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hello very good everyone my name is carlos medina and in this tutorial I am going to show how to configure our account the site ground in the previous video we had shown you how to hire hosting at cider here once you have hired we will show you how to set up the account very well you we give to configure the account since it shows us the screen of our of our account tells you that here you can create or migrate your site your website if it were in another provider in our case why we have taken a domain new remember that it is free the first year on site see here you have a few tips and propose a tour on your own transfer the domain if we already chose we had dominion a series of blog articles because we will go to configure site we give the button to configure site and here you have the option to add a new website we chose the wordpress hosting plan We will choose to create a new website if you have a a website in another in another provider you would have to go to migrate website that we will explain to you at another time perfect because we will select to create a new website and we will choose among the applications that shows us the wordpress we are going to select and here they ask us for the details of the installation and configuration of initial of our ours to wordpress here we have to indicate the email in which we want to receive all data and here we will look for a password we will give it to generate so that it generates a password very strong very well Well, we have already entered this data and we click on the continue button once pressing the button here it proposes you the site scanner service it has a cost of 18 euros this service as it says here is a service of monitoring carried out by your website to see if it has been created hacked there is something malicious code if you are interested in this service you give add if you don't tell to finish very well we don't have to wait for us website which says it can take about two minutes after it's done this this creation process you will receive an email tray to my mail will not inform you of the data what they are referring to this to this website wordpress perfect very well here it is says .

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