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or we can use free videos from Wix so this one is not necessarily using Wix videos this one is a video that you would upload so someone created this little loop and they basically up uploaded it so this again is just a regular video player and not necessarily a Wix video player and the Wix video players are down below now here's the selection where you could decide if you want it to loop or not you can decide if they want to pause the video and you could choose if you want it to autoplay you can also turn the sound off so this video doesn't have any sound which it shouldn't but you could add some nice piano music or something and then you could play it with sound and you could add a video description here and that's for Google so that's where your search engine optimizations that you would do after publishing the site that's the video player now I'm going to scroll down you have this button here this leads you or the the visitor to to the contact page that's already wired for you you can lead them to anywhere you want obviously when they click on get an estimate you can take them to another website if you want to but as its wired it'll take them to the contact page on the second strip is just a simple about Us section I recommend you go ahead and add more stuff to the about Us section since we didn't use another page for it so you can add some cool things like maybe some photos so what would you do if you wanted to add maybe a photo gallery just about who you are maybe showing pictures of you out there taking these shots doing photo and film maybe showing some of your equipment maybe showing a green screen just some of just showing off your capabilities maybe show show you a picture of you driving a drone so to do that I would go ahead and click this arrow and what this is going to do is stretch the strip down and push everything else down and then I'm going to click on add and you could add anything you want in this case I would just go to gallery and I would add a what a good one is just a basic grid right here and I would sit it here and kind of drag everything down and I would put your photo gallery just right here in the middle serves as an ice about us section now the gallery is really huge so what I would do is go into settings and I want it to go across so let's go to the layout and I want it to be horizontal let's see and I should be able to change so this is a Wix Pro Gallery here you could decide what happens to the picture when they go in there so images per column so we can make some adjustments there settings image quality so that's that's actually the pro gallery I don't know if that's the one I wanted I know wicks make some changes sometimes so all I'm going to do oh I see why it's three different columns that's what happened there so what I will do is just take this photo gallery out because I don't know if I want the pro gallery I'm going into layouts here ah there it is okay I was looking for the settings set items per row so what I want is I only want one image per row I need to go ahead it goes all the way down the page so this one may not work for me and that's okay and that's what this is all about it's all about experimentation so what I'm going to do is just click on control Z and it'll be like nothing ever happened because I don't want to go back and undo all the changes at that video player or photo player it made let's go ahead and try that one more time go to a gallery oh here we go it's the grid gallery what happened just so you know I added a pro gallery and so you know sometimes they make changes and that didn't have as many options because it's for a different purpose so let's just do a portrait gallery here this is kind of the classic Wix gallery I'm going to go from one edge here to the other I'm going to stretch the gallery across and then under settings let's go to layout under layout I want to have only one row you see how that happened right there and I could decide if I want to bunch the pictures up or just have maybe three so three looks pretty good here and I'm just going to Center it there and if they want to look at more they could show more let's do a preview so this is the about page but I added some great little images and if you click on show more it actually pushes the website down automatically and this way you could show off some of the things that you do so that's just a little pointer and once again that was a grid type of gallery that allowed us just more customization options this is the services page you could switch this vector art with your own artwork or just click on change vector and there's a lot of clipart that's already here and clipart just works as more of a symbol so you're not wanting a full photograph you just want something to symbolize what you that particular services so I might add a forest here maybe you do nature videos so you change that to a forest and if you want to change the look and feel of it just change the color and the icon color can change so it depends of course on the colors of your site this is these are three columns so this is a strip built with three different columns so let's say you only provide two services then you would go to manage columns and you would just take one of these columns and remove it that would just give you two services let's say you want to offer more than three then just add a column and then they'll start to automatically adjust themselves to go across the screen you just have to make sure you don't put items in this striped zone it's kind of the dead zone you we could of course change the layout for each column and Center it so now watch remember that dead zone look it now it's on the sides so by changing the layout that affects where things are going to be automatically centered when you make these so for these are probably because I added more columns I would have to change them all to Center maybe that one would be there on the left and this one on the right and this keeps your services packed nice and clean and the reason why we build columns and not just put a bunch of text and graphics here just where we think they should go is because the position will change when your website is shown on other screens so building in columns will help you keep a consistent layout let's go ahead and check out the portfolio now this part uses Wix video so if I click on this box remember the other one was just a regular box for a video you have to upload the Wix video box works very differently now this video box is going to communicate directly with the Wix video back-end so I would click on settings for this box and here is where I would manage the videos I could first of all decide what channel I want to show or I could just show a single video that I select and by the way that video does not have to be hosted with Wix if I click on add new video it's going to take us to the backend it's this is the Wix dashboard so we basically left the website and we're working on the back end and what you could do here is I could add a video from YouTube Vimeo and now Facebook Dropbox Google Drive or just upload directly from your computer so that is how we actually add videos they don't have to be hosted with Wix now what's interesting about hosting them with Wix is you can then put your videos behind a paywall so if you want people to pay to watch your videos you can set that up on the Wix dashboard they can even rent your videos which is very interesting I haven't seen a website where people are renting videos directly from the site but I'm sure it's possible so that capability is built in here and you would go ahead and change the channel for each of these video boxes so this channel is proposal videos and this channel would be wedding day videos as I explained earlier the other thing you could do is play with the settings on the box besides managing videos you could do things like change the layout classic layout a strip layout which really starts messing with your design so I'd be careful with these on the classic you get to see the thumbnails of the videos that are in the playlist down below and the user can select one of those videos instead of watching the one you put in front of them and you can put more information on each of these videos on the player there's a lot of options here we can change the cover we could do the featured video cover we could show the title and all this other pieces of information we can even show sign-in so if you have payments for your video the user can actually sign in create an account through Wix and sign in to watch your videos this would be good if you just want to do a course website you know what I'm all about repurposing things so if you just want to do maybe an educational website with videos use the wedding videographer template to build out your course okay so those are the main videos there and these are the client testimonials which is this text and these are slides so as I go through the slide manager you can go through different slides you can change the background on each slide maybe if you wanted to include a photo there you can do that for each of the slides so that's all you would do you just change the content for each slides like for example on this slide I'm going to change the background to this kind of green mountains here when I do a preview the mountains are only there for slide one see how they're gone when the Vitt when the slide slide show begins okay all the settings for the slideshow are right here on the settings button and we could decide how long or how fast we want them to slide they stake and we can make them stop if they hover their mouse over the player we can decide if we want it to autoplay and we can apply transitions like maybe this crossfade let's take a look at that so instead of it sliding I'm gonna get this nice fade effect that's another interesting way of showing testimonials it has a little bit more of a mature and serious look where the slides are a little more whimsical and attention-grabbing alright so I told you as much as I could tell you about this template how to customize it I also the only page we didn't go into was the contact page in the booking page now the booking page actually uses Wix bookings to make that happen so for that you actually have to go to manage services go back to the Wix dashboard and here you can manage all of your bookings and I could do a whole video just on this I'm just kind of giving you a brief overview overview you could add a new service here and that's where you can go ahead and add images descriptions you know what kind of booking is it is it a class a course that people can pay for a number of sessions upfront and then you know take your course or you can set an appointment so lots of different bookings but what's nice about having it on the Wix back end is you can add collaborators to your website and they can just manage the booking so if you have a secretary he or she can go into the Wix dashboard and manage all of your appointments without having to touch the web design so that's another great feature is adding collaborators in helping you run your business here and when you set up bookings there's different types you'll have that list here in the box so under settings we can change the look and feel of the box it won't let us on the template I have to actually build some real appointments which we won't do in this video but if you want to know more about booking appointments check us out at the webmaster academy and I have a whole video series just on Wix bookings all right so that's pretty much the Wix videographer template it looks real simple but you see there is a lot going on behind it a lot of automations Auto playlists Auto bookings Auto looping videos there's a lot there going on in the background and so it's important to understand that relationship between the things you are designing on the front end and then managing the media on the back end if you have any questions or comments about this video or other videos be sure to leave one on I try to answer everyone's feedback whenever I can and if you want to know more again check us out at the webmaster academy I want to thank you guys for hanging out especially if you've been all the way down here to the end then you must aveer this far you must be real serious about web design and I'm serious about it too check out our other videos make sure you don't forget to subscribe and we'll see you guys in the next video and we'll see you guys at the academy have a good one bye bye .

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Let's explore the Wedding Videographer template from Wix.com. Learn Web design along the way, from a Wix Certified Trainer.

I will teach you how to build Wix websites from concept to automation at www.webmasteracademy.online

Good for wedding videographers, event companies, and filmmaking professionals.

"Memories are priceless–display your captured moments on this clean, simple, and authentic template. Designed with wedding videographers in mind, its never been easier to show off your work. With Wix Video, easily upload and categorize all of your content into channels for your audience to view. Make this template your own by adding photos, and adding specific service offerings" (Wix).[/toggle]


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