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Upload Site To Your Hostgator

This video shows you step-by-step on how to upload your sites (squeeze page, sales page, product download page etc.) to your Hostgator hosting server.r
Upload site to hostgator –

okay in this video I’m going to show you how to upload your squeeze page that you set up all right so now now that we set up our envy you okay so we have user and view to create create our squeeze page I do all the changes what we need to do now is to open up your worksheet open up your worksheet okay this is your worksheet or I open up your worksheet okay internet business tool and then here you can see your hosting what I’m going to do is
we’re gonna log in to our cPanel okay you need to log in to your cPanel okay for me my cPanel login is this one and it’s my username and my password alright so I’m going to do is this I’m going to copy this alright I’m going to go open up a new browser ok PC in okay this is my cPanel alright you have your own cPanel what I wanted to do is login for you to log into your cPanel okay let me put in my password and login details okay once we’re done
this is where you want you will see all right in your cPanel all right okay so the next thing we need to do is scroll down we need to FTP or upload the HTML file so that you can appear in online right so that your prospect can find your website so why I want you to do is look under this files on this icon called file manager all right click on this file manager and this pop our period all right so always use the default web root ok public
underscore HTML okay and then make sure that your domain name appears here alright so you choose your domain name once you’re done you may want to skip this question and always open the directory just press this and go to click on go alright okay so now this is the next page that actually open this opens up okay so now what I’m going to do is very simple let make sure you can see here make sure is your your this folder here is public underscore
HTML alright so once is popping underscore HTML they means you’re on the right path alright so over here on the right hand side these are order you can actually upload your web HTML files here so they can appear online right so if you would if next time if you want to upload any websites make sure you upload it under public underscore HTML okay so what we’re going to do now is remember the five files that we have created later index the whitelist
the privacy policy and the DL report file in order or they go together the file V okay we’re going to what we’re going to do now is we’re going to upload these five files okay we’re going to go to upload click on upload okay a new file open and you can see it over here alright so they see there’s three of them here okay you may want to click on this add another upload box click twice so there they are together one two – oops so together one two
three four five five oh damn here alright so I’m going to do is this click on here right and the pop-up will appear if not you can always click on browse click on browse right so you know I’m at my desktop so what I’m gonna do is this we’re going to search for our a modest cash blueprint squeeze page all right double click on this inbox cash blueprint squeeze page I can see all these five files here one two three four five K days five HTML files
here so we’re going to upload this one two three four five these five files okay so I’m going to click on the first one DL report I can open all right so now what we’re doing we’re actually uploading the file to the hosting right now okay so we’re going to click on browse again then I’m going to upload the second file our double click one these okay I can see it’s uploading right now so I’m going to click on the third one okay now you’re
uploading fourth one and we just repeat this and then the last file Whiteley’s okay so that is let me just with a walk you can see we are almost done okay five five six hundred percent complete okay so once I done once I’m done I will close this close this close this file close this page let’s close it okay so from here I will click on home to refresh the page oops sorry I shouldn’t be clicking home okay I should do is this I should click on a
big underscore HTML all right on the right on the left hand side click on public underscore HTML all right so you can see on the right-hand side let’s go down you can see all the file image five folders are five files are here HTML files one two three all right this is not ours four five alright so that all together one two three four five five files all right okay so now what we’re going to do is go to upload the images remember we have images
in the squeeze page as well in the website okay so what we’re going to do is this okay right now some of you may have images folder that’s been created by default some of you may not have it alright so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna just delete this okay if you have it good just leave it as it is but if it doesn’t have let me show you how to create your image folder all right okay okay now so just imagine that I don’t have it if you have it we
are going to use it okay if it doesn’t have it let me show you how to create your own image folder alright so I’m going to do is this oops okay go to new folder on the left hand side on top click on new folder and you may want to clean images all right no capital I do not put capital I buy small I they all look all lower caps okay once you’re done click on create new folder and you can see our images folder is being created okay if you double
click on this why why why I want you to do now is to double click on these images alright double click on this you can see there’s nothing inside no records file ok ok good alright so if you have anything inside here inside the images file don’t don’t worry about it okay just leave it as it is alright if you ever if it has nothing inside it’s ok so what I’m going to do is now it’s going to upload the files go to upload ok same thing over here
click on browse ok so over here you can see five major five folders ok you can see this images folder alright so double click on these images folder and you can see all these files alright so one two three four altogether there are 13 files so I’m going to upload all these 13 files okay I’m going to do it one by one double click on this double click on the second one double click on the third line let me just add in more boxes alright the one let
me double click fourth 1 1 2 3 4 number prefix 1 now we’ll play all right just make sure you do it all hit me look let me just do it some more okay this lot is really as this is okay all righty oh I actually upload twice a bloop okay now let’s say while you’re uploading the files okay now I’ve left before let me see how many moles okay I’m left with two more now let’s say if I upload halfway there’s some error or you know some some of it hanging
you mean you may experience this all right some of the uploading actually hangs or you may not be able to complete or it’s okay okay let’s say I’m being stuck right now okay I can’t carry on okay something hanging okay so what we’re going to do is this very simple I can you can actually just close you can see this all 100% complete okay you can just actually close this file just close the tab all right so over here under the file manager why you
need to do is very simple just look on the left hand side you can this see this images images folder they create just click on this ones you can see here is loading the data okay so you can see this are the files that’s been completed so what you need to do is vesting but just go 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 where you can see 11 of it has been completed so I have two more files so I was just going carry one to upload the other two files okay so I’m
going to go to upload any time if you experience a problem just close the tab and go back to here and then click on upload again alright so let me upload rest of the two files okay last one to go okay I’m done all right so let me just close this so let me just on the left hand side let’s click on images again okay so now there are 13 images folder it may just fall over here alright so yeah they will say we have completed uploading a website so
what you can do right now is to just go to open a new browser or new tab and then key in your domain name I go to your domain name click enter and your squeeze page is up alright alright isn’t this nice ok alright so everything is working fine if you want to check you can see check out all these pages over here ok right the bottom all right these are all pages that you have created all right ok so let me just go back to the home page ok so this
is your squeeze page so now once what you need to do now is to spend the next few months 6 months 1 months down the road promoting this squeeze page of yours alright promote this squeeze page and when you have a prospects who put in their name and email address over this to section and a click download ok they will be brought over to your download page to download your free report and immediately in the meantime you will send them to your inbox
cash blueprint affiliate link okay that is where you will promote your first affiliate products ok I can say safety I’ll show you Daniel if you can send 100 leads you can get 100 people to register the website here you should get a couple of sales ok you should get some number of zeros away in fact we have some students whose conversion is pretty good right every forty SEALs I’m sorry every forty open you have one sells some sis every 20 or pins
you have one sales all right so everything will depend on you right now we have successfully set up squeeze switch the next thing you do is to spend time and concentrate on driving traffic to your squeeze page you