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awesome good news uh although kind of kicked myself and not not quite noticing what was going on but thank you very much aid to hosting that’s our host we have for exploratory minds dot com and back to i went into a live chat with some one from their staff to say well we got this plugin for file sharing and we got an extra plugin for uh mp3 sharing separately from other types of file sharing kind of not going into heavy detail how all that
works but the point is it it was only allowing a certain size despite me setting in the php version of the server uh 256 megabyte is what i’ve set it to that sounds like a lot but uh you can go all the way up to a gigabyte which wouldn’t be needed and the server isn’t super fast so i didn’t want to put up too much of a high level for other things anyway but 256 reasonable for far sharing and it also means mp freeze now i was at i was trying to
share a mp3 it was only 10 megabytes it’s like a four minute three minutes music file that i did myself now this uh error kept popping out i’m saying this exceeds the file limit size so i went through php sounds uh set it up or maybe it’s because there’s a temporary folder that needs to be plugged in because i kind of new to this in setting uh file sizes or different things and user databases you know i’ve played with them before but there’s
different things with this project that requires more professional things i’ve learned as i’m going uh the htaccess file within the server was overriding the things i had in there was overriding the php now anyone who doesn’t know what php is what a php version is to run your php on why a cpanel server is and all that all of this is going to be you mean uh what the hell is he talking about but uh hopefully there’s some people out there understand
this but even if you don’t the layman thing is a2 hosting are very friendly they deserve a shout out and they just great within a live chat they talk you through different things you express what your problem is uh can you test this then say cleo catch clear browser catch to talk with you and talk through things step by step for you even if you’re not really that tech savvy on the you might be tech savvy where you might not be savvy on what
what’s going on you know and again i’m not that savvy in some areas because i haven’t practiced this uh again though htaccess you can set things up redirects and how things behave for your the structure of your website a little bit and it was overriding the setting there so i put plugged it in set it didn’t work you know i just kept missing the point that this i even i think i think i did look at the ht access and i didn’t see it because there’s
a lot in there as well forever things plays with different things um this means now you can it’s like the regular posts of files and all this that you can post uh although specifically there’s a separate section called mp3s that you’ll see on your right hand menu rather than just using files in your regular posts on the right hand menu there is something called mp3s and you can access once you’ve uploaded you go to your mp3s in the right menu and
you’ll see different a different list of these the next update ready for that plugin because this is a new a new plugin that enables you to do this will be for you to be able to monetize your mp phrase right so let’s say you’ve got a podcast now you can post a piece of your podcast as a teaser you know that’s one way i would use it and then coming soon or whatever and then post the full podcast with a price we haven’t plugged in the the sale bit
yet but that will come some months ahead once we get other things out of the way as well however you know you can just if you wanted to just share your full mp3s or a little bit here and there or teaser snippets pieces of your work yet to come audio here and there you can do that and it produces a player right on the page and by the way we also played with um a thing on there there’s a little gear icon in which you can use a thing comes out of
that once you press it play at different speeds slow speed or higher speed and uh that’s that that’s it in a nutshell so i’m really pleased this has come through because you know you can upload your your music now some music sharing but we do have same cloud embedding in which if you had a music file on or any audio file you could post a link in and the link automatically turns into this little player that is same close player and
you can play it on the page without having to click a link and going to saying cloud you you don’t leave the arena of exploratory to be able to do that either the same works with videos as well which i think vimeo works uh youtube works dailymotion i’m not too sure we might have had some other site to do this um that it would work with anyway it just creates like a youtube link would create the player from youtube and the other side so
it creates the players from their sites users air player and you’re able to play just like saying cloud the file the the the video whatever uh straight from the page and if you know how embedding works it’s not bringing the video file through your server to your website is basically playing the video from youtube server perhaps if it was to the youtube link from the youtube server via your site just like a just like a window you got this window
and it’s punching a hole to connect to connect to the youtube i said you know you’ve got your basic iframe frame if you click the share um uh youtube you get that embed code and all that does is just creates a little box a windowed for it to be played through their player in that frame that box on your web page on your site all right peace out thank you very much for watching i’m really pleased we got that sorted cheers take care bye