training academy my name is MPs from which training academy and i hope you’ll join us in tomorrow’s episode of
video lesson number 4 design 101