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Web Design Tutorial – 3 Food Wix websites

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About This Video:
Wix released 3 new templates for food. I discuss these templates: The Baking Workshop, The Cooking School, and the Food Photographer.

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hello everybody this is Michael wood from the webmaster academy and I’m super excited because just came out with some brand new templates three of them revolve around food and I don’t know about you but food is one of my favorite subject I mean who doesn’t love food right and these templates are absolutely gorgeous you’ve got to check them out now if you haven’t heard of Wix com they are a cloud-based company that allows people to get
online create an account and then just click and drag drop letters pictures whatever it is on the website and you don’t have to know any code at all and presto change-o you will have a professional-looking website in fact if you want to try out Wix for yourself just click on the link at the show notes right there and I will give you two week free trial with Wix com so with no further ado let’s get into it all right so let’s get into our first
website and this is the baking workshop website template from Wix calm and I’m going to go ahead and reload the page so you can see the animation here oh yeah sweet pies now of course everything on Wix templates are customizable so don’t worry about that you can change these letters you can change the title and you can change the background image to match your brand let’s go ahead and click on the enter button right here and it jumps into the
first thing the first thing we see here this is again for a workshop that you might be having for your friends family or even potential clients you know we’ve all heard of companies like pampered chef where you would host dinner parties and people would come over you show them you cook for them you show them some cool kitchen gadgets and then you can make a commission off of all those kitchen gadgets that people will enjoy it’s really an overall
great time and this website can put you on the map if that’s something that you like to do but maybe you don’t want to sell any kitchen gadgets you just want to bake and have people over well this is perfect and you can make a little bit of money on the side so the first part right here is the mystory you’re obviously going to put your story there and all of these graphic elements come with the template and they’re all movable you know like this
lemon right here or you can move that lemon you know wherever you want and we WIC editor so you’ll put in your story I would assume you would put your own photo here because that would only make sense right let’s go ahead and scroll down and you can see there is a beautiful video that plays right in the middle of the screen automatically now there’s no sound to the video if it’s the montage you get to keep this royalty-free just to promote your
website it’s totally fine or you can create your own montage and that’s okay too so you have this really cool video effect and this talks about your baking workshop let’s go ahead and click on this book a workshop button right click on that and it takes you to your workshops so here’s to have two of them here but you can add as many as you want and you could set a price set an image and have a description of your workshop this one is the sweet
eyes and masters and people can go ahead and see the price they’ll see how long it is and they just click the join button and when they do that you will see a calendar now this is totally customizable you can put the dates that you’re available and this is going to be in real time so you can go in at any time into the woods editor and change the date and time without really having to touch the website all right so people can simply click on a
time click on next they’ll fill out the information and then you will get the information sent so just a real easy way for people to sign up for your baking workshop and we scroll down we have some example photos of the things that you make these are stock images but you can replace them with some of the things that you are baking and it’s always good to have some testimonials you know you want an easy way to get testimonials have a free workshop
with your loved ones and have them give you some positive testimonials right there and then there’s also the contact me there at the bottom it’s got this beautiful parallax scrolling effect which is fantastic and of course the all-important social media buttons down here at the bottom and I really want to emphasize both Pinterest and Instagram especially if you’re doing any kind of baking because Pinterest and Instagram are very visual and photo
centric so if you don’t have those accounts I definitely recommend getting those so it’s a very simple workshop it’s just the home what your about the workshops that people sign up for and a way to contact you simple people get in they know what you’re about catalyze them with some excellent photography and you have yourself a baking workshop that really will pay for itself once you start getting people enrolled okay so the second template I want
to look at is the cooking school website template now this doesn’t mean you have to own a cooking school okay this is for some of you out there that are just fantastic cooks and you want to teach people how to cook now that’s different than the baking workshop right this this type of workshop is more about cooking and teaching and so for this one you want to definitely have this full screen this is an edge-to-edge photo in the background again
you can use your own photo or you stock images they come free with the template and you would put your own title right there in the middle instead of you know tastebuds that would be your brand and this is a very beautiful one-page design so I’m going to scroll down and then we have some stock photo and we have something new to Wix which are columns and as you can see there are four columns here there is the gallery the our chef’s special event
and the video you can move these columns around and change the contents within them very easily and what’s good about columns is they keep the formatting as your website has to adjust to different screens and when your website is mobile then the columns can stack on top of each other automatically so it’s really easy for people to navigate so in these columns they have some really key components and one of them is the special events which you can
feature here and it is a clickable link so I clicked on special event and here there are three events this is how you get people to your cooking workshop and all you need to do is click on register now and this beautiful lightbox slides over and all they need to do is put their first last name and email hit submit and they will be registered for the event and you will receive all the registrations on the backend of really easy way to set
up event get people to RSVP and you are ready to go all right now they also have workshops until you can list your workshop with a photo and a description and how much it cost and there’s a join button and once again your customers can click on the date and time and register and pay for the workshop they can actually pay for it online the entire ecommerce backend is already baked into the template so it’s super easy to get a paid workshop going
you also have the about Us page which you going to want to tell your story share some photos from previous events and then a gallery super important to have photos especially when it comes to food so you can use these stock images but I highly recommend you replace all of these with your event photos and just imagine seeing you know your family and friends doing the cooking and that’s what you want to do especially if you look at this picture
here you see the students doing the work and that’s you know potential student wants to know what sort of things will they be doing and you also want to show some good process pictures and some amazing after pictures showing these wonderful dishes that you are going to teach people how to make you know has anybody ever told you that you maybe you made a wonderful lasagna or an amazing chili relleno and someone ever told you you know what you
should go open a restaurant well hey you know go ahead and open a restaurant but I tell you if maybe you don’t have time for that or maybe you want to build up to that someday in the meantime you can go ahead and have cooking workshops not only will you work on your own craft and you know provide a service to your friends and family but you can also make some money on the side and build up an audience and think of this build up an audience so
then if you do decide to open a restaurant you’re going to have a line going around the block because people used to go to your cooking workshops for years and now they get to fire they eat at your restaurant so it could be on the road to be in a restaurant if you want or you can just do it for fun and just have some extra money on the side for doing it so everything is built in special events workshops the customer can just one click submit
their information and pay for the workshop right here on the site and finally the contact us page has the map and they can write a message to you so remember everything in here is customizable make it your own but most of the work has been done for you so let’s see some of those great workshops and some amazing dishes I know some of you can cook okay and the third template I want to look at is the art of food photography template on Wix calm now
let’s talk about food for a minute and the photography of it it’s we all know it is a huge trend we see pictures of people breakfast lunch dinner snacks all over the social network sites you know and I I’m going to say you know I myself am guilty of it the other night I took my wife out on a date we went to a Vietnamese restaurant I had never been there before and I remember sitting down and ordering a salad and they gave me a salad and it was
like a work of art and I knew once I ate that salad you know it was going to be gone so I took that photo and now I was disciplined enough I didn’t share it with all my friends and family but I instinctively wanted to preserve that memory of the food so you know that must be some instinct that’s within us to really appreciate food and share it with people so that really begs the question how does somebody stand out from the crowd I mean millions
of people are taking photos of food but if you’re a professional how do you make yourself different than all those other millions of food photo takers well it starts with the excellent website that showcases the professionalism of your product and so this template really does a great job of that and it starts off with almost a full screen photo of probably a photo you took of food and it’s not edge to edge because what we want here is more of a
cleaner look it’s not a background it is a photo that we’re showcasing and so we have created a natural frame you know around the photo now when I click on View more this is basically your portfolio as a food photographer and there are three sections again this is customizable you can switch all the images out change the text but it’s already laid out for you the navigation is already laid out just put your images put your information and we’ll
click on View here and you have this beautiful mosaic of photos now there’s only a few here but you can add way more photos and I would say pick your best ones now when I click on one of these images it’s going to open up and sort of a lightbox where everything’s been sort of whitewashed and you just have the photo front and center it works and operates much like a slideshow and as you could see there’s navigation in the top now one important
thing about professional photography is that if you if you were to upload your photos to just any old website most websites like to compress photos because they want the website to load faster and there’s definitely an argument for that however when it comes to photography you always want to show the highest resolution you can you know without crashing everybody’s computers and this template has a great solution because you’re able to post this
photo in a very very HD high resolution and that’s so important as a photographer for people to see the detail of your work people can also download your photo directly these buttons are customizable you can make it so they can’t that’s fine as well a couple interesting features is this little arrow okay I hover over it and the social media icons pop up so people can share this photo on their personal networks and that’s going to get you seen on
so many more people’s accounts they can also heart this or like it and I also got a click count when I did that so for me it says 1 now imagine if you have hundreds or thousands of people going to your website they will be able to see how much of each photo people love and that’s going to help you you kind of know what speaking to your audience okay so let’s look at some of the other features they have and they have of course the about page and I
really recommend you do what’s going on here have someone take a picture of you taking a picture of food also there’s a place for you to write about your education and your awards and nominations and those are all really important and these are prompts to help you have a more professional appearance on your site also you know some photographers sell books books of their photography now you don’t have to go out and find a publisher you can if you
want to but you can go to services like I know there’s some web services where you can create your own photo books like Shutterfly does a mixed pot is another one you could create your own really high quality photo books and then sell them for more than what you paid for them and you can have some on stock and actually sell them right here on your own website commission-free and the e-commerce back-end is built right in so all you need to do is
click that Buy Now and it will take them to a checkout process and they’ll put in their shipping information and then you will be responsible for the shipping of the product but just having them being able to not only check out your work but to also purchase it is a huge advantage and really better than any business card you can hand out as a photographer and finally there’s the blog it’s really important as a photographer that you maintain a
blog that says many things about you number one it says that you’re progressive you know you didn’t just take ten great pictures one day and decide to be a photographer we all know it’s it’s an art it’s an ongoing craft and you continue to get better in your technique in your lighting and your framing of the subjects and as you get better you use the blog to show that you are progressive that you are continuing to take photos and you’re inviting
people on that journey so that blog is super important and it’s already built in you don’t have to go register with another blog service and then what’s even worse people get sent over to the other blog and it looks terrible you know the the navigation is clunky looks like it was made you know ten years ago here you have the blog that’s hot and very highly designed matches the design of the other pages and it’s built right in here and you can
even post your blog right from your mobile device it’s really amazing you know if you take a picture on your phone you could upload the photo it’s already on your phone type something in and it will automatically populate on your website and so then you have the contact information and that is the template for food photographers okay everyone I hope you had a great time checking out these awesome templates from Wix calm now they’re very easy to
use I suggest you click on the link down below get a two-week trial open up these templates move things around click on different objects and see how easy it is for you now I’m also here to help you I am a WIC certified trainer and I can walk you through the whole process from conception to design to SEO publishing and then marketing your website and getting the whole world to find out about how awesome you are I can walk you through every step
in my webmaster Academy look in the show notes down below you’ll see a link to webmaster Academy dot on lime just simply click on that and roll button we’ll see what we can do about getting you signed up with us so I hope you had a great time I look forward to talking about the other templates wait has created in the future episode again thank you for joining me have a great time and this time I’m going to say bone Appetit goodbye