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Trend thinking | Design Director | Lior Pinco

Trend forecasting companies are constantly seeking new methods to predict the future of design. But for designers, the best way of predicting the future, is by making sure they create it. Join Lior Pinco from the Wix Design Team, an in-house studio of over 150 designers, to learn the practice of trend thinking and the way to implement it in your day to day.

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okay so first of all hi everyone as Pablo said my name is Lior I’m from Tel Aviv Israel I’m design director at Wix it’s good to be in the first talk after the launch everybody’s eaten everybody is a bit more relaxed and on the other hand like 90% of your body function is for digesting so okay so I’m gonna start I want to show you this is the worldwide premiere of our Studios showing halftime shows are fine but it all starts with a stunning
website from told you told you it was worth waiting for so a bit about our design team as Pablo said we are a bit more than 150 designers and we are responsible for every visual aspect of wigs from product design to marketing campaigns from templates obviously and branding both online and offline we pretty much do everything and most importantly we do everything in-house ok so just try to imagine this huge group of people all sitting
under the same roof it’s like a real-life human Pinterest board ok each one comes from various backgrounds has different expertise different interests I mean every day we have like 5 people dressed the same coming to work ok and I don’t mean like a black t-shirt and a jeans okay then we make them go on the Wall of shame and take photographs so just by staying in this room you know talking to each other exchanging ideas we are able to stay as
up-to-date as possible in design and constantly push design forward we also have 140 million users or 140 million people using our product and as designers we have a bigger responsibility to direct all this talent that we have in offering those people the best product possible ok it’s a different responsibility than let’s say a back-end developer now our users they are extremely diverse ok each one has a business or a passion for which they want
to create a website but as talented as they may be in their own fields unlike yourselves they don’t necessarily have the design skills to create their own brand the best gift on the Internet so we have to anticipate their needs alright whether they’re signing up now or in three months or in six months time we need to anticipate their needs and offer them what is in our opinion the best design suggestions and most up-to-date design and that means
that we need to stay ahead of design trends so how do we do it well before I tell you how we do it I’m not gonna give that up that easily I want to try something with you guys you ready so before you there are two colors okay now show of hands who here thinks color number one is the color for the next two years show hands all right okay who thinks it’s color number two Wow okay so if you didn’t notice you’re sitting in the front rows most of the
room thinks color the number two is the color for the next few years well the good things is you’re all right okay everyone’s right Neo mint color number one it’s the official choice of trend forecasting agencies for the color of 2020 okay it’s also the color of the totebags most of us got and color number two aka sunset yellow is just the color that we’re starting to see everywhere it just didn’t get an official title okay and not only that if
you ask another trend forecasting agency for their opinion which we did they will say it’s not color number one or color number two they will say it’s color and a lot from it so how do you stay ahead of a trend well a wiser man than me once said the best way to predict the future is to create it okay there’s no right or wrong okay it’s it’s very helpful to subscribe to trend forecasting agencies especially for a company the size of ours it often
saves times and in some cases that’s exactly what we do but when you have such a big group of talented people in the room okay and you combine it with a huge user base who rely on our designs it makes much more sense to harness all this knowledge and data and design intuition towards influencing the future of web design ourselves okay now influencing the future of web designs is a pretty pretentious sentence but I will tell you I stand behind it
when you’re a one designer and you’re designing a website for a client that’s one website but when one of our designers is designing one template which is basically a real live website for all that matters this template can be turned into thousands of websites after so they do get a chance to influence the future of web design and that’s quite the responsibility for a designer to handle so what exactly do we do okay we look into varied sources of
inspiration and we draw different conclusion from them there are more relevant to web design okay we call this method trend thinking now I’m gonna share with you a few sources of inspiration that we are looking into this these days but to better understand this method I want to start with two examples from last year okay so in 2017 at the Women’s March we first noticed the pink hats and afterwards we then saw these hats on the runway as sort of
like a symbol of feminine empowerment and not long after we witnessed dry of the me2 movement and the dominating color for the me – were red and black and this feminine theme carried on to photography with groups of diverse women coming together showing a powerful front and in ads we started seeing the female body without retouches showing imperfections so there was a clear sign of a trend celebrating womanhood and it’s only becoming bigger and
bigger and this is only the beginning okay just last week there was a record number of women entering Congress I have a four-year-old daughter she’s the CEO of a kindergarten everybody’s there like six-year-old boys and she’s managing everyone so by following sources like news and fashion and music we drew a connection and translated the essence of these elements and the general statics we saw into our designs another example from 2017 is this
guy now like him or not don’t answer I know the answer you can’t deny his influence on everything that has happened okay so at the beginning of his presidency during like the inauguration the media coverage was dominated with red white and blue okay they wanted to give this person a more presidential feel maybe it will help it didn’t so immediately they changed into showing him as sort of a cartoon and on the other side of the country the
attention in the news it focused on the California wildfires which kept ablaze for weeks so what we notice is that the color that dominated the news cycle the most was orange and the fashion world is usually the first to react and they did react immediately and based on all that we started incorporating that color in our designs so these were two examples of the process that we try to cultivate in our studio look at different sources of
inspiration which can be literally anything you want ask the questions and see how to incorporate it into web design and now I want to share with you guys three sources of inspiration we’ve been looking into these past days so the first one is technology okay so design and technology they go hand in hand okay they draw from each other they inspire one another they challenge one another we can talk about this all months I want to talk about two
innovations in that area the first one is cinema 4d okay so cinema 4d made 3d design pretty accessible for most designers I mean you don’t have to have like special equipment at the house just like a pretty decent laptop and that influence design in a few ways one of those is what we call new matter okay now because it’s easier to simulate and render textures so instead of just rendering like marble or fabric or wood we can experiment with the
combinations of these materials and behaviors so we can create this new matter that does not exist in real life okay only in digital world so we can see it in there’s fantastic visuals created by super talented people I don’t know maybe some of them are sitting in the audience right now and we gave it our own spin on the playground website and watch this all day this is so calming and we’re thinking how to take this new matter further into web
design how would it look on 2d how would it look as a background okay these are the question that we’re trying to raise and we’re trying to answer so another result of working with cinema 4d created this exposed mechanics style okay so being designers you know you often like to share the process and sometimes that process will eventually become like the final result okay so in cinema 4d one of the stages of the work process is the 3d clay model
and we notice a growing use of that aesthetics okay you all know you sawed it probably on Instagram people posting stuff of their process wanting to hear their opinion and then all the sudden people reacting and saying this is perfect don’t touch it don’t change it so we started seeing it afterwards in advertisements obviously in German hip-hop videos and also in websites so these are our websites from via world web site collection and as you can
see they all have this common thread okay and just imagine what this will be in a few months okay will it be how we design buttons will it be a behavior of a hover effect you hover on an image it exposes the inner mechanics maybe second technology factor I want to talk about is viola we already heard from a few of the previous speakers we believe the Owls true potential is still yet to come okay but even now it’s already changing the way we
design okay the viata look is getting out of the 3d helmets and onto web especially by creating features that looks like simulated environment okay so last year it was with this glitch effect made everything look super digitized and recently it’s about new ways of showing layouts so it’s a new style of navigation that we’re getting used to okay previously it was websites were like endless scrolling okay and now you scroll down you have no idea
what’s gonna happen hey and with the evolution of a designer who’s also a developer and knows front-end and knows how to code we believe we’ll see more and more of these in the future because web design is imitating viola okay but in like in a flat environment and that’s an amazing example of interpretation from one world to another now the second source of inspiration I want to talk about is generation Z any generation Z’s in the audience no
nobody wants to be named that generation Z so Millennials had a big influence on the way we design and according to reports by 2020 40% of all online consumers will be generation Z so it’s safe to say generation Z will have a big impact on design also the only question is how exactly one direction we are looking into is called the religious theme okay generation Z is said to be the first post religion generation okay more than a third of them
they believe it is impossible to prove if God is real okay now I’m not here to say anything about God okay I come from Israel we have been discussing this subject literally for thousands of years okay I know better I just want to talk about this implication on design now one of these implications is a growing use of religious motifs as fashion or the creation why is that well it’s because for generations D these images and those symbols they
don’t have that they’re not charged with religious connotation they’re not gonna be offended when they’ll see the the Pope’s hat on Rihanna so we saw it in fashion and music and we’re starting to see it in website with type and fonts that inspired from the church and the Bible so the third source of inspiration we are looking into is the environment and more specifically sustainability so the most dominant design element we noticed is plastic
started with fashion of course again with the plastic bag trend which by the way my mom started 40 years ago woman has been using a plastic bag as a purse for years and we can see many interpretation of that with the vacuum bag and we’re looking how this texture will be in web design now going over all these images of plastic made a thinker of the pollution and we sent the main victims of the this crisis I’ll see animals all right so then we
started asking questions and that made us think that maybe the next you know flamingo or llama or unicorn you know all the trendy animals of the last few years would be a sea creature okay and that started very passionate debate at our studio okay one team is going for the octopus they’re saying the octopus is gonna be the next trendy animal okay now my opinion I have more you know more relaxed approach my opinion and my favorite at the moment is
the narwhal okay and I’m using this stage to campaign for it hashtag Narwhal 20:19 okay now look at this guy okay it’s like the lovechild of a whale and a unicorn but the whales family they don’t accept it because of the unicorns you know personality and the unicorn doesn’t get to see the child I mean look at what designers are doing this is something you’d want on a t-shirt okay now I think this might be the next big thing maybe I’m right maybe
I’m not it doesn’t matter okay because we’re starting a conversation and we’re asking questions and that’s how you try to influence design okay maybe next year the narwhal will be everywhere okay maybe I’ll be the only one wearing a narwhal pea shell okay which is also fine by me okay and I hope to see you all here next year to find out if I was right and before we go I’m gonna take a selfie with everyone because I have a new phone and I’m gonna
post it hashtag Narwhal 2019 all right everyone say now well 2019 all right thank you guys