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what's up hello all welcome here another video from thinking about this video we will see how we can add some elements to our page in the middle of some text some figures so to add elements to our page we will this option that says add here we will choose the element we want we will see some of them in the future videos in this case we will see specifically the vector art text and shape so starting with the text is that we have several possibilities basically we will choose a text is that you know that the more what we intend anyway any differences that the question it's just are just for definitions of sizes and fonts for example I I can take this title and click on it and it appears here in any time i can edit the text choose another type of title moreover I can even change the size to my liking at any time. bold and italic etc. I don't have all the formatting here how to change the color of the text change the background color transform the text into the link for example if I select these letters here I can transform this text into the link to another page because we will see this more at work in the other video and we also have some options here like effects text effects so much this applies only to the text that was listed in each height ok so i can change to change these options so independent as I do in the garden so these are some of the options for editing the text what can I do more with these objects so I can increase or decrease the size of the box automatically the text it fits and I can access more options these options depend on the object in the case of the text we just have to edit text and add animation this animation will appear whenever this page opens for example if I click on skip this text when we go to see the page first time will be popular so let's preview to see how would stay we can confirm it did a jump there is not exactly the jump of powerpoint is a slightly different necklace a little more discreet ok so now what is also important to know about these contents that we can add we always select a content some options of this bar that appear is not super important but here are some options interesting how to copy and paste although we can use the shortcuts or button right on top of the object to use these options there is no option quite interesting which is a show on every page if we choose this option this type will appear on all pages of our website in this in case we can't see it because we only have one but it will appear on every page as a rule we keep this turned off unless we are sure absolute we want all pages to appear since they can overlap to content that existed on other pages if I drag any object for the header is automatically this option is activated so for having done it in the header it appears on all pages but here if you need some we can turn off the will will appear only the title on this page ok so much in that case i will keep the default and i will put the big title here in my header if we want to use the objects just add back we can for example add a shape we choose the shape we want here so we have several things here different I will choose for example here this kind of star we can professional we can change your size so much we can do some of these changes we also have the possibility here to have access to several other tools present change the format change some settings this way in particular in this case here the only setting that we have here special is to add a link we have the possibility to change the design so we have the same options that we’ve seen in other situations change the color change transparency change options such as shadows we will apply a shadow or not etc. we also have animation and animal options and the possibility of turning this figure into a link to another page any other other type of content for example vector art and these are the are some figures the ones selected by wix is ​​not super interesting but area you can see here something that interests us and we can class our on our page anyway the ideal is us add our own images as we will see in a few videos to finish I would just like to reinforce that whenever we select an object we we can change we can do some operations with the right button like by example eliminate or else use the key itself in this case delhi to do exactly the same thing we also have other options like copy and paste like I already mentioned duplicating the tetra so they may be options that will be useful from here foward and there and there .

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-Adicionar texto
-Adicionar figuras
-Animar conteúdos

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