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We know how the story unfolds. You are going into business – a startup – and need to setup your business. You then obtain a logo, business cards, office equipment and capital assets if you need any. At this stage, you are starting to run dry on cash. However, a Website still needs to be purchased.

You speak to Website developers in Australia and you get a bunch of quotes ranging from $3,000 to $10,000. You are unsure what to do. Sitting on the couch one night, an ad pops up on TV for Wix, “Create a stunning Website for free”. Great, you think to yourself that sounds like a “brilliant idea”.


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hi there people greg factor here from white black digital uh we make videos like this for small and medium businesses on a huge variety of topics to help you guys make educated and informed decisions when it comes to your web development and online marketing um today i want to talk about the diy web development platforms um there’s you know heaps and heaps of them out there that are available um we’ll reform you know to wix to weebly um mainly
in this talk um so let’s get right into it we’ll just click through into the blog post that we’ve done for you where there’s more information and all the details about uh what we want to speak about um so we we see this often we know how the story unfolds um you’re going into business you have a startup business and it’s all very exciting and off you go and you get your logo developed and your branding and you buy your office furniture and you
get your business cards and you might spend a bit of money on capital purchases that you need for your business um and it’s probably at that stage that you start running out of money and you think to yourself damn i still need to develop a website and so you know one night you’re at home and you’re watching tv on your couch and an ad pops up on tv and it says wix creator studying website for free so you think to yourself geez that’s a brilliant
idea why not i mean so far you’ve got quite to develop your website of you know in the ballpark three to ten thousand dollars depending on the company and what it is that you want to do um so for free you think um why not give it a crack i’m running out of money and let me try it um i want to detail our thoughts on wix weebly and other diy websites um look if if you have no budget left over when you’re setting up your business then a diy website
is a great idea and it’s affordable it will save you a lot of money and you know at the same time you’re getting yourself a nice website um generally speaking the diy websites like wix and weebly are really easy to use there’s no coding required they have drag and drop features and there’s hundreds of templates to choose from um that offer support you know they do make it very attractive so if you have no money left in the bank to get a
professional website built and then you know we give diy websites the thumbs up you know we really believe something is better than nothing so get yourself a diy website um but there’s obviously another whole site to this um so what haven’t you taken into account uh well i mean we’re huge fans of wordpress and so obviously we are going to think that wordpress is awesome um so we do suggest that you do use wordpress if you can afford it wix is
available on this website there’s another awesome one which is called we did a bit of research for you and we came across this website top 10 best website and they go and they give you ratings editor score and based on the different diy websites that are available so check that out and see what you can come up with um so getting back to our our blog post so what haven’t you taken into account we believe a lot there
is a lot of decisions that you need to take into account firstly your website is your virtual front door and the internet is a very small place um you don’t have very long to impress people they say you’ve got about two seconds uh someone landing on your website uh will make a decision whether they are impressed with your website or not therefore impressed with your business or not within two seconds if they’re not you know say goodbye to them
they’re going to leave there’s a heap of other choice out there there’s a heap of other websites that are available and they’re going to move along and they’re going to check out the competition they’re going to go to the competition if they’re not impressed with your website so we do believe that if you do develop on wordpress a custom wordpress website by professional business and you are significantly increasing your chances of someone staying
on your website um you know someone who searches for your product or service online they don’t know you they don’t know who your business is they don’t know what you stand for they don’t know your reputation they don’t know anything about you so you really need to impress them you really need to give yourself the best opportunity and impressing them and and obviously a beautifully designed and professional website is going to do that for you and
so we look at it like this if you do have a little bit of money left over an investment of a few thousand dollars is definitely going to fast track your growth and when you amortize a few thousand dollars over the space of you know five ten years and it it’s really not a lot of money so the benefit in spending the amount that benefit in spending that money really outweighs the cost um wix uses flash which is not which doesn’t display on mobile
devices so you will exclude a whole bunch of users um from you know looking at your website they are lately they’ve been pushing into html5 um which obviously means that they are going and they are trying to display more and more on um you know mobile devices so that’s something that they um are doing but you do need to be aware of the fact that they do develop with flash um you know so as people find you if your website’s built in fresh they
won’t actually be able to get into your website it won’t work moreover and you know google isn’t a fan of that and they want to display your website on on a mobile so that’s a big negative um to working with some of those diy platforms um additionally you cannot verify your website with google webmaster tools and that is a massive problem for you if you do get if your website is spammed or hacked and there’s no way of google there’s no way for
google to notify you and they can’t knock at your door and say oh by the way you need to clean up your website and they won’t be able to get in touch with you and that’s really important um additionally websites built on these sort of diy platforms ranks run slower and again ranking is obviously important to you and google will not be able to vouch for you they will not be able to vouch for your website and say this is a quick running website so
they will lower you in your rankings to give yourself the best opportunity we really believe that if you have budget available go for a custom website development built on wordpress of course if you don’t have any money to spend then something is definitely better than nothing get your hands dirty get involved in wix weebly or any of those other diy websites to have something something is definitely better than nothing hope this was very
informative for you and look forward to the next blog post see you later