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hello if you read my blog www.ax or dot fr you have certainly read articles on how to create your site and company then I advise the sga wrong and 1 go daddy a gator for hosting because the report quality price is excellent and godaddy for domain names getting I usually the feet the prices are quite interesting so here at the first thing in fact to make it work and that you have well your domain name which points to your hosting is you log in your donkey in your admin panel it's not clear so this is how it looks so we have our these breakdowns is here so the first thing to do so you needed a domain name is obviously to register on aws gator if yes add one you click companion domain you type you type your domain name author do hop here you type a password and you click add a domain it'll add the domain to your to your hosting so it's ready to host your accommodation is ready to host your domain name then you go on your a tsar your godaddy interface so in maya when luke is safe domain so there you are going to have all your domains then you take the one that wanted to redirect them around around 11 14 click on lunch there and you get here then the only thing to do is put neither the names of the 2 gator servers in the islands you are provided by os gator but if you put this to his care that's all so there is usually a 24 hour wait for your name domain dots of green dots of green your hosting so that you have access to your in your interface so two of these gator rise panels you have an english one called quick one style at the very bottom in the software you click on it and there in a few clicks you click on wordpress in a few clicks you can install a new wordpress here it's super simple so there you put your your email under the blog your admin name and and that i think you don't even need to fill it there it goes settle at the root which is on a steinway and you're going to have it by email on your email the password that will be sent to you and therefore you will have installed wordpress and redirected your domain name to on your accommodation and therefore on os gator and you will have access to your name of domain here .

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Cette vidéo vous montre comment ajouter un domaine a votre interface Hostgator faire pointer vos nom de domaine Godaddy vers Hostgator. Pour finir je vous montre rapidement comment installer WordPress.[/toggle]


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