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Who, What, Wix Podcast Episode 0: Welcome to Who, What, Wix!

Welcome to Who, What, Wix! On the short and sweet Episode 0, your hosts Justin and Yael lay out what you can expect from the podcast: great stories from small business owners, expert advice from marketing pros and unique insights from the creative minds at

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welcome to the only small business podcast you’ll ever need we go behind the scenes with business owners and marketing experts for success stories epic failures and creative ideas you can use from Wix calm this is who what Wix honestly I wish someone had told me word of mouth is huge my customers are the best marketing tool I have I wish someone had told me not to wait until everything was perfect I waited way too long to quit my day job and I
loved quitting my day job starting a business doesn’t need to break the bank there are a lot of ways to get going for free I thought having a business is enough but managing my business online is something else listen asking your family for advice sure but ask other people in your industry if you want the truth what’s up everybody welcome to the very very very first episode of COO what Wix this is episode zero the beginning this is the small
business podcast that will make sure you are not looking back thinking about all the things you wish you’d known my name is Justin hey guys i’m yael and we’re your hosts on who what Wix we’re coming to you straight from the Wix headquarters in tel-aviv if you’re familiar with Wix or maybe a Wix user awesome and if you’ve never heard of Wix not a prize not a problem at all because this podcast is for anyone who is running their own business or
dreams of doing it one day we’re gonna feature different small business owners on most episodes telling their stories successes and often most interestingly their failures on other episodes we’ll talk to the experts people from all around the world who built their careers around helping small businesses grow and market themselves you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at Wix projects and hear from Wix pros will share info on what we do and how
you can adapt it for your own business it all sounds very cool but let’s back up a little bit Yael you have a lovely voice but let’s cover some basics who are you who am I what is Wix so I’ll start with Wix first Wix calm is one of the largest website builders in the world it all began as a start-up ten years ago with three pretty smart guys sitting on a beach trying to figure out what to do next now we have over 90 million people using with to
create killer websites and manage their businesses in the time I’ve been at Wix we’ve managed some major marketing wins we’ve run campaigns with the New York Yankees Conde Nast DreamWorks Animation and other huge names and who are you so i’m yael and as you may be able to hear from my accent I’m originally from cold-cold Minnesota or Minnesota as we like to say I quickly left and went over to New York City where I spent most of my young adult
life acting and dancing and doing performance art and education then I got the travel bug and I started going all over the world learning about different people and developing empowerment and life skills programs for community and then as you may have guessed I landed myself in creative marketing at Wix what about you so I’m Justin I was born and raised in Lancaster County Amish country Pennsylvania but as soon as I turned 18 I split from the
country and I’ve been a city boy ever since I spent years as a music journalist before I crossed the line into the world of marketing but in both spots I’ve always loved working with words just like UEL I’m also obsessed with travel whenever I’m not working I am backpacking I love meeting new people and just hearing their stories that’s a little bit about us where are coming to you because we’re experts we’re coming to you because we know where
to find them who what Wix is gonna have some great stories and examples of what to do and what not to do from people who have lived it themselves but you’re gonna be able to take practical real life tips from each and every episode and they’ll sound something like this creating your first web site make sure the URL is catchy and memorable you’ll want to print it post it and say it at a dinner party without the risk of anyone getting confused or
forgetting keep it short and to the point for example if the name of your clothing business is Marty’s marvelous and magical t-shirts you’ve got a cool name sure but it’s a mouthful for the Internet your URL can be as simple as Marty’s magical tees that’s something people can remember that one was for free and we hope that sounds good to you because we are excited to get started we’ve got some really cool business owners an amazing marketing
experts coming up in the next few episodes but we also want to hear from you if you have a question let us know this show is only good if we’re helping you out and if you think you’ve got a great story and you want to be a guest holler at us you can reach L and I at who what Wix at we can’t wait to hear from you guys and we’ll see you on the next episode you