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Using Lightboxes in Wix

So today we’re gonna talk about how to make a light box on Wix for those of you who don’t know what a lightbox let me show you an example. If you go to your page and you click on something like a button it’s what happens when an image like this appears. This is actually just a type of background with some text on top of it so this is often something you see whenever you’re shopping online a lot of websites will have it so this will pop up
right when you enter the site and you can have it so it’s like save 25% off on your next deal something like that. For our purposes we can use it on our portfolio to illustrate some examples of our work so I’m going to show you how to do that using a different website. So the first thing we’ll do is we’ll go to this plus button here when you go here you’ll click on the word lightbox you notice that a bunch of different types of themes pop up when
you first come here now you don’t have to use any of these but I often like to start with one just from a starting point so I’m going to start with this one and you’ll notice that there’s already content on this page but I can easily delete it I’m actually gonna delete it all so I can start from scratch .You will see there is even some design on here I’m gonna delete this as well. The next thing I want to do is I maybe want to expand this
lightbox to cover a little bit more area awesome and then you will see that this is a little X button so users can click on this to get out of the lightbox, I’m just gonna move it up there. Now I want to add some content. I’m gonna go back to my plus button and look through any of the things here so I’m going to add some text first thing I’m going to do make sure I label my textbox here and you can’t see it because the font was white so let’s
make that black so I’m gonna make this just a sample. Alright you can maneuver all the texts like you normally do on the page put it there and then maybe I want to add an image so I’m gonna go to my images and I’m just gonna pick one and add it to the page so you’ll see the image is fairly large right now I have the ability to either make this image smaller on the page or I can make it to the lightbox is larger but I like it right now how it’s
small and on the page you’ll notice I can also add some buttons here or videos pretty much anything you add to your regular page you can also include on your lightbox so this button will allow me to link out to different pages even on my own website I just have to link it. So once you have this I’m going to get out of this page by clicking here this is how many get to different pages you’ll see that slight box appears right here so I’m gonna go
back to the home page and now I want to make sure that my lightbox doesn’t just appear whenever I open up this website I want to make sure it only appears if I click say on this wrench so what I’ll do is I’ll click this link button an underdose here where it says lightbox and the only lightbox I have is this one and it’s title does the same as the template was so you can always rename these for now I’m going to click that click done and the next
thing I want to do very important is I’m gonna go back to my lightbox and I want to go to my settings and when I’m here I want to make sure automatically display lightbox on page is on no because it’s on yes it’s just gonna randomly pop up but it’s on no because I only want it to pop up if I click that button or rather the wrench. So if I get out of this page and I go back to the home page and I click preview great and I want to click on this
wrench tada my light box appears alright that’s basically the ins and out of making a light box if you need more help schedule a consultation with DigiComm and we are welcome to help you more