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Why I host with Interserver | Web Hosting Review

I have hosted my websites on Interserver for 2 years now without issue.

In this video, I share my experience with them.

To check out interserver, visit:

all right guys so today we’re going to be looking at um a review of a particular web hosting company that is really not so popular but very effective i host with them so i can tell you firsthand that this is quite a good web hosting company and i already wrote a blog here detailing my experience with them as a nigerian customer and one by one we are going to be going through some of the things i’ve already noted down in my experience with them
and one of the first things um we’re going to be looking at is that since your server is well known for its speed and i will just be telling you that inter server is fast just to praise it i’m going to be showing you um first hand by testing the speed of this website and and another websites that i’m posting with them so to do that i’m going to head over to a website we usually use to test this page of a website and that is so this
brings us to the official um website of gt matrix this is where you can test how fast your website really is and is completely free to use all you need to do is to enter the url of your website in this space here and click on test your site so right now it’s analyzing my website url in and here is a report as you can see my page speed core is 92 so my y’s low score is 85 and of course um this is a website already has quite a lot of load on it i
have um quite a lot of um heavy images and a lot of plugins on this so for it to have its core as this it simply shows that um at least the web hosting company is good enough but i have a a lighter website that um doesn’t have as much load as this particular website has and i’m going to um test uh the other websites right now that i also post with in thor server and to do that i will let me just go back and then i’ll type in the url of the other
website then i’ll click on this website and so guys as you can see my page speed score is 96 percent yeah and my wife’s low score is 2 and every other thing looks pretty good so i know there are a lot of things that can weigh down the speed of your website and the appropriate way to actually test the speed of your website is when you newly launch a brand new website that you’ve not installed a custom theme or a lot of plugins on or heavy images
on because these are things that can contribute to weighing down the speed of particular website so when the what i still brand new with 32 or nothing to either is actually when you can test the speed of your website and it will show you and judge it based on the hosting company that it’s being hosted with but as far as this um particular website goes um the patch space core is pretty good it’s pretty much good and like i said this website is
being hosted on interserver so that’s it for speech the nice thing about this website is that it is super affordable as a nigerian it’s really important that i it’s really important to me that i spend as much less dollar as possible because of the rate of our currency to the dollar currency and interserver proves to be a super affordable web hosting company that offers really great features that many other um web hosting companies offer at a
really higher price if we head over to the tarsava website i think the link should be on my yeah so right here when we head over to the in the server um official website and then click on web hosting now the standard web hosting which is their shed hosting plan and click on it to find out that um it goes for five dollar per month this is actually what i pay for you know every single month i pay five dollar for a month and one of the things i
really like about um this price is that it’s fixed you know a lot of web hosting companies um they usually offer really discounted prices at the beginning and then when you want to renew you find out that the particular web hosting plan you have is actually more expensive when you want to renew but if the server makes it clear up front that it’s its standard web hosting plan goes for a flat rate of five dollar per month this doesn’t stop them
from giving discounts anyway as you can see we have an exclusive offer of 0.01 for the first month if you use the coupon code try inter server so i think interserver is really really great and i will still walk you through all the various features they have and you’ll find out that i’m spending five dollar which is um really nothing to quite a lot of people and even people from countries that the dollar currency is really high can still be able
to afford five dollars for a superior web hosting plan with inter server then the next thing about them is that they have flexible payment plans a lot of web hosting companies that um only allow you to pay yearly or two year plans or fifth three years up front but there are really not a lot of web hosting companies that allow you to pay monthly or quarterly or even maybe six months and the server covers you if you have this in mind and the server
covers you in this aspect with intel web hosting you can choose to pay monthly you can choose to pay quarterly that’s uh with in with three months enter interval you can choose to pay six months and you can choose to pay yearly so whatever payment plan you choose if the server has you covered yeah i really understand that there are a lot of people who may not want to pay for a full year for their um web hosting plan and maybe seek to look for an
alternative where they can pay for a month and the the advantage of this is if you just want to test out a platform or just test out an idea maybe you don’t have a long-term plan to for your website then you can opt for um web hosting companies that allow you to pay monthly that way you can drop out without having to pay for the months that you wouldn’t be in business another thing i’ve noticed about interserver is the relatively no downtime yes
i’ve been hosting with them for two to three years now and i’ve never had any major issue of down time yes there are some occasional times where my sights will go down for maybe two minutes between two minutes to 10 minutes and it’s not an everyday occurrence it just happens occasionally maybe when they want to carry out um some occasional maintenance so that to me is quite negligible where you it will become alarming is if your web hosting
company goes down almost every day for almost an hour that’s when it really becomes annoying but the downtime of um interserver is relatively is quite negligible and really something that you can work with the next thing about interserver is they have such really caring customer supports they use the email support system and in fact whatever you want for them you can just hit them up with an email create a ticket and between a few minutes to at
most maybe three hours you will have a response to your question or have them fix they issue you what whatever issue you want them to fix and one of the uh things about their customers support is that once i just purchased my web hosting i could literally tell them that i want them to set up my website for me and they will do that free of charge without any additional costs and this is really great for beginners who may not really know how to go
around setting up your website you could just heat up the customers report and say hey i just purchased this hosting plan and i really need help in setting up my website and they would gladly do that for you without any additional cost or you could hit them up and tell hey i need you to help me set up ssl for my website so that my website will have this this padlock this particular padlock icon i use their free ssl certificate and on all my on
both websites and it’s really cool to know that they offer this feature um free of charge so you could heat up your customer support and they could set up your ssl for you and while you relax so that’s another reason why i love interserver and one of the great things again about hosting with intel server is that you can host unlimited websites even on their shared hosting plan when i was still a novice and before i got to know about having to
host multiple websites using just one hosting account i used to buy web hosting for virtually different uh different domain names but when i got to know about using one hosting account to host multiple websites that changed the game for me currently i operate to personal websites and i host them using just one hosting account what this means is that with just five dollar i can host as many websites as i want without having to pay any additional
fee for hosting any of them at this kind of price is really difficult to find web hosting companies that will offer this feature to you at this rate so this is really great that for five dollars you could host as many websites as you want and that for me is really another reason why i host with them now another reason i have here is the renewal costs i’ve touched on it on their price they are very transparent with their pricing a lot of hosting
companies hide their real prizes and only show you the discounted prices just to lure you in and the server is not like that they show you the flat rates for their hosting plans and it is the same rates you pay for when renewing your web hosting plan however this doesn’t stop them from still giving you discounts for instance one year or six months you may be getting yourself some discounts unlike um when you choose to renew for just one month but
however the the five dollar is flat rate but yo doesn’t stop them from giving you um discounts um another food feature about them is that they offer free migration service now i just included this year i didn’t migrate to intel server i started my websites from scratch with them i bought my domain name from them and hosted with them but they offer free migration service according to them on their website 70 of your customers migrated from other
web hosting companies to them and if you choose to migrate from your web hosting company to them simply heat them up on their support system and simply contact them from here think of the bottom of the website simply hit on contact them and then they will walk you through the process of migrating your website from your current web hosting company to them so another thing i love about this website is that it gives you unlimited index space and
unlimited bandwidth and if you’ve watched my tutorial on what web hosting is and the things you should look out for before choosing a web hosting plan you’ll find out that i explained why it is really important to watch out for the disk space lot edge for a particular plan and the bandwidth also so they operate an ssd disk space which is currently the latest technology in file storage used by many web hosting companies as opposed to the hdd the
hand disk drive and with them you don’t really have to worry about the storage fix storage for your website files and also you don’t really need to worry about bandwidth and bandwidth controls number of visitors or visits the website can have in a month so a lot of web hosting companies place a limit on the amount of bandwidth that you can use on your website both with intel server you have unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited disk space but
bear in mind that of course just as every other web hosting company that offers this under shared hosting plan this app the the fair usage policy applies to this so in as much as they place the fact that is unlimited uh fair usage policy applies and i can’t really say how many visitors you may have for your website before you reach the exhaust the amount of resources bandwidth and disk space a lot there to you as far as i’ve been hosting with
them for three years now i’ve yet to exhaust the bandwidth and the disk space allotted to me so i can’t really see how far you will grow and exhaust these resources so the last thing i like about the the next thing i like about intel server and this pretty much is one of the things that attracted me to them and that is the free ssl before then i used to host with ipage which was really really um a very bad web hosting company in my experience
back then and i didn’t offer this free ssl um certificate and i had to buy it for an extra 15 from commodore ssl but here um intel interest offers this feature for free and the great thing about their free ssl is that they don’t just give it to you for free on the first year and then you start paying for it from the next years as some other web hosting company do also they don’t give it to you for just one website and then maybe if you start
hosting other websites using the same web hosting account they won’t start charging you for it what i’m trying to say is that the free ssl applies to as many websites as you host with them i have two websites with them with just one hosting account and i have this free ssl installed on both of them and just in case you don’t know google has made it mandatory that every website must have an ssl certificate installed on it and having an ssl
certificate makes your website secure to an extent and you know that a website has an ssl certificate installed when you see this particular padlock icon beside the web address bar of a web browser another thing i didn’t write here is that they offer discounted domain name registration i know that a lot of web hosting companies offer free domain name registration to their users but what interserver does is to offer you a discounted domain name
registration so it offers domain number registration for two dollars and two dollars is something that of course anyone can of afford it even someone like me who comes from a country where the dollar currency is um really pricey for us so i’m saying these just so you know that ninja server doesn’t really offer free domain name registration but they offer heavily discounted domain name registration for just two dollars that is i think 1.99 so that
is it guys and turn it all they have this 30-day money back guarantee what this means is that if you host with them and within 30 days for any reason you decide that you do not want to host with them anymore you can apply for a refund and they will give you back your money so guys you have we really have nothing to lose so guys this is it this is my review of the interserver web hosting company i’ll be leaving a link to this web hosting company
in the description of this video below just in case you want to check them out so guys this is it this is my review of intel server web hosting company and this is my experience with them what do you think about interserver web hosting what do you think about this video do you have any questions something you want to suggest let me know in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this video kindly hit the like button and subscribe to my
channel also hit the notification bell icon so that each time i upload a fresh video you will be the first to know about it thanks for watching