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Website Design with a Purpose | GoDaddy Pro Success Story

Find out how Shereitta Myrick turned the unexpected into a new opportunity and successful website design business using GoDaddy Pro. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro.

After an accident required her to change career paths, Shereitta Myrick set out to find a new purpose that would bring her joy. She learned the ins and outs of building websites and launched Assured Purpose — a digital creative agency focusing on website design, maintenance and anything else her clients need to get their business started online. Once she added GoDaddy Pro to her toolbox, the simple dashboard allowed her to manage all clients in one screen, making running her business so much easier. Through Assured Purpose, Shereitta has proved to herself that anything is possible. All it takes is the choice to make it happen. As she helps clients virtually bring their stories and vision to life, they’re able to get their business out there for the world to see — all while doing the same for herself.

Featured Speaker: Shereitta Myrick, Owner, Assured Purpose

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