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Wix ADI | Artificial Design Intelligence Creates a Stunning Website | Live Demo

CO Founder and CEO of, Avishai Abrahami, shows a live demo of Wix ADI creating a stunning website.

Introducing Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, the first-ever Artificial Intelligence that designs a stunning website for you.

Wix ADI learns about you and applies this knowledge to create a website tailor-made for your needs. From billions of combinations including layouts, images, text, contact forms & more, Wix ADI selects the most stunning just for you – creating a one-of-a-kind free website.

Our mission is to give everyone the freedom to create a complete online presence, starting with a stunning website. Today, over 86 million people in 180 countries choose Wix to easily promote, manage and grow their businesses online.

With Wix ADI, the possibilities are endless.

Create your own stunning website today!
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so let’s this time build well an ice cream store right it’s summer it’s really good to have ice cream in New York and let’s do that so again it’s an existing business so there’s a lot of media already on the internet that the business can use and we’ve seen already right how to build a website with one click change website a personal trainer where now we’ll be seen another one which is how to build a new business ecommerce right now we’re
gonna take it just a bit more into the details and we’re gonna show some more things while we think this is such a radical change on how things are being done the one of the most important thing for us when we were building this system was that we wanted to really allow users to have websites that are unique that look different that actually captured the spirit of their business and you can see that in many different parts and again like here the
pallate is already different it’s an ice-cream business we have 86 million websites and weeks we understand that it should look different than a watch store right and you get all that knowledge coming here and allowing us to build a perfect website for you and again this is the idea system do it completely automatic right there is no human touch here and you can see the section are different right it’s not exist it’s not the same the feeling is
different this kind of looks like an ice-cream store well if you can show that so your finger we had one block which was very powerful and I which was a more elegant anyway we have this which is and and and well I want to show you here well you know when winter in New York is really Oh a summer in New York is really good place to sell ice creams right and again you can change the designs whatever you choose but what happened right when winter is
coming right and that when it happens in New York it’s very chilly nobody wants ice cream so this business maybe they want to change and move to become a chocolate store right so let’s see how they can do that so again the nei system when it was looking on their continent Internet it’s far they have ice creams and chocolates and and well let’s see how long it take or need to actually change the complete look of this website right to be and the
one thing that is really amazing is that every click here activates the eye which helps you design more and more and I’m gonna show more details about it in a few seconds hey so we’ve pretty much every website well the colors still it look a bit I ‘scrimish and let’s change that I wanna let’s change the colors so probably well you want to have something that is a bit more elegant for chocolate right and then so choose one and now the AI system
is actually going and not just changing the colors but we’re changing the fonts to fit that okay it’s scaling everything perfectly it’s actually going in the lining all the spacing differently so it’s all done with a click you can go in and cheer it even farther so let me show you but let’s zoom on one small detail here to show you how much is done in every click so we have this piece of content right and and and we can choose various amount of
designs and and of course it’s building more and more for you and it can learn even more and more designs which can reach your enriching as we go forward but what happened if we move the image so immediately it goes and we design that for you right you don’t have to know and think about it right it just looks natural but all these design suggestions are now completely different right again completely automatic and and if you see on the left side
right and if you add the image again the system said well you probably prefer something that looks like that so let me try and keep the design to be something that you seems to prefer it actually learns what it’s doing and is placing it here so as you move more and you work with it it just feels more natural it kinda knows what you want