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Thinking of Choosing GreenGeeks Hosting? – Site Steps [REVIEW]

Here’s some information about GreenGeeks for those of you looking into website hosting services for your WordPress blog or site.

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hey everyone welcome to site steps i’m kimberly and if you’re new to my channel welcome i make content for bloggers and business owners who are trying to build their website from the ground up today i’m going to be discussing website hosting and introduce you to one of the hosting services i have used so let’s get started now if you’re like how i was a couple years ago you might be stuck on which website hosting company to start building your
wordpress site on while there are a great number of options for hosting services available and different ones may better suit different needs today i’m going to focus on one that i have been using for two years called green geeks i’ll go into more detail on how to use green geeks in another video but right now we’re just looking at the different features that green geeks has to offer first thing i want to mention is green geek’s commitment to the
environment if you’re in the dark like i was you may not have known that the internet is actually responsible for 2 of the world’s carbon emissions and how this works is there’s data centers around the world that require energy to store and cool all the information that we’re uploading to our website so the more information that we’re uploading and downloading the more energy is used to transfer from the data center and to our computers and vice
versa and keeping all the equipment cool so the way that green geeks has addressed this issue is by purchasing three times as many renewable energy credits as they consume what this means is whatever they do not use as green energy themselves they put back into the grid as green energy they also have been a green power partner since 2009 with the united states environmental protection agency so that’s just good information to know for those of
you who feel it’s important to choose a hosting service that is powered by green energy now moving on to the more technical aspects of green geeks their light plan offers unlimited web space for one website a free ssl certificate unlimited email accounts and they give you a free domain for the first year if you need more than one website their pro plan offers the same benefits but with unlimited websites their premium plan adds in a free
dedicated ip if that’s something that you need for your business having the benefit of getting a free ssl certificate i personally find helpful seeing as how it establishes credibility to your readers of having the security log appear on the web browser and evidently it seems that chrome users will now see websites flagged as not secure if they do not have the ssl certificate users want to know that their information is safe and so if you are
requesting personal information such as their email for your marketing or newsletter list they may be less likely to provide that information if your website is not secure so for someone who is trying to start a blog for instance capturing emails is regarded as one of the main ways to promote by affiliate marketing so i love how greengeeks has made the ssl certificates a part of the deal where you don’t have to spend extra just to get it
greengeeks also offers free cdn content delivery network through cloudflare why is this important well it helps with speed so the way that this works is when users access your website information is traveling from the host servers to their computer so i try to draw everyday comparisons to technical terminologies so i’m going to say to picture a warehouse pretend you have a warehouse about an hour away from where you live and then you have the
main factory about 300 miles away so if you place an order with the company or whatever it is then it would make no sense for them to ship directly to you from their main factory if they have plenty of the item that you ordered in stock at the warehouse that’s closer to your home so if you take that metaphor and you apply it to cdn you have the main hosting provider’s server and then you have a bunch of other servers that have copies of certain
information that’s on your site so when a user goes to your site that information is loaded faster because it’s pulling from the other copies of the other servers rather than just going to the main hosting provider’s server using a cdn also helps reduce the potential for server crashes but fortunately green geeks also offers a 99.9 uptime guarantee now moving on to technical support they offer their technical support 24 7 and i found that to be
helpful especially whenever i’m working on my website at 11 midnight or in the wee hours of the morning i found assistance when i needed it using their greengeeks online chat feature they also provide assistance by phone but i haven’t used that method since i prefer using chat now i won’t say that the technical support is flawless sometimes there are wait times but i’ve personally found it to be reasonable the last time i needed assistance i only
waited a minute or two before someone greeted me and was through with the chat around 10 minutes later however there are times where they have to escalate your support request if it goes beyond a basic fix such as maybe restoring a saved backup to your site something a little bit more involved so in that case they will have to escalate your support through a ticket just be aware that that is a possibility at the time that i’m recording this green
geeks is offering a special introductory price and one thing that i wish i had done was taken advantage of any three-year introductory prices that they had at the time that i signed up i only did it for one year and then paid full price my second year and that was not the best decision for me personally but you might want to compare any introductory prices that they may have with the regular price and see which option makes the most sense for
your business needs but keep in mind that no matter what plan you choose that green geeks does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you give it a try and you decide that this is not for you they do offer that guarantee which i think is great if you’re interested in learning more about green geeks be sure to check out my affiliate link below feel free to leave a comment if you have any tutorial suggestions for future videos and as always
don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel for more website creation content thanks for watching and i’ll see you next saturday