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What is Schema Markup and How to Use It in Wix

We are talking Schema and Wix tonight on Wix Fundamentals for the Wix User.

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Hey welcome to another episode of wicks fundamentals for the Wix user today we’re gonna go over schema what is schema how to use it in Wix and how to generate your own your own schema code as well so what is schema schema looking at the definition from SEMRush com a little side note if you have never checked down SEMRush check it out it’s a great resource when it comes to doing all kinds of search engine optimization and some tips and tricks
that have some really good articles according to schemas according to semrush schema is a structured data vocabulary to defines entities actions and relationships on the internet including webpages emails etc the spoke vocabulary makes it possible for search engines to understand the meanings behind subject matter on the web and in turn serve a better user experience for Internet users as Google continues to build a more somatic web these markups
become increasingly valuable and effective internet communication so really what does that mean schema if you think of your site map kind of as your map any type of map that you would look at schema is more of your your light your points of interest so it helps dial down a little bit more intricate into your sites so you can have whether you have a general site schema which is more based on just your business your business name address all that
stuff you can also have product schema so schema can be used for your specific products or your specific services as well okay so let’s first take a look at how to generate your schema code so there’s various different schema code generators out there what I use is I use microdata generator com there’s like I said numerous ones out there this is the one that I find to be useful if you have different shortcuts depending on what your business is a
lot of times I find that a lot of the businesses that I’m doing this for even for my own business doesn’t necessarily fit in this and that’s okay they give you a general general code generator right from the start so if you fill this out fill out your business name fill out as much as you can that’s a key to schema fill out as much as you can be as specific as you can and then go from there so we fill all this out including our hours about circle
hours our operation our payment types if you take different types payment it’s gonna generate this little code over here all we’re gonna do is copy this code and we’ll go into our editor so all I did was I opened up the editor point to my pages manage pages puts my home page yes yo save your general SEO which we’ve talked about already and I’m gonna go into the advanced SEO see the man says he knows a little bit more dialed down now we have
structured data so we’re going to do is basically copy the code that we got from the schema generator into this box here okay once we’re done we’re gonna check our data for errors once we do that it’s gonna bring up Google’s structured data testing tool pretty cool little tool it’s gonna automatically put that coding that we have it’s gonna Bala date for us it’s the only thing error that I came up with is a value for an image image file or image
builder that is required and that’s just I don’t have an image that I wanted to use I’ve never put one in but you can basically see all the information regarding our memories of motion so this basically dials down a little bit further into Google for finding people finding my services so schema itself if you just do schema will not make your rankings and higher but a using ski mobile will help Google figure out who you are what you do the
products that you offer there’s also in a your Wix editor you’ll also if you have your different products you’ll be able to do the same thing for your product pages highly recommend doing that for your product pages if someone looks for something and Google finds that you’re you’re a match you might actually pop up in the what they call the Rich Snippets the Rich Snippets are if you do a google search and you basically either see a if you ask a
question the questions asked and questions answered on the Google search page there’s a rich snippet if you search for a specific product and it actually shows it on the Google search that is also over just a bit quick little slide on a schema on some of the things I’ve been reading online be careful with your schema if it answers questions the simple fact that they’re finding that a lot of users aren’t actually going to a website if the schema
answers the question on the search engine so be a little sceptic guess is the word on having your answers show directly on the Rich Snippets if you find that your answer may lead your client to click on your site that’s definitely a plus but if your user gets its answer directly from the rich snippet and does not click on your site that scheme it really isn’t helping you too much so just a little slider on ski on schema another little side note
just on the YouTube channel there is a new email for this channel I’ll post it at the bottom of the so the video as well as in the description the email is now going to be info at lips fundamentals calm I have not actually created the week’s fundamentals calm web site yet I’m still working on that designing your own site is I sorted 10 times harder than designing your own site and then designing a site for somebody else so just bear with me I
will get that site uploaded what I do get that site uploaded what I want planning on doing is actually having all the videos on the site as well as well as a forum on there to post for questions but until then just use Wix that’s our info at tweeks fundamentals com2 reach out ask any questions you may have and I will answer the questions on in a video give me some good ideas for upcoming videos and do not forget to like the video don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel make sure to click on that little bell underneath the video here we are and watch the other videos that I’ve created so far and again if you have any ideas if you have any problems that you’re running into don’t hesitate to reach out info at Wix fundamentals comm also check out our Facebook page with fundamentals for the Wix user on Facebook and have a great night you